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“The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who can’t read.” -Mark Twain

A cozy reading nook can be a great place to retreat from the chaos of everyday life. Whether it’s a window seat in your bedroom, a comfy chair in your living room, or even a pile of comfy pillows for your kids to curl up in with their favorite book, finding that perfect spot for reading and relaxing can help you unplug and unwind. Read on for our nook ideas to see which one can help you create your perfect reading area.

1. Bedroom Reading Nook Ideas

Since the bedroom should be a sanctuary, it’s a great place to incorporate a cozy reading space. It might tempt you to just read your book in bed, but it’s important to separate the spaces where you do things like sleep, work, and read. Adding a designated book-nook will help you sleep better at night and stay engaged with your new favorite book.

Bedroom Reading Nook Bethanynauert
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The possibilities here are really endless, and they depend on whether you’re working with a large or small space. If you have plenty of room, try adding a bookshelf and a bench seat. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, use your side table for storage. A stack of books within reach can double as fashionable decor.

Try adding colorful pillows or throw blankets that complement your bedding to your reading area. If you don’t have big windows or if you plan on reading through the night, a floor lamp is a perfect solution for providing enough light.

2. Bookcase Ideas Reading Nook Ideas

There are a lot of options when it comes to organizing your books. The simplest would be a bookcase or bookshelf. If you only have a few books or are working with a small space and want to keep things off the floor, a wall-mounted bookshelf is a great option. Bookcases offer more storage and can be used to separate different areas of a room. They can come in handy in studio apartments or large rooms that you want to divide up.

Bookcase Ideas Reading Nook Prettyliving
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Bookcase Ideas Reading Nook Jscooperauthor
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Bookcase Ideas Reading Nook Perfectlydestressed
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Bookcase Ideas Reading Nook Sofia Masri
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Bookcase Reading Nook Ideas 2

Bookcase Reading Nook Ideas 3

Bookcase Reading Nook Ideas
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The placement of your bookcase is important. You could fill a whole wall with books or use them to frame something like a window or TV. A large enough bookcase offers the option of also decorating with things other than books, such as plants, travel souvenirs, or framed photographs, all of which help curate the room to your exact taste. It can even serve as storage space—just slide a few baskets of throw blankets, electronics, or whatever else you might need to store onto the bottom shelf.

3. Built-in Reading Nook Ideas

A built-in nook is a great way to incorporate a reading area into the very walls of your home. If the space includes a window, you can easily spend all day reading under natural light. Otherwise, some wall-mounted lighting or a lamp nearby will do the trick. Add cushions, pillows, and throw blankets to add comfort and personality to the space.

Built In Reading Nook Jeanyy8668
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Built In Reading Nook Lindapordonphotography
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Built In Reading Nook
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There are a lot of options when it comes to storing books. A wall-mounted shelf is stylish and easily accessible. If there are cabinets or drawers built into the wall below the nook, they can serve as storage while maintaining a clean look.

4. Closet Reading Nook Ideas

Not sure where you can fit a reading space? Try repurposing an underutilized closet into a DIY reading nook. If the closet is narrow enough, you can fit it with shelves, and you could even remove the door to display all your books. If you can’t quite give up all the storage space, slide some shelves or baskets of books in below your clothes and place a cozy chair right next to it for easy access.

Closet Reading Nook Listingsmartteam
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Closet Reading Nook Paintandcheerinteriors
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Closet Reading Nook Thewillowwindow
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Closet Reading Nook
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For larger closets, remove the door or it with a sliding door. Then try installing a bench seat, still leaving room beneath to store books and extra throw blankets. Screwing a lamp into the wall or ceiling provides enough light to read by.

For more creative closet ideas, click here.

5. Cozy Seat Reading Nook Ideas

Arguably the most important part of the reading nook is making sure it has a comfy place to sit. “Comfy” can vary widely, depending on your preferences. Maybe you’d prefer a cozy, plush armchair to curl up in, decked out with blankets and comfy pillows. Another option is a bench seat against the wall or at the foot of your bed, soft enough to sit upon and long enough to stretch out and lie down on as well.

Cozy Seat Reading Nook 1

Cozy Seat Reading Nook 2

Cozy Seat Reading Nook 3

Cozy Seat Reading Nook 4

Cozy Seat Reading Nook 5

Cozy Seat Reading Nook 6

Cozy Seat Reading Nook Na Omahkoe
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Cozy Seat Reading Nook Stellarmaterial
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The seat doesn’t even have to be a chair. A soft bean bag or an assortment of pillows on the floor can serve as the perfect spot to dive into a good book. As long as you have a window behind you or plenty of lamps giving off light, the perfect reading nook can look however you want it to.

6. Hangout Reading Area Reading Nook Ideas

While a reading nook is a great spot to enjoy solitude, it can also serve as a way to enjoy the company of others. Don’t know what to do with a small room in your house? Add a bookcase, a floor lamp, and a few comfy chairs to turn it into a hangout spot and reading area.

Hangout Reading Area Nook 1

Hangout Reading Area Nook 2

A shared space like a living room or playroom can serve this purpose as well. Simply store a few books in that area in whatever way is convenient—a bookshelf, some baskets, or a stack on a side table. Organize the furniture so people feel free to read, relax, and spend quality time with each other.

7. Kids Reading Nook Ideas

It’s incredibly important to foster a love of reading in kids, and giving them a fun, cozy place to read is a great way to do so. By incorporating the things they love, you can create a reading nook that they’ll dive into without needing to be asked twice. Surprise them with books on topics that interest them—bonus points if it’s something obscure that they never expected to see in a book.

Kids Reading Nook Tinyhaus
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Kids Reading Nook Livingatthelodge
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Kids Reading Nook Terehinojosacreative
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Since reading nooks are often thought of as mature, sophisticated places, make sure to take your kids’ tastes into account. It will make the space feel like their own. Don’t shy away from bright colors, funky patterns, or over-the-top decor like princess canopies and reading tents.


Furniture like a KidKraft bookcase can scale things down, making things less adult and helping kids feel at home. The more your kids love their reading corner, the more they’ll love to read.

8. Library Nook Reading Nook Ideas

For those of us with a lot of books, a little reading corner might look more like a library. It can serve as a place to display an impressive collection and disappear into the stories. Line up a tall bookcase or two to show off your books and keep them within easy access. While many people simply organize them alphabetically by the author’s last name, other ways to sort your shelves include title, genre, or even color, for the more visually inclined.

Library Reading Nook Carterkayinteriors
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To lean into the library aesthetic, add a plush armchair, photographs or mirrors in bronze and gold frames, and warm lighting. Setting up near the fireplace can make for some especially cozy nights reading by the fire. If you don’t happen to have a fireplace on hand, you can replicate the experience with some crackling candles—or you can opt for an airier aesthetic by setting up your shelves near a window. As long as you’re surrounded by all your books, your library nook is complete.

9. Reading Corner Reading Nook Ideas

If you’re working with a small space, all you need to create a tiny reading nook is an empty corner. Mounting a bookshelf or two on the wall can provide storage space for books without taking up room on the floor, or you could even put books in a basket and slide it under your chair. All you need is light, a seat, and a book to make your reading corner complete.

Reading Corner 1

Reading Corner 2

Reading Corner Nook Alexbetweenpages

Reading Corner Nook Bethanynauert

Reading Corner Nook Decopause

Reading Corner Nook Orangemooninteriors

Reading Corner Nook The Old Tannery

Reading Corner Nook

On the other hand, you could incorporate a literary atmosphere throughout the space by making your books a focal point. Try framing your TV with bookshelves or regularly swapping out the books on your coffee table and side tables. You can decorate shelves with things other than books, like plants, souvenirs, and artwork. Doing so allows you to display not only your books but also your interests and your personality.

10. Under Stairs Reading Nook Ideas

If you’re working with a small space, all you need to create a tiny reading nook is an empty corner. Mounting a bookshelf or two on the wall can provide storage space for books without taking up room on the floor, or you could even put books in a basket and slide it under your chair. All you need is light, a seat, and a book to make your reading corner complete.

Under Stairs Reading Nook Cozyandcomfortable
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Under Stairs Reading Nook Inside No 8
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Under Stairs Reading Nook Thestairfactory
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Under Stairs Reading Nook Tracylynnstudio
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To store your books, put up a bookshelf, or look for seating with built-in storage space. Failing that, you could always slide baskets of books underneath your chair or stool. All it takes is a little lighting and a soft blanket or two to turn Harry Potter’s nightmare into your cozy reading dream.

For some more creative under stair ideas, click here.

11. Window Reading Nook Ideas

One image that pops into most people’s heads when hearing the phrase “reading nook” is an airy window seat bathed in light and surrounded by books. If you have a window seat in need of a revamp, this could be the upgrade it needs. Keep books within reach in baskets underneath, or on a side table or bookshelf nearby. Make sure there’s a spot to keep a mug of something hot. Consider mounting some lighting on the wall above if you see yourself reading through the night.

Window Reading Nook (1)

Window Reading Nook (2)

Window Reading Nook (3)

Window Reading Nook (4)

Window Reading Nook Juliaadeledesign
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Window Reading Nook Lewisonthelake
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Window Reading Nook Raisingrare Wildflowers
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If your window nook still seems to be lacking, houseplants might be the missing ingredient. They’ll love soaking in the sun in front of a big window, and they can purify the air while adding a natural, earthy element to the room.

Reading Nook FAQs

How do you make a cozy reading area?

Make your space cozy by adding pillows and throw blankets. A plush armchair could be nice to sink into. You might prefer a beanbag or even a pile of comfy pillows on the floor, instead. A floor lamp or a few candles can make for cozier lighting than overhead lights. Think about setups where you’re most relaxed and try to recreate them.

How do you decorate a reading nook?

You can decorate a reading nook with anything that relaxes you or makes you happy. Try putting up souvenirs from fun trips or adding a few framed pictures of loved ones. Potted plants can create an earthy, natural feel, and a scented candle can add lighting, give off a nice smell, and get you in the reading mood.

Why is a reading nook important?

With all the pressure and chaos of day-to-day life, it’s important to have a space where you can relax and recharge. Deliberately creating a cozy nook makes it easier to unplug from the outside world and focus on a good book.


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