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While in the past, kitchens were largely functional, today they’re truly the center of your home, where everyone gathers when people come over, where your kids probably do their homework, and where family dinners are one of the best parts of the day as everyone comes together as a unit. Kitchens make a statement about who you are and how you live.

Before seeking a kitchen remodel estimate, ask yourself, “what style of Kitchen do I want”?

The style of kitchen you choose when you’re considering a kitchen renovation should be about finding something that works with all of this, that makes you feel good, seamlessly ties into the rest of your house, and has staying power for years to come.

Check out some of the most popular kitchen styles and what sets each one apart:

Country Farmhouse

Fixer Upper fans know that Country Farmhouse kitchens are characterized by a large open space with lots of character in the way of deep, farmhouse sinks, natural wood accents on walls, ceilings, and cabinetry, and wood or wood-look floors. Add vintage signage, cabinet doors in glass with wood detailing, rustic pendant lighting, and tables and islands that feature large, turned wooden legs. Modern Country Farmhouse style can be done in any color and and offer plenty of functional details. The point is, you feel like you’re walking into a historic building when you enter, along with all the warmth and character that comes with it.


Calm, cool, and understated. You don’t have to live right by the shore to infuse the vibe into your kitchen space. Coastal kitchens are all about white, cream, sea green, a million shades of light blue, and sea oat-colored browns. They’re about lots of windows, and tile with cute sea-life accents, and wood furniture and cabinets that are reminiscent of driftwood. When you walk into a coastal kitchen, there’s an immediate relaxed vibe that you get when you’re on vacation, as though you’ll hear the ocean if you open any window. Choose bamboo roman shades, distressed white finish kitchen tables and islands, washed blue and green striped carpeting, and maybe even pops of red. The light, bright characteristics of a Coastal kitchen style can work in any house, but they work best if you’re entire space utilizes the colors of the sea.


Modern kitchens are sleek and smooth without lots of extraneous detail – hugely functional, and styled somewhat after a gourmet restaurant kitchen. They’re marked by clean horizontal and vertical lines, industrial light sconces, and solid colors in whites, grays, blacks, and browns, and perhaps large, geometric patterns. Consider concrete or stainless steel for your counters. Add oversized contemporary windows that operate just a bit differently (new styles are large and open and can tilt out from the top, bottom, or sides depending on the type of airflow you need. Furnish with tables and chairs that offer functional curves and sleek metal legs. Modern kitchens work really well if your entire house has a similar style, melding seamlessly from one room to the next, and even better if the entire architectural build of your home is modern and chic.


Tuscan, Mediterranean and French Country

Tuscan, Mediterranean and French Country kitchens are characterized by rich browns, wood, cabinets and floors, natural stone, and warm yellows and reds. Accents include dark wood beams, perhaps a fireplace, furniture with antique features, and fabric in toile featuring quaint country scenes. When you walk into a French Country kitchen, you’ll immediately feel Old World style and a warm, inviting ambiance. These kitchens work well if your overall decorating style veers more toward traditional furnishings and finishes, and rich colors throughout your home.


A Traditional kitchen style incorporates a fairly eclectic mix of features, bringing in some characteristics of French Country, and some of the Farmhouse style. The idea is to create a comfortable, homey space that isn’t married to one overall theme. A Traditional kitchen is likely to have a bay window with a bench seat or breakfast nook, lots of windows, and textiles on windows, floors, and furniture that bring elements of nature inside. Stay away from bold, geometric patterns and clean lines – these don’t work in a traditional kitchen. Opt for furniture with turned legs, marble countertops, cabinet pulls with pattern and detail. A traditional kitchen melds well with most housing and decor styles because you can pull in the unique elements of your particular style, adding it to the base details of this kitchen, and make it work every time.

Kitchen Recreations has transformed tons of kitchens in variations of each of these styles, reimagining bland, uninspired builder’s basic spaces into beautiful home centers and our clients couldn’t be more pleased. Give us a call today to talk about your vision for your kitchen!


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