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A girl’s bedroom should reflect her unique personality and dreams. Find inspiration for your daughter’s bedroom in this gallery of fabulously feminine ideas.

Every girl has her own ideas of what her dream bedroom looks like. Depending on her age and interests, a girl’s bedroom reflects any number of kid-centric ideas. A stylish bedroom for girls could feature anything from frilly pink flowers to whimsical unicorns. Teen and tween girls often abandon pastel pink for darker, more dramatic decor.

Whatever your little girl’s bedroom dreams are made of, focus on creating a balance between comfort and fun. Our gallery of ideas carries your precious little girl from toddlerhood to her first dorm room. Click through these images together until your muse for her next bedroom design appears.

1. Attic Room Girls Bedroom Ideas

An attic bedroom comes with its own challenges and benefits. If your girl’s room is in an attic space, you may find yourself with a small room or a larger-than-usual bedroom space. Sloping ceilings can make the room’s layout a challenge. However, with proper planning, these architectural features become an integral part of the room’s decor.

Attic Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Attic Room Girls Bedroom Ideas Graceinteriorinspo

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Attic Room Girls Bedroom Ideas Myloftandme

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Attic Room Girls Bedroom Ideas Sadlerslodge

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Attic Room Girls Bedroom Ideas Wakeupinworthing

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Draw attention to short or sloped walls by painting each a different bright color. Or fade odd walls into the background by painting them the same color as the ceiling. If your attic kid’s room features exposed ceiling beams, they can be a wonderful place to hang paper lanterns, fabric banners, or strings of fairy lights.

2. Boho Decor Girls Bedroom Ideas

Boho, or bohemian, decor perfectly reflects the playfulness desired in a kids’ bedroom. Its colorful combination of many design elements results in room decor that is comfortable and creative. Boho room design brings favorite colors and patterns from around the globe into one beautiful bedroom. A boho child’s bedroom is the perfect place to use repainted, upcycled furniture.

Boho Decor Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Boho Decor Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Boho Decor Girls Bedroom Ideas Weatheredsigns

Source: @weatheredsigns via Instagram

Mismatched textures and a creative color palette are hallmarks of bohemian decor. Put a wicker hanging chair in the corner and toss in a velvet pillow with pom pom trim. Hang a cluster of paper parasols over the bed and use a colorful, eye-catching wallpaper accent wall behind the headboard. Green plants and fairy lights are other decor elements that embrace the boho vibe.

3. Canopy Bed Girls Bedroom Ideas

Canopies are a perfect bedroom idea for little princesses. Even a teenage girl can enjoy the cozy, enclosed comfort of a canopy bed. Canopy beds are a classic decor idea. They have been around for centuries, meant to be a bed that holds someone incredibly special.

Canopy Bed Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Canopy Bed Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Canopy Bed Girls Bedroom Ideas A.moroccanspinkandgold.dream

Source: @a.moroccanspinkandgold.dream_ via Instagram

Canopy beds are a simple idea but come in a wide variety of styles. You can top a dramatic four-poster bed with a solid wood canopy or a frame that supports a fabric canopy. Some bed canopies are simply long, flowing pieces of fabric anchored to the wall or ceiling. Other canopies are sheer fabric hung from a hoop over the bed.

For a modern take on a canopy bed, eliminate the fabric factor entirely. Simply showcase the lines of a simple square frame held up by four posts. If you tire of this modern decor, soften the look later by draping it with tulle or another material.

4. Colorful Girls Bedroom Ideas

A colorful girl’s bedroom reflects her energy and exuberance. No matter which girls’ bedroom ideas resonate with you most, the color palette sets the room’s mood. There is no shortage of colorful children’s bedroom linen options today. It may be easiest to choose bedding first, then build your other decorating ideas around it.

Colorful Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Colorful Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Colorful Girls Bedroom Ideas 3

Colorful Girls Bedroom Ideas Thelivelyhome

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On the other hand, if your kid has a favorite color, design her room around that particular hue. Paint the walls in the favored color and search for bedding, curtains, and accessories that work with it. Remember that from a child’s perspective, a kids bedroom can never have too much of a favorite color. Even if it’s louder than you would choose for yourself, your girl’s bedroom colors are an important part of her self-expression.

5. Dorm Room Girls Bedroom Ideas

It’s almost universal: Dorm rooms are small, no matter how fancy the university. Your daughter’s dorm room may be the most challenging girls’ bedroom idea you’ve tackled. It may be the first time you’ve had to accommodate a loft bed or bunk bed. Figuring out workspace and storage solutions are other dorm room decor dilemmas.

Dorm Room Ideas Girls Bedroom Ideas 2 Afterfivedesigns

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Dorm Room Ideas Girls Bedroom Ideas Afterfivedesigns

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Dorm Room Ideas Girls Bedroom Ideas Bymeredithanne

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Dorm Room Ideas Girls Bedroom Ideas Dhunkins

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Dorm Room Ideas Girls Bedroom Ideas Emmagraceharrod

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Dorm Room Ideas Girls Bedroom Ideas Tellythecraftaholic

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As always, your older teen girl needs a room that reflects her personality and interests—even if she only has half a bedroom. Light colors tend to expand the space, so stick to pale bedding and light woods if you can. Mirrors serve the same purpose, so use as many as the space allows. Hang a colorful tapestry or use removable wall decals to jazz up plain dorm room walls.

6. Kids Room Girls Bedroom Ideas

When you have a little girl, children’s bedroom ideas can be a lot of fun. A toddler doesn’t need a big bedroom, just one large enough for her clothes, toys, and a twin-sized bed. You can tailor your little girl’s bedroom to fit your image of the perfect room. Enjoy this phase, before she is old enough to have strong decor opinions that may counter your own.

Kids Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Kids Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Kids Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 3

Kids Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 4

Kids Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 5

Kids Room Girls Bedroom Ideas Bacla.arquiteturainfantil

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A fun kid’s bedroom is colorful, welcoming, and comfortable. Its surfaces must be kid-friendly and easy to clean. Avoid girls’ bedroom ideas that involve dry cleaning or delicate handling. If you have the space, create a cozy reading nook in one corner and a play area in another. Beanbags or plush floor pillows make it much comfier to join her on the floor for a board game or block-building session.

7. Loft Bed Girls Bedroom Ideas

The loft bed is perhaps the greatest bedroom idea for a girl’s room with limited floor space. Loft beds are like the top half of a bunk bed, but open beneath for desks or storage. This space is perfect for a desk, creating a functional bedroom footprint. A little girl would enjoy having a small table and chairs tucked into this cozy area for impromptu tea parties.

Loftbed Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Loftbed Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Loftbed Girls Bedroom Ideas Ackerman Carpentry


Source: @ackerman_carpentry via Instagram

Loftbed Girls Bedroom Ideas Infantarquitetura

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Loftbed Girls Bedroom Ideas Kuhlhome

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Some loft bed designs have a small desk, wardrobe, and drawers built in beneath. Other custom-built lofts include a reading nook or hiding cubby instead. For your daughter’s safety, be sure the loft bed includes a rail to protect her from rolling off the elevated mattress at night.

8. Pastel Girls Bedroom Ideas

From the moment you learned you were having a baby girl, your thoughts probably filled with pretty pastel visions. Indeed, springtime hues of seafoam green, robin’s egg blue, pale lavender, and butter yellow always feature strongly in a list of girls bedroom ideas.

Pastel Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Pastel Girls Bedroom Ideas

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Pastel Girls Bedroom Ideas Brightyellowdoor

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Pastel Girls Bedroom Ideas Jaccikelly

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Pastel Girls Bedroom Ideas Thathouseinmaple

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A pastel girl’s bedroom doesn’t have to include the ubiquitous pink, but it coordinates so well with other light colors. Pastel colors can range from bright hues to mere hints of color so vague, you almost wonder if they’re there. Every shade along the scale has a home in a girl’s room decor.

9. Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas

Pink is the most common color that comes to mind when thinking of a little girl’s room design. It can appear anywhere, from the walls to the rugs, from the furniture to the bedding. A monochromatic pink girl’s bedroom can include every shade of pink, from the palest peony to the deepest rose.

Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas 3

Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas Serviced Apartments Stockport

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Classic bubble gum pink may remind you too much of that bottle of liquid antacid in the medicine cabinet. If so, include touches of pink in various patterns instead of using it in wide swaths. Go for a pink polka dot duvet, or add a pink plaid throw pillow. Hot pink and black are a popular color combination, especially in tween girl and teenage girl bedrooms.

10. Scandinavian Girls Bedroom Ideas

Scandinavian girls’ bedroom ideas encompass all the elements of this classic style, including simplicity and functionality. Its focus falls on natural materials such as wood and metal. A neutral color palette, light wood finishes, and white walls all flow well in these uncluttered spaces.

Scandinavian Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Scandinavian Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Scandinavian Girls Bedroom Ideas 3

Scandinavian Girls Bedroom Ideas 4

Scandinavian Girls Bedroom Ideas 5

Scandinavian Girls Bedroom Ideas

Source: @liep.ert_.to_.the_.moon_ via Instagram

Minimalism should prevail in any Scandinavian room—something that may be hard to maintain in a busy girl’s bedroom. However, this room decor provides a beautiful blank canvas for everything that comes next. Scandinavian furniture has a timeless appeal that your grown daughter may take one day when she moves into her own home or apartment.

11. Siblings Room Girls Bedroom Ideas

When sisters share a girls bedroom, it can be a challenge to make room for each child’s individual needs. However, it is possible to merge age gaps and different personalities into one workable, fashionable design. The secret is to have things coordinate as much as possible.

Siblings Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Siblings Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Siblings Room Girls Bedroom Ideas Gmellidesign

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Siblings Room Girls Bedroom Ideas The Smyle Home

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Choose matching bed frames and dressers, or matching bed linens if your girls can agree. A bunk bed looks best when the bedding on each bunk coordinates. Perhaps use the same color scheme, but let each girl choose her own fabric pattern. Then let each child accessorize her zone as she wishes.

12. Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas

Teenage girls often choose the complete opposite decor represented in their little girl bedroom. Expect her to gravitate toward more mature furniture and darker colors. A bohemian “anything goes” type of room is often quite appealing to a girl who is learning more about the world and her impact on it.

Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 1

Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 2

Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 3

Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 4

Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 5

Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas 6

Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas Four Made This Home

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Teens Room Girls Bedroom Ideas Studio Db

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Ideally, teen bedroom ideas for girls will include separate zones for sleeping, studying, and socializing. A combination desk and vanity beneath a loft bed is a great idea for a teenage girl’s bedroom. It works particularly well in a small bedroom. Because many colleges use loft beds in their dorm rooms now, adding a loft bed to your teen bedroom helps her get used to sleeping up high.

13. White Bedroom Ideas for Girls

White is timeless, elegant, and perfectly appropriate as a backdrop for virtually any interior design style. A white shiplap, beadboard, or whitewashed brick accent wall adds a lot of texture to a girl’s bedroom. While it may be hard to keep clean in a young girl’s room, a white rug adds spacious elegance to a teenager’s bedroom decor.

White Girls Bedroom Ideas Decor2urdoor

Source: @decor2urdoor via Instagram

You don’t have to use all-white to capture its cleanness. Consider white walls and white bedding, perhaps printed with stripes in another color. White plus one other color is a great way to keep a girl’s bedroom decor clean and simple.

Girls Bedroom FAQs

How do you make a girl-room pretty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so making a girls’ room pretty is a matter of determining what she deems beautiful. Common pretty decorating ideas for girls include sheer fabrics, flowers, butterflies, and the ever-present pink in every shade imaginable. Chandeliers, pom poms, fringes, and other decorative trims pretty-up otherwise plain bedroom features.

What should every girl have in her room?

Every girls bedroom should include a few essential elements for a comfy and functional bedroom. Every girl needs a comfortable bed, furniture to hold her clothes and belongings, and a lamp. A desk, a play area, and room for a friend to sleep over help make a girl’s room special.

What should I put above my bed?

Depending on what coordinates with your bedroom decor, any of the following items look amazing:

  • One large mirror or a collection of smaller mirrors
  • Framed photographs
  • Artwork in the room’s colors
  • Whimsical metal wall butterflies or flowers


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