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Rustic decor creates a relaxed cabin feel that harkens back to childhood memories of good stories, lightning bugs, and adventure.

Do you love the look of repurposed antiques and reclaimed wood? Then rustic decor is perfect for you! It’s all about creating a cozy, comfortable space with a fresh spin on your old farmhouse favorites. Don’t worry; a barn is not necessary.

Discover the endless possibilities of this classic design for any room. Wood-laden rooms can come alive with elegance. Embrace natural finishes and soft neutrals to create a family-oriented living space. Focusing on comfort will help to achieve this laid-back aesthetic.

Upcycled items are excellent additions for rustic home decor. Shop your local thrift stores to discover your next hidden treasure. You can also challenge yourself to complete a rustic DIY project. This project will add a personal touch to your space.

1. DIY Rustic Decor Ideas

What better way to show off your creativity skills than through DIY decorations? The rustic design of handmade decor fits perfectly with this aesthetic. With plenty of available options, you are sure to find something to complement your style.

Diy Rustic Decor Artclaudioneto.lojaoficial
Source: @artclaudioneto.lojaoficial via Instagram
Diy Rustic Decor Mynewenglandnest
Source: @mynewenglandnest via Instagram

DIY shelving is a simple craft project made from an assortment of crates. Vintage crates and boxes are common finds at flea markets. They make for a quick and easy shelf when mounted on the wall. Add a personal touch with the use of a darkening stain. Play around with the alignment of your repurposed crates to best suit the given space.

If you work with wood often, then you likely have a lot of wood scraps lying around. Put them to good use by building a hanging plant holder or shelf. Accent the piece with rustic embellishments such as iron or a thick rope.

Light fixtures are another great DIY project suited for any level of craftsmanship. The simple addition of twine or wicker can elevate a light fixture. If pendant style lighting is your design goal, consider hiding its stark cord with a thick, dense rope. While this project can be for anyone, you’ll want to be sure to do your research and take caution: Working with electricity is a potential fire hazard.

2. Modern Rustic Decor Ideas

Stick to a simpler approach to achieve a modern feel for your rustic space. Go for cleaner, sleek lines in your furnishings to enhance the mid-century vibe. A neutral color scheme creates an inviting feeling while still maintaining the modern aesthetic. Use dark features to play into the modern design.

Modern Rustic Decor 2 Niki Home Design
Source: @niki_home_design via Instagram
Modern Rustic Decor Beeskneesinteriors
Source: @beeskneesinteriors via Instagram
Modern Rustic Decor Ducksnestinteriors
Source: @ducksnestinteriors via Instagram
Modern Rustic Decor Home At Tye View
Source: @home_at_tye_view via Instagram
Modern Rustic Decor Niki Home Design
Source: @niki_home_design via Instagram
Modern Rustic Decor Ourhome.becoming
Source: @ourhome.becoming via Instagram
Modern Rustic Decor Stone Hill Haven
Source: @stone_hill_haven via Instagram
Modern Rustic Decor The Wooden Hill
Source: @the_wooden_hill via Instagram

Wood continues to serve as the forefront element in any room. Antique elements are also an addition that you shouldn’t skip. You may want to scale back the number of decorations, though. Too many can be overwhelming to the eye. Using a minimalist approach will help to achieve the modern look.

3. Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

It’s easy to transform your bathroom to fit the rustic style, regardless of its size. Bright whites display a clean, sleek design. However, don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow with a textured or two-toned wall. It creates a wow factor and will be sure to leave your guests impressed with your interior design skills. Dark, curved furniture pieces to add depth and contrast to a generally smaller area of the home.

Rustic Bathroom Decor Fishcampcustom
Source: @fishcampcustom via Instagram
Rustic Bathroom Decor Flennikenfarmhouse
Source: @flennikenfarmhouse via Instagram
Rustic Bathroom Decor Home54b
Source: @home54b via Instagram
Rustic Bathroom Decor Kennedygracedesigns
Source: @kennedygracedesigns via Instagram
Rustic Bathroom Decor Lifeamongthecedars
Source: @lifeamongthecedars via Instagram
Rustic Bathroom Decor Little Rustic Home
Source: @little_rustic_home via Instagram
Rustic Bathroom Decor Madeinthemeadows
Source: @madeinthemeadows via Instagram

Store your linens or bath items in woven baskets or decorative metal trays. Opt for open-style shelving with iron hardware to showcase your decor.

Smaller accessory items are great choices for bathroom decor. Consider mason jars or candles to display on your shelves. Wood-framed mirrors are another feature to include to complete your farmhouse look.

For more rustic bathroom ideas, click here.

4. Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

The rustic bedroom is an excellent area of the home to bring in the cabin-like feel. Cream and earth tone hues create a cozy, serene atmosphere. A textured accent wall, such as exposed brick, creates a striking focal point. Shiplap walls also make for a dramatic backdrop that allows for your rustic retreat to come to life.

Rustic Bedroom Decor Decorconception
Source: @decorconception via Instagram
Rustic Bedroom Decor Designsbyashleyknie
Source: @designsbyashleyknie via Instagram
Rustic Bedroom Decor Keukalakehouse
Source: @keukalakehouse via Instagram
Rustic Bedroom Decor Kiondreshomefashion
Source: @kiondreshomefashion via Instagram
Rustic Bedroom Decor Lacasadiannina
Source: @lacasadiannina via Instagram
Rustic Bedroom Decor Lottieshousebuild
Source: @lottieshousebuild via Instagram
Rustic Bedroom Decor My Suburban Farmhouse
Source: @my_suburban_farmhouse via Instagram
Rustic Bedroom Decor Nook No3
Source: @nook_no3 via Instagram
Rustic Bedroom Decor Prusharzgar
Source: @prusharzgar via Instagram

Colored bedding elevates the room’s character while working as a fun accessory. Warm, rich shades allow for pop and your own twist within the room.

Raise the bed from the floor with natural features such as a wooden pallet. It’s a great cost-saving alternative to a bed frame while adding a rustic aesthetic. A wooden headboard can also be a stunning feature to showcase in a rustic bedroom.

If you are looking to soften up your space, an upholstered headboard will serve as a cozy detail for your room. Or, you can even omit the headboard altogether, and display farmhouse decor in place.

There are many ways to decorate and show off your rustic charm. Wall decor like framed artwork or open shelving is a great way to accessorize your space. Repurposed vintage pieces look amazing and provide character. Unique items such as a cowhide rug further enhance the country-like feel. You’ll want to be sure to include notes of greenery, as it instantly brightens the rugged feel.

5. Rustic Cabin Decor Ideas

It doesn’t get much cozier than a log cabin tucked away within the woods. Bring the outdoors in through deep, dark-colored furnishings. Timber frames and beams play into a cabin-like essence. Steer clear from incorporating any modern features, as they take away from the cozy vibe.

Rustic Cabin Decor Homebygard
Source: @homebygard via Instagram
Rustic Cabin Decor Roahytta
Source: @roahytta via Instagram
Rustic Cabin Decor Sherwoodhavenco
Source: @sherwoodhavenco via Instagram

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, consider using stone to create a focal point in the room. Pair it with a wooden mantle to showcase your rustic art pieces. Family-centered signs create an inviting, homey space.

There’s something about a cabin that brings about cuddling. Snuggle up under heavy checkered quilts. Rustic bedding patterns range from pine trees, mountains, and black bears. Soft furs and plaid designs also work together to create a woodsy vibe. Make sure to have plenty of blankets for warmth, especially during cold winter months.

Decorate your rustic cabin space with animal prints and features. Deer antlers look amazing when used to create a chandelier. Consider even mounting them above furniture for a statement piece. If you are more on the reserved side, opt for an animal print or framed picture.

6. Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas

A table fit for a large gathering is the centerpiece of every formal dining room. You’ll want to choose a weathered design for you rustic dining room, emphasizing the rustic appearance. Pair together a simple collection of chairs or mix and match your furniture choices. Even an antique bench suits the theme within the room. Dark, contrasting colored chairs are a great selection for a bold flare.

Rustic Dining Room Decor 2 Designsbyashleyknie
Source: @designsbyashleyknie via Instagram
Rustic Dining Room Decor Alittle Bitof Alldecor
Source: @alittle_bitof_alldecor via Instagram
Rustic Dining Room Decor Designsbyashleyknie
Source: @designsbyashleyknie via Instagram
Rustic Dining Room Decor Ourlittlewhitecottage
Source: @ourlittlewhitecottage via Instagram
Rustic Dining Room Decor Waney Cottage
Source: @waney_cottage via Instagram

Enhance your dining room with a rustic tablescape. Crochet or lace runners soften the rough appearance of reclaimed wood. Centerpieces filled with greenery and candles add a note of elegance. A wrought iron chandelier or light fixture over the table completes the formal feel.


Bring the room together with decor and statement furniture pieces. A rustic farmhouse hutch is perfect for showing off your family generation dishware.

Create visual interest throughout the room by hanging wall art. Statement items like mirrors or oversized clocks are great additions.

7. Rustic Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Farmhouse decor mixes several different styles to create a laid-back, country vibe. Muted hues ground the look and evoke a cozy sense of comfort. The charming features of distressed vintage items can bring you back in time. Consider repurposing old items from barns, such as iron wiring. This can make for a great rustic photo grid.

Rustic Farmhouse Decor 2 Newbuild Newlyweds
Source: @newbuild_newlyweds via Instagram
Rustic Farmhouse Decor Caligirlinasouthernworld
Source: @caligirlinasouthernworld via Instagram
Rustic Farmhouse Decor Cindimc.ivoryhomedesign
Source: @cindimc.ivoryhomedesign via Instagram
Rustic Farmhouse Decor Fallons.homestead
Source: @fallons.homestead via Instagram
Rustic Farmhouse Decor Ittybittychickenfarm
Source: @ittybittychickenfarm via Instagram
Rustic Farmhouse Decor Lifeoncloverhilllane
Source: @lifeoncloverhilllane via Instagram
Rustic Farmhouse Decor Newbuild Newlyweds
Source: @newbuild_newlyweds via Instagram
Rustic Farmhouse Decor Rustic.sparkle
Source: @rustic.sparkle via Instagram

Your home’s original architecture can show through exposed wooden beams. Showcase raw wood elements with items such as shelves, tables, and benches. Soften the look of the rugged timbers and beams through thick knits and plush pillows. To add some texture, use fabrics such as burlap and linen to add extra definition.

8. Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

Your guests will feel right at home with the inviting and warm feeling a rustic kitchen provides. Functionality is as important as fashion. When it comes to selecting your furnishings, consider the benefit each piece provides. For example, is it purely decorative, or can it serve as a central gathering point?

Rustic Kitchen Decor 20shadesofwhite
Source: @20shadesofwhite via Instagram
Rustic Kitchen Decor Burlaprosesrevivals
Source: @burlaprosesrevivals via Instagram
Rustic Kitchen Decor Thecoppernest
Source: @thecoppernest via Instagram
Rustic Kitchen Decor Theupcyclingjunkies
Source: @theupcyclingjunkies via Instagram

Do you love to entertain? Then you won’t want to forget to include a large space for your guests to sit and assemble around. A big antique table that doubles as a kitchen island serves exactly this purpose. Industrial-style bar stools complete the look.

The addition of a large farmhouse-style sink ties into the rustic aesthetic. The apron front design is an eye-catching style. You can even choose a material such as dark slate to create a rugged, unfinished appearance.

Rustic kitchen decor can carry over into your counters and cabinets as well. Choose organic materials, such as wood or steel, for your choice of countertops. Traditional white cabinets aren’t your only option either. You can choose to paint your cabinets in a chic teal or green for an exciting flare.

You don’t have to hide everything behind your cabinets. Glass-front and open-faced shelving are great modern accents. Go further by installing hanging pot racks for added storage. If you’re working with a small amount of space, the additional storage might be a big help.

There are several decor accessories that further enhance a rustic vibe. You’ll want your accessories to include industrial finishes such as iron or copper. Display your countertop items inside wire baskets. Don’t forget to finish your space with an antique, metal light fixture.

9. Rustic Living Room Decor Ideas

The neutral color palette is the foundation of a comfortable living room. Add contrast and warmth through variations of browns, creams, and whites. If you want to bring a hint of color to your space, consider subtle tones of blue or orange.

Rustic Living Room Decor Designsbyashleyknie
Source: @designsbyashleyknie via Instagram
Rustic Living Room Decor Tarjanneli 78
Source: @tarjanneli_78 via Instagram
Rustic Living Room Decor Thelittlewhitefarmhouse
Source: @thelittlewhitefarmhouse via Instagram

Mix and match your living room furniture with comfort in mind. Consider the use of a slipcover on your couch for its convenient care. It can also help make your home pet and kid-friendly. A soft leather chair or ottoman provides contrasting texture. You’ll want to fill your couches and chairs with plush throw pillows and blankets. It will amplify your rustic living room‘s cozy feeling.

Wood is one of the most popular materials to use when redecorating for the rustic look. You can use it to decorate the living room with a wide variety of wall decor. Consider items such as antique signs or an oversized weathered clock. Distressed ladders, reclaimed barn doors, and shutters are also great wooden additions to hang. Top off your wood theme with some mounted taxidermy to make a statement above a fireplace or couch.

Let your creativity shine through your coffee and side tables. Vintage suitcases or trunks can live a new life, repurposed as your living room table. If you’re striving for a more rough and unfinished look, use reclaimed wood for your coffee table instead. Soften the table with a natural touch by displaying eucalyptus or dried flowers.

10. Rustic Wall Decor Ideas 

Meaningful words and phrases will inspire your guests. In fact, they work well throughout your entire home. Farmhouse signs pair well amongst a wall collage of decor. Yet, they can also make for an excellent solo addition to a floating shelf. You can use chalkboard signs to help break up a wall by providing a dark contrast.

Rustic Living Room Decor 2 ThelittlewhitefarmhouseSource: @thelittlewhitefarmhouse via Instagram

Rustic Dining Room Decor JmilesdesignSource: @jmilesdesign via Instagram

Rustic Cabin Decor SawdustacresSource: @sawdustacres via Instagram

Don’t be afraid to play with color. Choose statement pieces for decorative wall features. They work to offset the monochromatic color tone. Artwork featuring arrows are a popular addition and resonate with a tribal vibe. Geometric patterns are another common design that stands out amongst a sea of beige. A longhorn skull can add a bold addition to your rustic wall decor.

Bring your home to life with the elements of nature. Wreaths are not only for the holidays either. A clean boxwood wreath brings in the calming serenity of nature. Expand the use of greenery throughout with clear decorative vases.

Rustic Decor FAQs

Do you have any tips for keeping this design budget-friendly?

Shop your local flea markets and thrift shops for cheap unique items. It’s amazing the number of things you can come across. Also, get crafty and repurpose your old items. Consider DIY projects for cost-saving alternatives. You don’t have to be an expert to create an eye-catching piece.

What types of wood are best to achieve a rustic design?

Lighter woods, such as ash, birch, or knotty alder, tend to complement best with the design. The brighter details pair well with the neutral tones found throughout the style. Darker woods, such as cherry, can overpower a room. This option does work well to achieve the cabin-like feel.

What can I do to ensure a room does not feel too small?

Open up your ceilings and allow your home’s natural bones to shine. Exposed beams help any space feel larger and more robust. They will also provide an immense amount of character. Another tip is to avoid overcrowding. Too many decorations can quickly clutter a room, causing it to feel cramped.


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