The Top 43 Kitchen Tile Ideas


“Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.” – Andrew Zimmern

One of the most significant decisions you’ll make when renovating your kitchen is the tile. Choose the wrong tile, and you’ve ruined all of your hard work. Choose the right tile, and you’ll elevate your kitchen design.

The biggest dilemma for most people is the sheer number of options. Tile sizes range from one-inch square penny tile to large natural stone sheets. They also range in every color imaginable. Next, you’ll have to think about the shape of the tile.

These kitchen tile ideas will help you narrow down your options so that you choose the perfect tile for your kitchen floor, and wall tile.

1. Black Kitchen Tile Ideas

If you love the look of black tile, consider using it on your floor. Whether it’s shiny or matte, the darker color on the floor will give the illusion of a bigger room. You could choose a porcelain tile or a natural stone like slate. Whatever tile you choose, make sure the size fits well with the size of your kitchen. Larger tiles will help the space to feel larger. Consider using a dark grey or black grout with your tile. This will help the individual tiles to blend together, providing a smooth look throughout the kitchen.

black kitchen tile ideas graceinthehome

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black kitchen tile ideas

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If you decide to create a black kitchen look with black cabinets, you can continue this look with black tiles for your backsplash or walls. This continues the look of the black but creates depth and texture in the space. By doing this, you avoid the black hole or void effect.

Black subway tile is a twist on a popular modern trend. Black natural stone works well in modern, industrial, or minimalist kitchens. It creates a sense of earthiness to the space.

2. Brown Kitchen Tile Ideas

Have you ever seen a brown tile that was attractive? Neither have we. Instead of looking for brown tile, consider a natural stone that has brown elements in them. These tiles give your kitchen a natural rustic warmth. Most people stick to using them for the flooring, around a fireplace, or on an accent wall.

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Consider a natural stone such as travertine or something handmade like clay or terra cotta. Embrace the fact that these tiles won’t be perfectly uniform. They’ll have varying heights and rough-hewn edges. They come in large squares or brick shapes.

This type of tile is perfect for a rustic, country, cottage, or farmhouse kitchen. The handmade look of the tile and lack of uniformity helps it to blend into the rest of these interior decor approaches.

3. Classic Kitchen Tile Ideas

If you’re going for a traditional look and feel in your kitchen, then you’ll want to stick with classic tile designs. These tiles have muted, subtle, or neutral color schemes. You’ll want to lay them in either a grid or as mosaic tile. Skip the trendy chevron and herringbone designs.

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classic kitchen tile ideas no1_the_harrier

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You should also stick with traditional materials for your tile. This means avoiding the glass tile and instead opting for porcelain, terra cotta, stone, or cement tile. Square tiles are a safe bet, just not the oversized ones that have recently come into vogue.

If you want to use a hexagon shape, keep the tile small. Penny tile is a traditional design, and it comes in square, round, and hexagon shapes. However, the small size can be overwhelming in a large kitchen space, so it’s best left for small kitchens with minimal floor square footage.

4. Design Kitchen Tile Ideas

Don’t be afraid to use your tile to create a contemporary kitchen design. You could use different types of tiles in different areas to create visual effects. Use one tile for your floor. Then use another tile for your backsplash. You could use a third tile as an accent tile.

design kitchen tile ideas farmhouse_on_bennett

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Another option is to use different types of tiles to create different zones within your kitchen. Perhaps you have one kind of tile in the cooking area and another in your breakfast nook. When choosing your tile, don’t pick all bold patterns. Balance the look visually by having an even mix of plain and patterned tile.

5. Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

The type of floor tile you choose can enhance the interior design look you’re going for. A minimalist or modern kitchen will look great with a large, polished marble tile with minimal veining and thin grout lines. This reduces the floor’s pattern and texture, which blends perfectly with both of these design approaches.

floor kitchen tile ideas

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floor kitchen tile ideas the.finch.home

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floor kitchen tile ideas xmyhomedesignx

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If you want a rustic approach, then choose a handmade tile that lacks uniformity. Something that’s not highly polished is also good.

Modern trends embrace an elevated look to traditional designs and patterns. Instead of large marble squares, the marble tile is shaped like a subway tile and then arranged into a chevron or off-centered pattern.

6. Gloss Kitchen Tile Ideas

A popular choice for many modern kitchens is a polished or glossy tile. This could be a polished stone or ceramic tile with a gloss finish. While you may think it would make a perfect kitchen backsplash idea, many people choose to put it on their floor.

gloss kitchen tile ideas 2 our_cheshire_berrington

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gloss kitchen tile ideas our_cheshire_berrington

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The advantage is that your floor will have a beautiful glossy, shiny finish that you can wash and polish to perfection. It’ll gleam and reflect light, making your kitchen brighter. The negative is that if it gets wet, it can be downright dangerous. If there’s a puddle you unknowingly step into, you could find yourself slipping and sitting on the floor before you know what hit you.

7. Grey Kitchen Tile Ideas

Grey tile can give your kitchen a modern look while also keeping things neutral. If you plan to have bold colors in other areas, sticking with a grey is a smart choice. Whether you pick a light or dark grey, both pair beautifully with a wide range of colors.

gray kitchen tile ideas hellershome18


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Grey tile’s neutral nature means you won’t want or need to change the tile again in the near future. You could choose a classic subway tile in a flat grey with a gloss treatment. Or you could choose a natural stone like marble or granite. Then there are lighter shades of slate that come in grey.

8. Marble Kitchen Tile Ideas

Marble tile will give your kitchen an elegant and luxurious feel. Most people only think about marble countertops for their kitchen, but you can do so much more than that. Just like your counters, marble tiles can give you both beauty and durability.

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You can use marble just about anywhere and everywhere in your kitchen, but it won’t feel overwhelming. Start with the floor, then bring it up to cover the sides of your kitchen island. Then install it on the wall as your backsplash.

9. Modern Kitchen Tile Ideas

Modern tile trends embrace unique shapes, bold colors, and complicated patterns. Hexagon tile or tiles with a fish scale shape are very trendy. Before you choose these shapes, keep in mind that they may not be so chic in years to come, and this will make your kitchen look outdated.

modern kitchen tile ideas dapperfranks

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modern kitchen tile ideas

Another popular modern trend is to choose a tile with a classic design and use it in a new way. Subway tile was once the most in-demand tile, then it fell out of favor, and now it’s popular again. A subway tile backsplash can give your kitchen a retro-cool feel. It also works well in industrial-inspired kitchens.

10. Patterned Kitchen Tile Ideas

There are several ways you can create a pattern with your tile. The first is to choose a style with a design on each individual tile. This could be a pattern painted onto or molded into the tile’s surface, such as with encaustic tiles. You can also find tiles that you must lay in a specific way to create a larger pattern across your kitchen floor.

patterned kitchen tile ideas

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patterned kitchen tile ideas thehousethatdiybuilt

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You can also create a pattern by choosing different tiles and then laying them out to create your own custom pattern.

11. Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas

You should have a tile backsplash on the walls behind your workspaces. This means it’ll cover the wall behind your kitchen sink, stovetop, and anywhere else that you need additional protection. The tile is more durable and easier to clean than painted drywall. Many people create a cohesive look by continuing the kitchen tile backsplash throughout the kitchen or up that particular kitchen wall section.

backsplash kitchen tile ideas hhtiling

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Many kitchen tile backsplash ideas feature uniquely patterned, colored, or shaped tile. This is because the space tends to be smaller, so you can choose a bolder tile. This is your chance to use that patterned tile that you fell in love with. Or the hexagon tile that would have been too intense for your kitchen floor. Or perhaps you love subway tile and want to create a herringbone pattern.

If you have upper cabinets mounted on the wall above your countertop, consider continuing the backsplash tile to cover the wall’s length between these two elements. This ties the entire kitchen together.

When you tile the wall behind your stove, bring the backsplash all the way up to the bottom of the ventilation fan. If your fan doesn’t take up the entire wall, then continue the tile around it to extend to the ceiling.

12. Square Kitchen Tile Ideas

Square tiles are an excellent option for your kitchen. The shape is easy to work with and fits nicely into architectural structures. The trick to getting it right has a lot to do with choosing the right size. Go too small, and you end up creating an overwhelming pattern. Go too big, and the tile will look too large for your kitchen, making your kitchen feel smaller than it really is.

square kitchen tile ideas project1986_

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One option is to choose different sized square tiles. You could have large tiles for the floor, then smaller square tiles for the backsplash.

13. Stone Kitchen Tile Ideas

Using natural stone in your kitchen allows you to add subtle color variation and texture without competing with the other elements in the room. The natural material also adds a sense of warmth and earthiness to the space.

stone kitchen tile ideas boxmoorhome

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stone kitchen tile ideas

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Most people only consider using natural stone as tile flooring. However, that isn’t your only option. You could use it to create an accent wall or as your backsplash to create depth and texture throughout the kitchen.

14. White Kitchen Tile Ideas

If you have a white kitchen design in mind, you’ll want to use a white tile to complete the look. However, as with any all-white room, you’ll want to use the tile to create texture and depth. This prevents all of the white from blending and becoming a single blinding wash of white.

white kitchen tile ideas df_remodeling

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Natural white stone or white marble tile is perfect for your kitchen floor and the walls around your white cabinets. The tile creates texture with the individual tiles. It also creates visual interest with its natural color variation through the veining in the stone. To create even more visual interest, choose a bold pattern like a herringbone or weave.


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