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“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement… Let me go upstairs and check.” – M. C. Escher

Whether your basement serves as a solitary workspace or an entertainment zone for the whole family, a well-done bathroom is a must-have. After all, who wants to trek up a flight of stairs right when the movie’s getting good? From spacious bathrooms to cozy half baths, from minimalist style to rustic vibes, we’ve got basement bathroom ideas galore to inspire the perfect bathroom remodel.

1. Basement Bathroom Walls With Color Ideas

Adding a little (or a lot) of color to your bathroom walls is a surefire way to energize the space. You could keep things subtle with a light color like taupe or pale blue, or you could go all out with a bright teal or rich burgundy.

Basement Bathroom With Colored Walls Allisonducharmeinteriordesign

Source: @allisonducharmeinteriordesign via Instagram

Basement Bathroom With Colored Walls Lidedesign

Source: @lidedesign via Instagram

Basement Bathroom With Colored Walls

Source: via Instagram

Basement Bathroom With Colored Walls 2

Basement Bathroom With Colored Walls

Source: @walls via Instagram

basement bathroom with colored walls

If you’re looking for even more of a unique twist, add some contrast by painting the walls two different colors. You could split the room in half or create a focal point by using a light shade for three walls and a striking accent hue for the remaining one.

2. Contemporary Basement Bathroom Ideas

If you feel drawn to basement bathroom design ideas featuring clean lines, light neutrals, and sleek metal accents, contemporary design might be the right choice for you. It’s modern and stylish, but still warm and inviting.

Contemporary Basement Bathroom Andenbath

Source: @andenbath via Instagram

Contemporary Basement Bathroom Basementbuilderuk

Source: @basementbuilderuk via Instagram

Contemporary Basement Bathroom Schwartzandkointeriordesign

Source: @schwartzandkointeriordesign via Instagram

contemporary basement bathroom

Source: @project4tsevin via Instagram

contemporary basement bathroom

contemporary basement bathroom
contemporary basement bathroom
contemporary basement bathroom

Simplicity is key, so stick to neutrals like white, light gray, or natural wood tones. Fixtures like backless toilets or floating vanities add an understated, futuristic touch and make the space feel much more sophisticated.

3. Dark Basement Bathroom Ideas

A dark basement bathroom is an excellent addition to an already sultry, sophisticated space. Black or charcoal gray walls create a modern, masculine vibe, while colors like deep green or wine red add character and an air of luxury.

Dark Basement Bathroom

Source: @bathroom via Instagram

dark basement bathroom
dark basement bathroom
dark basement bathroom
dark basement bathroom

If your basement bathroom doesn’t get a lot of light or you’re just unsure about going to the dark side, you can still incorporate deeper shades. Break up dark walls with white fixtures, colorful wall art, and a mirror to reflect and magnify any light that does enter the room.

4. Half Bath Basement Bathroom Ideas

Even if your basement bathroom is a less-than-spacious half bath, there’s no shortage of ways to give it some flair. Furnishing it with pieces like a pedestal sink—a less bulky option than a traditional vanity—frees up some space and makes the room feel a little more open.

half bath basement bathroom

dark basement bathroom

Since lots of contrast can easily overwhelm a small space, you might want to keep it simple. Warm neutrals and uncomplicated designs will make the room feel well-crafted but not overly complex. However, bold colors and striking patterns can still work! Just maintain a cohesive color scheme and break up the chaos with a few neutral pieces.

5. Lighting Ideas for Basement Bathroom

Lighting is crucial for any space, but especially for a basement bathroom that doesn’t get much—or any—natural light. Choosing the perfect light fixture can be the final touch that pulls the whole room together.

lighting ideas for basement bathroom

Lighting Ideas For Basement Bathroom 1

Lighting Ideas For Basement Bathroom 2

If you’ve played it safe with the rest of the decor, an unconventional light could be a great way to set your bathroom apart. A backlit mirror, for example, casts a modern, futuristic glow over an otherwise ordinary room. However, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Vintage wall sconces or minimalist overhead light fixtures are just a few options that will fit right in with any bathroom.

6. Scandinavian Basement Bathroom Ideas

Stylish and understated, Scandinavian-style design will make your bathroom the serene space it deserves to be. Minimalist furnishings, brassy accents, and earthy elements are all you need to get the look. Plants and a wood floor or vanity subtly evoke the outdoors, which is crucial for pulling off this design style.

scandinavian basement bathroom
scandinavian basement bathroom

Scandi decor is stricter than most when it comes to color. White, gray, black, and tan are your main options if you want to follow the rules. If you’re dying for a little shade variation, nature-inspired hues like powder blue and sage green would fit well with this style, and you can incorporate bolder colors through accents like a rug or shower curtain.

7. Small Basement Bathroom Ideas

Whether it’s a powder room or a not-so-roomy master bathroom, minimizing clutter is key to maximizing your enjoyment of the space.

Small Basement Bathroom Updatemycape

Source: @updatemycape via Instagram

tile ideas for basement bathroom

Source: @ideasrenovationreport via Instagram

small basement bathroom

Wall cabinets, floating shelves, and over-the-toilet organizers are all great options for making use of vertical space. This way, you can store your odds and ends without taking up precious square footage.

8. Tile Ideas for Basement Bathroom

There’s no better way to make your bathroom one of a kind than getting creative with your tiles. Whether you go for classic subway tiles or ornate mosaic tiles, or whether you cover the floor or the walls (or even the ceiling), the possibilities are endless.

Tile Ideas For Basement Bathroom Astridinteriors

Source: @astridinteriors via Instagram

Tile Ideas For Basement Bathroom My Victorian Rehab

Source: @my_victorian_rehab via Instagram

Tile Ideas For Basement Bathroom Painterplacehomeco

Source: @painterplacehomeco via Instagram

Tile Ideas For Basement Bathroom Samantha.lillian

Source: @samantha.lillian via Instagram

The style you end up choosing will depend on what function you need it to serve. If you want something to ground your all-white, minimalist bathroom, you can try black, hexagonal tile floors.

Want the perfect shower backsplash to complement your sage green, Bohemian-style space? Pale gray stone tiles might do the trick.

9. White Basement Bathroom

Crisp, white bathrooms have been a design staple for decades, and for good reason. It’s a great color for making small spaces look bigger, and it induces feelings of restfulness and joy. What’s not to love?

Black And White Basement Bathroom Lizzydesigns

Source: @lizzydesigns_ via Instagram

Black And White Basement Bathroom Michellesatra


Source: @michellesatra via Instagram

White Basement Bathroom Modernonmadison

Source: @modernonmadison via Instagram

white basement bathroom
white basement bathroom

The trick to livening up a monochromatic space is adding dimension. Textured items like a woven mat or distressed wood vanity add a little variety to keep the eye engaged. Plants, exposed plumbing, and tan wooden floors bring some color into the mix in an organic way, so the all-white aesthetic feels uninterrupted.

10. Man Cave Basement Bathroom Ideas

When creating the perfect bathroom to complement your man cave, look for traditionally masculine colors, materials, and textures. A neutral color scheme could work, along with colors like red or navy blue.

Bathroom For Basement Mancave K.b.woodgraindesigns

Source: @k.b.woodgraindesigns via Instagram

Bathroom For Basement Mancave Kerricolfer

Source: @kerricolfer via Instagram

While everyone’s tastes are different, elements like clean lines, wooden fixtures, and black accents can combine to complement any style. Mix and match to see what speaks to you, and bring in personal details like sports paraphernalia to make it your own.

11. Grey Basement Bathroom Ideas

When white is too sterile and black is too intense, grey offers a much-appreciated middle ground. It’s a serene, sophisticated color bursting with possibility. Keep things low-key with a somber slate gray or brighten things up with a lighter shade.

Grey Basement Bathroom Kc Bathroomremodeling

Source: @kc_bathroomremodeling via Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, grey doesn’t have to be boring! Try mixing in black and white accents to add some dimension. If a totally monochromatic room isn’t working for you, a pop of color in the form of a bright green shower curtain or cobalt blue towels will create visual interest.

12. Industrial Basement Bathroom Ideas

Characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and warehouse-inspired materials like salvaged wood furniture and metal pipes, industrial style is an excellent choice for any basement bathroom design.

Industrial Style Basement Bathroom Siblanchard

Source: @siblanchard via Instagram

Even if you don’t have that classic exposed brick wall, you can embrace this aesthetic by installing subway tiles and opting for exposed plumbing. This way, a not-so-glamorous fixture becomes an essential element in your bathroom design.

13. Large Basement Bathroom Ideas

With more space comes more opportunity to take your bathroom to the next level. Whether you’re anticipating guests or just adding another place to rinse off after a hot summer day, you just can’t beat a spacious walk-in shower that exudes a touch of luxury. If you’re looking to fill every square foot, try adding a bathtub—the perfect place to read, catch up on your shows, or just enjoy a good soak.

Large Basement Bathroom Builtconstructionutah

Source: @builtconstructionutah via Instagram

Large Basement Bathroom Moosebasements

Source: @moosebasements via Instagram

Large Basement Bathroom

Source: @bathroom via Instagram

A larger room can also accommodate larger patterns, so don’t be afraid to think big. Oversized wall art or wallpaper with sprawling prints will fill the space and make an impressive statement.

14. Minimalist Basement Bathroom Ideas

Simplicity, earthy accents, and a light, neutral color palette are all you need to craft the minimalist basement bathroom of your dreams. Colors like white and taupe are classics, but feel free to foray into color if the space feels a little one-note.

Minimalist Basement Bathroom Flipping.firsttimers

Source: @flipping.firsttimers via Instagram

Minimalist Basement Bathroom

Source: @ivyco.homes_ via Instagram

Minimalist Basement Bathroom Labrancolidesign

Source: @labrancolidesign via Instagram

While minimalism requires that you pare down the decor, that doesn’t have to mean the room feels empty. Plants, artwork, or funky tile flooring can all add some spirit without compromising the serene aura of the room.

15. Neutral Color Basement Bathroom Ideas

As much fun as it can be to plan out and execute an epic bathroom remodel, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you want to do often. Opting for a neutral color palette means that the big-ticket items—tiles, sinks, etc.—will never look outdated, meaning that you won’t have to worry about making the room over again five years down the line.

Neutral Color Basement Bathroom

Source: @dark.horse_.designs via Instagram

Neutral Color Basement Bathroom Kristiperozzi

Source: @kristiperozzi via Instagram

To keep the space from feeling more trite than timeless, create visual interest with cool textures and patterns. Marble tiles shot through with shades of gray or brown add dimension, which grounds the room and engages the eye. Attention-grabbing light fixtures or an ornately detailed mirror can also take your bathroom design up a notch.

16. Rustic Basement Bathroom Ideas

The rougher down-to-earth version of farmhouse decor, rustic design will make your bathroom feel equal parts rugged and inviting. Wood pieces are usually heavier and darker, with more of the natural grain showing through.

Rustic Basement Bathroom Krisbashenow

Source: @krisbashenow via Instagram

Neutral colors are prominent in rustic decor, so stick to shades like brown and white to play up the aesthetic. Bulky fixtures, distressed wood, and maybe even some wall-mounted steer horns are all you’ll need to tie the room together.

17. Simple Basement Bathroom Ideas

As easy as it is to get lost in a sea of complex basement bathroom design ideas, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. Keeping your decor simple is a surefire way to build a space you love and keep the decision fatigue to a minimum.

Simple Basement Bathroom Ideas 915 Construction

Source: @915_construction via Instagram

Simple Basement Bathroom Ideas Camelle Veloso Design

Source: @camelle_veloso_design via Instagram

Simple Basement Bathroom Ideas Laurieyappdesign

Source: @laurieyappdesign via Instagram

If you’re wondering how to keep your bathroom more uncomplicated than uninspired, think cohesion. Make sure all metal accents are in the same finish and try using tile from another part of the room as a shower backsplash to tie everything together.

18. Under Stairs Basement Bathroom Ideas

Between tight quarters and awkwardly slanted ceilings, it can be hard to figure out what to do with an under-the-stairs bathroom. A bright coat of paint and some artificial plants are all you need to cheer the room right up.

Under Stairs Basement Bathroom

Source: @bathroom via Instagram

On the other hand, if you’re planning on converting an unused room under the stairs into a bathroom, you might be looking at more problems—plumbing, for a start. Forgoing a conventional commode for an upflush toilet, which sends waste into a macerator instead of down into pipes, could save you thousands of dollars.

19. Unfinished Basement Bathroom Ideas

With their exposed wooden beams and concrete floors, unfinished bathrooms are excellent candidates for industrial design. Lean in to that rugged vibe or warm the room up with some greenery and a coat of white paint.

Unfinished Basement Bathroom Making A House Home

Source: @making_a_house_home via Instagram

It’s a fine line between an unfinished basement bathroom and an uninviting one, so make the room a little cozier with a soft rug, artfully chosen tile, and plenty of light.

Basement Bathroom FAQs

How do I decorate a small bathroom?

When working with a small space, any kind of clutter—physical or visual—is a no-go. Keep odds and ends out of sight if possible, with just a few bits of decor to add character. If your heart yearns for patterned wallpaper, avoid tiny, overly busy patterns, as they can overwhelm the room.

What should I hang on my bathroom walls?

The walls of your bathroom, just like in any other part of your house, are a canvas to display your personality and style preferences. Arrange some cool art pieces to form a gallery wall, or hang a set of photos taken on your last vacation.

How do I make my bathroom cozy?

To keep your bathroom from feeling boring or sterile, brighten the space with color and patterns. Fun wallpaper and an abundance of plant life will make the room feel cozy and inviting. If you don’t want to abandon your all-white color scheme, scented candles and plush rugs will add a touch of hygge.


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