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“I always arrive late at the office, but I make up for it by leaving early.” -Charles Lamb

If home is where the heart is, your home office is where your brain gets to work. Having a dedicated space to keep work separate from play or rest is crucial to maintaining work-life balance. Unlike your cubicle, your home office doesn’t have to be corporate and drab – quite the opposite, in fact. The home office is an opportunity to put a part of your personality on display that maybe doesn’t quite fit into the decor of more common areas of your home.

With many of us spending more time working from home than ever, there’s no better time to get your home office outfitted exactly to your tastes. Whether that means a hyper-organized minimalist space where you can get away from the distractions of home life, or a bright and vivid space that inspires you to create, we have curated a collection of home office decor inspiration to transform your space into a hive of productivity.

The most important part of decorating your home office is to create a functional space. But you also want it to be comfortable enough that you won’t mind spending time there. Read on for home office decor ideas for every space and style.

1. Chic Office Decor Ideas

Nothing says chic like gold accents and lacquered surfaces. If you want your office environment to be your place of power, incorporate these luxe touches. Think of your desk chair as your throne, and seek a lush, regal seat with an interesting twist, such as velvet upholstery or a lucite frame.

Chic Office Decor 2 Troneroyalmagazine
Source: @troneroyalmagazine via Instagram
Chic Office Decor Troneroyalmagazine
Source: @troneroyalmagazine via Instagram

There is a range of desk styles that complement a chic office scheme, but one of the most regal silhouettes is a campaign-style desk, particularly in a bold color with brass or gold accents. Surround yourself with sculptural objects and fresh flowers to make your space feel elegant and elevated.

When it comes to tabletop decor, you can have a lot of fun decorating a chic office with throwback items such as a fountain pen or a Hollywood-regency style rotary phone. Textiles should be lush as well; think pink shag accents rugs and throw pillows.

2. DIY Office Decor Ideas

There are many ways you can create a workspace without going out and purchasing traditional office furniture. With just two shelf brackets and an appropriately sized piece of board, you can make your own floating desk against a wall. Add floating shelves above for a cohesive look to your unique space.

Diy Office Decor Coastalkelder
Source: @coastalkelder via Instagram
Diy Office Decor Home Down South
Source: @home_down_south via Instagram
Diy Office Decor Ondaisyhilldrive
Source: @ondaisyhilldrive via Instagram
Diy Office Decor Plant.loveee
Source: @plant.loveee via Instagram
Diy Office Decor Smiths Farmhouse
Source: @smiths_farmhouse via Instagram
Diy Office Decor Williamson Carson
Source: @williamson_carson via Instagram

If you have a large, blank wall, consider making an accent wall with simple chalkboard paint. A chalk wall lets you roll a calendar, inspiration board, and notepad into one functional feature. Industrial finds such as workbenches and mechanic’s stools work great in DIY spaces, adding to the ‘found’ nature of the room. Turn crates sideways and mount them to create shelves. The options for creating an office space out of unique materials are endless.

3. Home Office Decor Ideas

Your home office should be more than just a piece of plywood thrown across some filing cabinets for support. The decor should reflect your tastes and style. Ensuring your space is comfortable and functional will help boost productivity—there’s nothing worse than trying to get work done amidst disorganization.

Masculine Office Decor Stacielynnphotographer

Source: @stacielynnphotographer via Instagram

Home Office Decor Dianednarealty
Source: @dianednarealty via Instagram
Home Office Decor Home Sweet Home By Manue
Source: @home_sweet_home_by_manue via Instagram
Home Office Decor Kellyvonweberinteriors
Source: @kellyvonweberinteriors via Instagram

An easy way to get clutter off your work surfaces is by installing floating shelves. You can use them to display awards, certificates, or a favorite piece of artwork. And of course, your office space should still be comfortable, so be sure to add a throw pillow on your office chair for both style and lumbar support.

4. Minimalist Office Decor

Some people subscribe to the philosophy that a well-organized room leads to a well-organized mind. If you work best in clean spaces with simple lines, then minimalist office decor is for you. Choose a restricted color palette, such as all black or grey. Ensure you have only the essentials on hand to minimize distractions; desk, chair, and one or two minimal shelving units for necessary storage.

Minimalist Office Decor Crunchykelly
Source: @crunchykelly via Instagram

In this digital age, the needs for your workspace might be so bare-bones that your desk holds only your computer, a notebook, and a desktop-sized plant for a touch of green. Even if your space doesn’t need to hold much, creating a designated office space is still important.

Creating this minimalist space for yourself doesn’t mean you can’t decorate, of course. It does, however, mean you should choose artwork for your space with care and intent. Simple prints of geometric shapes or black and white linework will add visual interest while maintaining the calming peace of your space.

5. Modern Office Decor Ideas

Modern decor is timeless, so you can blend it with a lot of different styles to create unique interpretations. Some tenants of modern decor are furniture pieces with clean lines. Unlike the very restricted color palette of a Minimalist office, wood and leather textures often highlight modern spaces.

Modern Office Decor Cassievilson
Source: @cassievilson via Instagram

Masculine Office Decor Dawn James Interiors

Source: @dawn_james_interiors via Instagram

Modern Office Decor Da Namah Design Studio
Source: @da_namah_design_studio via Instagram
Modern Office Decor Garno.architecture
Source: @garno.architecture via Instagram
Modern Office Decor Joeycariano
Source: @joeycariano via Instagram
Modern Office Decor
Source: via Instagram

If you want the clean lines of Modernism but also like a beachy boho style, use textiles and throw pillows to add a dash of life to your space. Oversized plants such as monsteras or banana trees can also boost the tropical vibe. Add in some vintage leather pieces such as a low-slung couch, and your office is both fun and functional.

Of course, the most important component of a modern space is the artwork. There’s a wide range of subjects and themes to center your artwork choices around, whether abstract brushes of color or Cubist representations of landscapes. Whatever you choose, make sure your artwork reflects both your tastes and the style of the room.


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6. Office Desk Decor Ideas

The most important piece of furniture in your office is your desk. Unless you manage to work 100% paperless, you will need some additional decor items to make your desk functional and keep your work on track. Drawers are a must-have for stowing lots of little accessories without tons of clutter. If your current desk doesn’t have drawers, there are several styles of desktop organizers you can purchase.

Masculine Office Decor Our.loved.nest

Source: @our.loved_.nest_ via Instagram

Masculine Office Decor Aubreeseaman

Source: @aubreeseaman via Instagram

Office Desk Decor 2 Thepropertynetwork
Source: @thepropertynetwork via Instagram
Office Desk Decor Officedrip
Source: @officedrip via Instagram
Office Desk Decor Thepropertynetwork
Office Wallpaper Decor DecorwallpapersSource: @thepropertynetwork via Instagram

Another essential is a peg or pinboard. This is especially true if you work best by scribbling down ideas and important numbers on sticky notes. You can use them to clip up items you want to keep close at hand, while still leaving your actual work surface clean and decluttered.

7. Office Wallpaper Decor Ideas

Some people create better in a space where they can experience creativity and beauty as it reflects back at them. Cue boldly patterned wallpaper. With advances in application and removal, wallpaper is a fairly easy and super-effective way to add a ton of drama to any space.

Office Wallpaper Decor Elliecashmandesign
Source: @elliecashmandesign via Instagram
Office Wallpaper Decor Folkandfloradesignco
Source: @folkandfloradesignco via Instagram
Office Wallpaper Decor Heartofanastronaut
Source: @heartofanastronaut via Instagram
Office Wallpaper Decor Kirath Ghundoo
Source: @kirath_ghundoo via Instagram
Office Wallpaper Decor Wallsrepublic
Source: @wallsrepublic via Instagram

Decorating with wallpaper is still tricky, as the scale of the print has to be the right size for the space. An oversized print is bold and modern, while a smaller print in a neutral palette can add a little bit of texture without overwhelming your office.

If a patterned wallpaper is not on your office decor vision board, several companies now print murals on adhesive wallpaper panels that can turn your blank walls into works of art.

8. Small Office Decor Ideas

It’s only recently that new homes include home offices. If you have an older house or an apartment, you probably don’t have a spare room to dedicate as an office. Never fear: There are lots of other spaces that you can convert into a small office, such as a window nook, recess, or a convenient corner.

Small Office Decor Bucketlistdiem
Source: @bucketlistdiem via Instagram
Small Office Decor Kira Turner
Source: @kira_turner via Instagram
Small Office Decor Midmissourirenovationandrepair
Source: @midmissourirenovationandrepair via Instagram
Small Office Decor Sheehyshed
Source: @sheehyshed via Instagram

There are plenty of companies designing desks for smaller spaces. If you only have two or three feet of wall space, think vertical—shelves above your work area double or triple your storage space. Hanging file folders are also a great way to keep papers organized if you don’t have room for filing cabinets in your designated work area. Instead of a desk lamp, opt for wall sconces or pendant lights to free up your work surface.

9. White Office Decor Ideas

To some, there is nothing more soothing to the mind than a totally blank space. This is why some people choose to have an entirely monochromatic color palette to minimize any distractions. The default color tends to be off-white, although an all gray or black space can also have this effect with proper lighting.

Masculine Office Decor Maggieclarkeinteriors

Source: @maggieclarkeinteriors via Instagram

White Office Decor Balrajthethidesign
Source: @balrajthethidesign via Instagram
White Office Decor Coutureweddingcards
Source: @coutureweddingcards via Instagram
White Office Decor Jenna Mckay
Source: @jenna__mckay via Instagram
White Office Decor Stasia.batey
Source: @stasia.batey_ via Instagram
White Office Decor Sundial.home
Source: @sundial.home_ via Instagram

Once you set your monochromatic palette, it may be time to add in accents. Decor makes the difference between a sad, abandoned space and a space that inspires and delights. A few very light wood accents, whether in the trim or a slim piece of furniture, add a natural touch of life without adding clutter and distraction. Painting over existing wood paneling is also a great way to keep a natural texture and bring everything into your monochromatic color.

Top Office Decor Ideas FAQ

What if I don’t have an office?

For city dwellers, an entirely separate room may not be available to convert into an office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an office space in your current square footage. If you have a living room, carve out a corner for yourself by using tall shelves to make a physical divider. Dress it up with a small writing desk, some artwork, and a plant or two for an extra calming effect, and you’re ready to take on the day.

If you don’t have additional space in a living room or dining room, folding desks are an easy way to create an additional workspace in your bedroom. A spare vanity with drawers can also double as a desk or workspace. No matter your space limitations, if you’re going to be working from home, it is essential to designate an ‘office space.’

What kind of organization do I need?

The first thing to consider is what kind of office supplies you like to have on hand and where you want to store them. A desk with drawers is key for hiding away smaller supply items, such as writing utensils and push pins. To keep your drawers from getting cluttered, invest in a few drawer-organizers. These simple plastic dividers make sure every pencil has its place. A filing cabinet is a must to keep track of important documents and financial statements.


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