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If you’re in the midst of selecting a color for a kitchen project, my best advice is to start by choosing your countertops, flooring, and backsplash tile before you pick a cabinet color. If you’re going with wood floors, that will make your life a little easier, however, selecting countertops and backsplash tile are haaaaaarrrrd. Everyone struggles with choosing these materials, and there are far fewer choices than there are paint colors in the world. So start with those major investment items first. If you fall in love with a particular marble or backsplash tile, that can be your jumping off point for the paint selection.

I’ve grouped some of my favorite creams into three categories, which I think reflect how most people would approach this kind of a decision. However, I encourage you to explore beyond the category to which you are initially drawn…because every room is different! The amount of natural light, the particular direction of sun exposure, reflective qualities of things outside your windows, existing colors, as well as fabrics can all play a significant role in determining how a paint color will look in your space. While I’ve used many of the paints below in my own projects, I almost never use the same color twice. There is simply no “one size fits all” answer to any paint project. So use the following paint guide, as well as the kitchen images below, as broad inspiration for creating your own dreamy kitchen.

It is also worth noting that creams, just like whites, have undertones which are very important to identify when you’re creating a color scheme. There are creams with grayish-green undertones, just like there are creams with pink or peach undertones. The only way to identify the undertones of a selected color is by comparing it to other colors. Hold a cream with lots of yellow up next to a cream with pink undertones and you’ll be able to see it immediately. Since I’m not a color specialist, I’m not going to go into a lot of depth on this topic. Rather, I will point you towards two bloggers who have made color selection their main gig in life. They have lots of great information on their websites that explain this far more succinctly than I can.


Maria Killam (A color specialist who offers e-books and design courses on color selection. I’ve been reading her blog for several years, and I highly recommend it.)

Kylie M. Interiors (I just discovered this designer’s blog, but I also highly recommend her as well. She has a lot of in-depth analysis and video reviews of specific popular colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams)


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