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Create the perfect backyard getaway with these above ground pool decks. With these awesome ideas, every backyard can feel like a tropical resort.

An above ground pool is more affordable than an inground swimming pool. In some cases, it may be the only way a homeowner can enjoy their private pool. Due to poor soil conditions, zoning requirements, or a lack of space, sometimes an inground pool just isn’t possible.

While an above ground pool isn’t usually as attractive as traditional pools, a stylish pool deck can change that. A beautiful pool deck can transform your backyard into an oasis that rivals any inground swimming pool deck design.

Above ground pool deck ideas must take into consideration the size of the decking area and its uses. There are many different materials and styles to choose from when creating your above ground pool deck plans. Check out these photos of the most impressive above ground pool decks for inspiration.

1. Wood Deck Ideas for Above Ground Pools

Wood decking is the most popular material for above ground pool deck ideas. These structures can be nearly any kind of deck suitable for sunbathing, playing, and lounging. A wooden deck around an above ground pool is no different from other freestanding wood deck ideas. It simply accommodates the shape of the pool wall.

Medium Size Above Ground Pool Wood Deck

Modern Villa Lounge Above Ground Pool Wood Deck

Outdoor Summer Above Ground Pool Wood Deck

Residential Building Above Ground Pool Wood Deck

Backyard Simple Above Ground Pool Wood Deck

Beautiful Villa Above Ground Pool Wood Deck

Green Resort Above Ground Pool Wood Deck

Above Ground Pool Wood Deck
Source: @elephantpools_ via Instagram

Your above ground pool deck may completely encircle your pool, or stand along only one side. While a partial wood pool deck may not be as visually stunning as a full deck, It is more affordable. A simple square pool deck design can be adjacent to your above ground swimming pool instead of wrapping around it.

Wood deck pool surround ideas can transform an above ground swimming pool into one that feels more like an inground pool. When built properly and enhanced with landscaping, it can be hard to tell an inground pool from an above ground one. Purchase a pool kit with a liner that looks like mosaic tile for an even more convincing inground pool appearance.

2. Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

One way to make your above ground pool area stunning is to craft a multilevel decking design. A terraced deck provides several levels and might be necessary if your yard is hilly. One level could be a sun deck, away from the splash zone. Another level could be for grilling out and dining.

Relaxing Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck

Sea View Outdoor Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck

Spectacular Above Ground Pool Multilevel Deck
Source: @mvklandscapedesign via Instagram
Beautiful Above Ground Pool Multilevel Deck
Source: @stonecreationsoflongisland via Instagram

Beautiful Overflow Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck

Gorgeous Lodge Style Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck

Luxury Villa Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck

Modern House Multilevel Above Ground Pool Deck

The different levels of your pool deck could consist of different materials. For example, your ground level could consist of concrete, pea gravel, or paver stones. Your upper levels could be wood or a composite deck material that looks like wood. You can also use stone or brick masonry to build a wall around your above ground pool. Using the same type of material for the decking gives the illusion of an inground pool.

While some multilevel swimming pool decks have functional purposes for each level, this isn’t required. Many homeowners choose multilevel decking simply because it opens up more design possibilities. Experiment with different above ground pool design ideas until you find a multilevel combination that works for you.

3. Composite Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Composite materials are great for pool deck ideas because they are durable and water-resistant. Composite decking surfaces can resemble real wood or masonry. These materials are ideal for a pool deck because there is no risk of splinters or sharp stones injuring bare feet.

Rectangular Composite Above Ground Pool Deck

Small Tropical Composite Above Ground Pool Deck

Luxurious Lounge Composite Above Ground Pool Deck

Luxury Private Composite Above Ground Pool Deck


Even if you choose real stone or concrete for a patio surround, composite panels can be helpful. Use them to cover the ugly sides of your above ground pool. Doing so transforms an ordinary above ground pool kit into a beautiful garden feature.

To save money on decking, build an above ground pool deck out of composite planks. Then use coordinating composite lattice panels to hide the bare pool sides. It’s a bonus if you can also find coordinating composite fencing to protect your backyard swimming pool.

4. Wrapped Around Decks for Above Ground Pools

Wrapping your deck around the circumference of your above ground pool makes for a refined backyard deck appearance. When a pool deck completely encloses an above ground pool, it feels more like it’s inground. It literally elevates your backyard swimming experience to a higher level.

Diy Above Ground Pool Wrapped Around Wooden Deck
Source: @vaughnhillhome via Instagram

Simple Backyard Above Ground Pool Wrapped Around Deck

Tropical Cabana Above Ground Pool Wrapped Around Deck

A wrap-around deck makes any size pool look as though it belongs there. It eliminates the need to climb a ladder to get into the above ground pool, although there may be steps to climb to the deck surface.

A wrap-around above ground pool deck doesn’t have to be huge to be functional. Even just a few feet around all sides of the pool is adequate. Having a full-circle deck allows you and your guests to jump in easily, or just sit and dangle your feet in the water.


5. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas With Railings

Railings aren’t always required around an above ground pool, but in most cases, they’re a good idea. Besides providing a handrail on what could be a slippery surface, deck railings help protect your pool from unwanted visitors. If someone in your home is elderly or physically impaired, a handrail is essential for safety.

Wood Platform Above Ground Pool With Railings Deck

You can get creative with above ground pool deck railings. They can coordinate with your backyard fence or take on a look all their own. Glass panels are an elegant railing choice that doesn’t obstruct your view of the pool. Glass panels supported by metal railing posts are popular deck railings behind minimalist or contemporary homes.

Any type of fencing combination can work well as decking railings. Use wooden posts with thin metal rods between them, or go for an all-wood traditional deck rail. Having rails around your pool deck also provides a place to hang your pool skimmer, hoses, or life preservers.

6. Semi Inground Pool Deck Ideas

As its name implies, a semi inground pool is somewhere between an above ground and an inground pool. You’ll find them behind homes built on a hill or slope. In fact, they may be the only pool choice available on lots with difficult terrain.

Modern House Semi In Ground Pool

Naturral Above Ground Semi In Ground Pool Deck

Romantic Villa Semi In Ground Pool

Tropical Above Ground Semi In Ground Pool Deck

Even so, anyone can have a semi-inground pool. Simply dig down about half the depth you would need for an inground pool, then build up the decking as needed. Your deck can be the feature that gives the illusion of a level yard and a traditional inground pool.

Semi inground pool decks work well with multilevel decks. Your main deck may be level with the backyard door on your home, with deck steps leading to higher and lower levels. The higher level may house a hot tub or covered dining area, while the lower level may be a poured concrete patio.

7. Small Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

A small deck may be enough if you have a smaller above ground pool and a limited backyard pool area. A small above ground pool “deck” may just consist of a wood platform and steps leading up to it.

Large Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Luxury Resort Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Residential Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Simple Double Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Small Resort Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Tropical Lanscape Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Beach View Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Beautiful Patio Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Holiday Deluxe Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

A lap pool provides all the exercise of swimming laps but has an exceedingly small footprint. These rectangular pools create a current to swim against. They are a great choice for yards too small for a classic round pool set above ground.

If space is already tight in your backyard, a small deck may be your only option. Watch this video to see how one family with a small yard built a partial deck on one side of their above ground pool:

8. Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck Ideas

An infinity edge, or vanishing edge, swimming pool looks as though its edge blends into the horizon. Many people discover that there are infinity pool options for above ground swimming pools. Like other infinity edge pools, water that spills over the edge flows into a catch basin before pumping back into the pool.

Large Balcony Modern Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck

Modern Above Ground Pool Deck With Glass Fence

The infinity side of the pool will not have a deck, but a stylish pool deck will enhance the remainder. Some above ground pools may have two infinity edges, in which case the other two are ideal zones for a ground pool deck.

Because an infinity-edge pool is more expensive than a regular above ground pool, you may want to cut costs by limiting the size of your deck. Infinity swimming pools blend into the surroundings and are a lovely choice for an Asian-inspired garden. A deck in this setting must be simple enough to not distract from the Zen-like atmosphere.

9. Modern Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Simple square above ground pools fit well with modern, minimalist décor. The deck surrounding such a pool should be equally uncluttered. Simple concrete or masonry decking mimics the smooth, cool stone so common in modern deck design.

Modern House Above Ground Patio Pool Wooden Deck

Simple Above Ground Patio Pool Deck

Simple Above Ground Pool Patio Deck
Source: @aquaredi via Instagram

Clear glass panels are a better choice than vertical wooden deck railing. You can also surround your decking with modern, horizontal wood plank panels. If you choose wood for a modern above ground pool deck, keep it sleek and stain it a rich, dark color. 

You can enhance your above ground pool’s modern style by choosing a special pool liner. A dark pool liner provides the illusion of depth and enhances the reflection of foliage and clouds. It can also absorb more heat from the sun, resulting in warmer pool water.

Small Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Boho Vintage Above Ground Pool Small Deck Houseofbutterfield
Source: @houseofbutterfield via Instagram

Elegant Above Ground Small Pool Deck

Simple Minimalist Above Ground Pool Small Deck Apdesigntrim
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