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“All hopes of eternity and all gain from the past he would have given to have her there, to be wrapped warm with him in one blanket, and sleep, only sleep. It seemed the sleep with the woman in his arms was the only necessity.” -D.H. Lawrence

There are many romantic places in the world, but there’s something special about making a romantic haven in your own bedroom. Whether you have a partner in mind when you’re creating your romantic retreat, or you’re simply a lover of romantic style, certain elements always convey a dreamy, amorous vibe.

Scroll through our gallery of favorite romantic bedroom decorating ideas and see which ones make you fall in love. Then take the next steps to recreate your favorite romantic look at home.

1. Romantic Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic bedrooms exude romantic ambiance. Their angled ceilings, cozy dormers, and away-from-everything location make the perfect backdrop for your decorating ideas. Highlight any available textures, such as exposed brick, shiplap, or ceiling beams.

attic romantic bedroom ideas

While darkness conveys a romantic impression, you can brighten a too-dark attic with skylights. They’ll boost your daytime light levels, and they’re ideal for stargazing from the comfort of your bed.

2. Romantic Bedroom Canopy Ideas

A canopy bed is a hallmark of romantic bedroom decor. Originally created for warmth and privacy, canopies add a dramatic flair to a romantic bedroom. Four-poster canopy beds have fabric draped on all sides, often tied back with tassels. Many canopy beds are reminiscent of romantic castle settings, echoing traditional decor ideas.

canopy romantic bedroom ideas 1

canopy romantic bedroom ideas 2

canopy romantic bedroom ideas 3

canopy romantic bedroom ideas themanipuraestate

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You can also attach canopies to the wall or ceiling over a standard bed. These are usually tulle or another sheer fabric. In tropical climates, these sheer canopies also protect sleepers from insects overnight.

3. Cool Romantic Bedroom Ideas

A cool and calming romantic vibe can emerge when you bring the outdoors inside. Perhaps your romantic master bedroom opens onto a private patio or balcony. Or you may have big picture windows that let you gaze at the stars each night.

cool romantic bedroom ideas riya.5

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Cool also defines the fresh air circulating through an outdoors-connected bedroom. A romantic bedroom design with open outdoor access is reminiscent of a favorite vacation destination. What’s more romantic than bringing your favorite holiday resort home?

4. Cottage Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Cottage decor celebrates romantic style with its soft color schemes, heirloom accessories, and comfortable fabrics. Add a dramatic crystal chandelier for feminine flair and a strong source of light.

cottage romantic bedroom ideas glamourustique

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Swath the bed with a sheer white canopy and place vases full of roses around the room. Repurposed furniture is ideal for cottage romantic bedroom design. Paint an old wrought iron headboard with a distressed finish, or repurpose an antique door as a headboard.

5. Dark Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Dark decor can showcase the most romantic bedroom ideas of all. Dark blue, burgundy, purple, or chocolate brown are deep, dramatic background colors for your romantic room ideas. Metal accents shine against dark colors so choose copper, gold, or silver for elegant, romantic bedroom decor.

dark romantic bedroom ideas comfortlines

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dark romantic bedroom ideas
dark romantic bedroom ideas
dark romantic bedroom ideas

Include lighter elements in your dark romantic bedroom. Position a light-colored throw pillow between darker pillows, or go for a monochromatic bedroom design. Use graduating shades of grey or blue, hitting each hue in that color spectrum.

6. Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Adequate storage is a big part of creating a romantic atmosphere, as clutter is a romance killer. Decluttering is an important first step in preparing a romantic bedroom. When everything is in its place, sprinkle a path of rose petals to your bedroom door and scatter them on the bed.

decor romantic bedroom ideas

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Certain smells can trigger strong desire and romantic thoughts, so include lightly scented candles in your romantic bedroom decor. Or lightly spritz your bedding with your perfume or aftershave. Hang string lights over the bed and make them the only source of light when you have a romantic night with your partner.

7. Girls Room Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Romantic style isn’t necessarily feminine and frilly. But in a girl’s romantic room, you often get a definitive frou-frou vibe. This is not a bad thing, as this softness is an appealing core of romantic bedroom decoration.

girls room romantic bedroom ideas dreaming_of_decor

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girls room romantic bedroom ideas 2

girls room romantic bedroom ideas 3

girls room romantic bedroom ideas

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girls room romantic bedroom ideas

You can hang wallpaper with soft scrolls, a floral print, or a classic toile on all four walls or just one accent wall. Faux fur and chenille add soft textures that elevate your romantic girl’s bedroom design. If you love pink, the palest blush shades cast a decidedly romantic feeling.

8. Light and Cozy Romantic Bedroom Ideas

A romantic bedroom doesn’t have to be dark and dramatic. In fact, some of the most romantic rooms are light and airy. If you’re into Scandinavian or modern farmhouse design, a light color palette is already natural to you. Keep true to the decor in your home, but soften it in the bedroom for a romantic atmosphere.

light and cozy romantic bedroom ideas 1

light and cozy romantic bedroom ideas 3

light and cozy romantic bedroom ideas hostesstoday

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light and cozy romantic bedroom ideas

A pale grey or off-white velvet sleigh bed softens your master bedroom. Use a variety of fabrics and textures in lighter shades. Then add a pop of cool blue or another favorite color to break up any monotony.

9. Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Soft, warm bedroom lighting is a must in romantic design. Think candles or fairy lights and dimmable bedside lamps. You can also put a dimmer on your overhead light fixture if you need to use it as a regular source of light.

lighting romantic bedroom ideas 1

lighting romantic bedroom ideas 2


lighting romantic bedroom ideas 3

lighting romantic bedroom ideas 4

lighting romantic bedroom ideas

Although red is a romantic color, it can also cause a stress response when used as a light source. Whether you’re choosing a lampshade or a candle, go for white, off—white, beige, or gold instead of red.

10. Luxury Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Luxury romantic bedroom ideas are those that appeal to all the senses. Think an oversized, velvet headboard in deep purple, blue, or teal paired with silky, high-count sheets. Luxurious romantic bedrooms are usually spacious and are likely to include a fireplace—perhaps the ultimate romantic mood-setter.

luxury romantic bedroom ideas

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luxury romantic bedroom ideas
luxury romantic bedroom ideas
luxury romantic bedroom ideas
luxury romantic bedroom ideas
luxury romantic bedroom ideas

If you have a small bedroom, luxury finishes pop more because they don’t get lost in a big space. Use marble tile on the floors and hang real silk drapes. High-end lamps provide lighting and a luxurious touch of elegance.

11. Masculine Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Can masculine decor and romantic bedroom ideas coexist? They can, and designers are often asked to create a romantic master bedroom that isn’t plain or cold. To create that masculine vibe, be sure to use a balance of dark and light hues.

masculine romantic bedroom ideas

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masculine romantic bedroom ideas
masculine romantic bedroom ideas
masculine romantic bedroom ideas
masculine romantic bedroom ideas
masculine romantic bedroom ideas

Monochromatic grey, navy, or brown master bedroom ideas work well in masculine spaces. While you want to avoid lace, florals, and other intensely feminine decor choices, you can still soften the room with texture. Think suede, lush rugs, silk or satin bedding, and velvet throws and pillows.

12. Romantic Master Bedroom Ideas

The master bedroom is the homeowner’s private sanctuary, and you should treat it as such. While this may seem difficult if you have small children, you can still make the environment feel as romantic as possible.

master bedroom romantic bedroom ideas

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master bedroom romantic bedroom ideas
master bedroom romantic bedroom ideas
master bedroom romantic bedroom ideas
master bedroom romantic bedroom ideas
master bedroom romantic bedroom ideas

Carry the room’s color schemes into the master bathroom to create a master suite that flows well from room to room. A mirrored wall can double the visual space in your master bedroom. It’s also highly romantic at night, as it reflects string lights or candlelight, doubling the room’s warmth.

13. Moody Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Moody, edgy decor can feel romantic in the bedroom. Break up dark colors and strong lines with lush bedding and a collection of trailing green plants. Bohemian decor also makes for a creative, romantic atmosphere.

moody romantic bedroom ideas 1

moody romantic bedroom ideas 2

moody romantic bedroom ideas 3

Moody romantic bedroom ideas often come from a desire to include both dark and light in one space. Exposed wood or brick walls add texture and darkness, while light bedding and ambient lighting sources add warmth.

14. Romantic Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Rustic bedroom ideas may not sound romantic, but they can be. Warm, exposed wood or log walls, stone fireplaces, real or faux fur are all rustic elements that carry a romantic spirit.

rustic romantic bedroom ideas 2

rustic romantic bedroom ideas

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rustic romantic bedroom ideas
rustic romantic bedroom ideas

If you have a beautiful mountain view, keep window coverings simple. Mix cottage or vintage touches with your rustic decor to take the romance to a new level.

15. Vintage Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Focusing on vintage elements will always add a romantic touch to your bedroom. A painted chandelier adds a vintage or shabby chic romantic vibe. Pair it with soft bedding in a floral pattern and lots of lace accents.

vintage romantic bedroom ideas

vintage romantic bedroom ideas 1

vintage romantic bedroom ideas 3

vintage romantic bedroom ideas 4

vintage romantic bedroom ideas 5

Dramatic vintage pieces, such as a heavy walnut headboard and detailed dresser, make an elegant vintage bedroom. Ceiling medallions, oversized crown molding, and wainscoting enhance a vintage romantic bedroom.

16. White Romantic Bedroom Ideas

White romantic bedroom ideas allow you to mix and match textures and textiles that wouldn’t work in multiple colors. You can use mostly white with a dash of another favorite color. Try white with gold accents and pale wood floors and furniture.

white romantic bedroom ideas susies.favorite.things

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white romantic bedroom ideas

Source: @ideas via Instagram

white romantic bedroom ideas

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white romantic bedroom ideas
white romantic bedroom ideas

Whitewash an exposed brick wall or a brick fireplace. White bedding can be in any fabric you find warm and welcoming. Use warm light sources to keep the room from looking stark.



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