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Having just returned as a guest of Tile of Spain, after attending Cevisama, held in Valencia, Spain, one of the largest tile industry shows, I have compiled a list of tile trends you will want to know about NOW. Just a note – have you seen Tile of Spain’s website? It’s GOOD – filled with information, quick ship products and easy and fast to navigate. Worth a mention and a visit.

Based on studying my images (over 3,000), here are the tile trends that I spotted on the show floor. Many are continuing strong trends from previous years. Other peripheral trends, at an early stage, are venturing into new visual and functional territory. The trends I spotted are in no particular order. I will do three posts with five trends each. See below for examples of the first five trends!

Fresh Traditionals

New Elegance

Retro Rules

I took this image at the end of my time at Cevisama. It captured the essence of the show for me – tile as a natural, emotional, and yes, warm, element

Urban Craft

Home Craft


Rustic Wood

Nordic Light Flooring

Multi Stone Mashup

Disruptive Innovation


Dimension Defined

Photo Stories


Tile as Paper, Fabric, Mirror

Large Format in Situ-How To Use

Concrete Zen and Grays

Fresh Traditionals – A fresh take on traditional motifs and design which we have seen taking hold around the world in all products for residential design and new traditional tile interpretation is cool, beautiful, fun! AND, it’s perfect for today’s easy living.

New Elegance – It’s bigger, bolder and dares to emulate traditional elements such as raised panels, strong new flooring patterns and smart sophisticated designs. Mid Century Modern interpretation is seen in new tile shapes, sizes, colors and quiet finishes.

Retro Rules – Exciting to me, are we seeing a return to terracotta colors but with new textures – it’s coming! The deep, rich colors and organic textures of the 70s to 90s are coming back along with companion motifs that feel familiar yet new. This trend category was among my favorites that I spotted at the show.

Urban Craft – Anything goes, from comic book motifs to artistic expression that is unique and replicates materials such as rough metals, mirror and has the use of text on occasion. Absolutely exciting!

Home Craft – The look of hand painted motifs that are simple and always charming. Home Craft tile trends also are made with textures that have a warm, handmade look to them – sometimes in pastels or conversely in bold, classic yet primitive patterns.


Without further ado, take a look at the first five trends I spotted at Cevisama! For an overview of my trip to Spain, sponsored by Tile of Spain, see a little bit of my visit to Spain. 



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