Time For a Big Spring Clean!


Spring is here!
Time for a kitchen spring clean!

When the frost melts and the flowers start to bloom, I get excited for a big spring clean! I’m ready to wipe away the dust that’s been building up over winter and open the curtains and windows wide to let the sun in. The fresh air clears the lungs, the vitamin D puts a smile on my face and all of a sudden, I feel inspired to empty out the house of all the things I haven’t used or needed in a while.

Time to get started! Firstly, the kitchen.

Clean out the fridge of all the expired sauces that hide in the back, wipe the shelves and why not start a new organisational system using those nifty fridge storage containers you can get from Kmart? You could even create a meal plan for the next week using what you’ve found in the freezer, am I right?!
Now move on to the pantry. Do the obvious turf of stale goods, then put everything in a packet into a clear plastic container. Not only will it last longer, it you’ll be able to see what’s in there. If you’ve got the time, why not bake something to use some of your ingredients? Wipe the shelves, re-organise the oils, sauces, vinegars, herbs and spice. Add these to your meal plan so they don’t build up over the summer and go bad before you can use them. Seriously, if you haven’t fallen captive to the wonders of Kmart storage, you’re about to! You can get all sorts of brilliant options for pantry storage – not only will you be able to find things in your pantry more easily, it won’t build up as quickly meaning your spring clean next year will be much easier. Win, win!

Time for the plastics. This is the drawer that can turn into a disaster the fastest! One minute its nice and organised then before you know it, you can’t match a lid with a container… seriously, none of them match somehow!! Take them all out, match them up, throw out any broken ones or containers without lids and write a list of what you need to replace. #kmartforlife

Move on to the pots, pans, bakeware, crockery and glassware. Throw out anything that’s broken or chipped and send to the op-shop anything that you don’t use anymore. Sort and organise what’s left. Don’t forget to think about how often you use something as this will effect where and how you store it.

Clean out the under-sink cupboard or drawer. Consolidate like products, throw out the ones you don’t like using, wipe the shelves and re-organise the space. Again, Kmart have some really great storage options for this area too.

Go through each drawer and cupboard methodically, clean as you sort, be brutal and before you know it, the job will be done! You’ll never regret a clean out and it will leave you feeling lighter, fresher and ready for the entertainment season that is spring and summer! Good luck!









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