Why a First Time Kitchen Remodeler Should Visit a Showroom


A kitchen remodel is one of the biggest and best investments you can make in your home–if you do it right. If you do it wrong, you could end up with a costly project with little value. It’s a good idea to visit a kitchen showroom before you start demoing your space. Here are a few reasons why.


See How Individual Components Look in Person

Sure, that paint color looks fabulous on the computer or your smartphone, but what would it look like if you were surrounded by the shade in your kitchen? A showroom allows you to see each component of your remodel in life size. A bold color in a magazine may be overwhelming in person. That light fixture you love might be too big for your space. 

On the other hand, a unique kitchen wall color or material you weren’t too crazy for might be the perfect complement when you see it in the showroom. No appliance, lighting fixture or paint color looks exactly the same in person as it does in a catalog or online. A cabinet design showroom can give you ideas about the different woods and colors for your cabinets and how they will look installed. 

Seeing a showroom is an important step to take in that it helps you see all of these options in person, allowing you to fully comprehend what you’ll like and won’t like for your home.


Consider Layout Options

The basic design of a kitchen is a triangle made up of the stove, sink, and refrigerator. Within this framework, you’ll find countless kitchen layout combinations in showrooms and others which aren’t quite so traditional. Seeing these different layouts in person will help you evaluate how you’ll want your kitchen set up. It will help you consider where you’ll want people to sit or stand, whether you want an island or a table, and so many other things you wouldn’t think of unless you had the options right in front of you as you do in a showroom.



Feel the Space in a Kitchen Showroom

You can only see granite countertops or wood cabinets in a picture, but you can feel them in a showroom. Walk on the tile floor and see how much room you have to walk by when someone opens the fridge. 

You’ll get to experience how each texture of your kitchen feels, and you’ll also get to experience how the space itself feels. Is it open and inviting? Tight and claustrophobic? As you see how the individual components work together, you can evaluate your ideas and be sure of your design decisions. Maybe those walnut cabinets would add warmth to your kitchen and compliment the stainless steel appliances. Perhaps you’ve discovered that an industrial kitchen is more your style. Whatever the case may be, a showroom can help you see how everything would come together.

With an average cost of a remodel for an upscale kitchen being around $80,000 or more, you should make sure you’re making all the right decisions to get the kitchen of your dreams. Even a minor remodel can run $20,000 or more, so it’s important to take the time to make sure you have chosen the best products and design for your money. Spend an afternoon at a kitchen showroom and walk away with the assurance that you’re getting the quality results you’re looking for.


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