The Top 31 Pantry Cabinet Ideas


We all dream of a walk-in pantry as large as the kitchen itself. Of course, that’s not an option for most. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up on smart food storage entirely.

While not as spacious, an organized pantry cabinet works just as well for storing your culinary must-haves as any other style of pantry. With a little work, it can also be just as aesthetically pleasing as a luxury butler’s pantry.

Ready to upgrade your kitchen storage with a pantry makeover of your own? Keep reading for some of the best pantry cabinet ideas that are sure to inspire you.

1. Built-In Pantry Cabinet Ideas

If you want to improve your kitchen’s available storage space without interfering with the existing layout, investing in built-in pantry cabinets is a great starting point. You can blend your kitchen pantry in with the rest of your cabinetry, convert a set of drawers, or build storage into a wall.

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Matching your pantry to the rest of your kitchen cabinet set gives the space a cohesive appearance. This allows you to keep must-have staples within reach while also enjoying the look of a well-organized kitchen.

If regular cabinet doors get in the way, upgrade to pocket doors. These slide right into the cabinet, giving you easy access without needing to constantly reach around an open pantry door.

No matter where you install your pantry cabinet, maximizing storage is always important. Mount shelving on the inside of your cabinet doors to hold small jars and other items.


2. Corner Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Few homeowners end up with a corner pantry by choice. Just because your pantry has nowhere else to call home, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice form or function in your kitchen design.

While a corner cupboard might be too awkwardly shaped to hold dishes and cookware, you’ll be surprised by how many kitchen pantry staples you can fit inside. Pull-out shelves are an excellent solution for hard-to-reach items.

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You should never, ever underestimate the power of a lazy Susan. When placed in a corner pantry, lazy Susan shelving gives full access to every item inside without needing to reach blindly around in the dark. You can even hang pots, pans, and cooking utensils from a spinning rack for compact storage in your cabinet pantry.

Freestanding corner pantries are easy to come by, especially if you have a soft spot for antique furniture. Convert an old china cabinet or pie safe into versatile pantry storage that will fit snugly in an unused corner.

While not as common as corner cabinets, corner drawers will work just as well. It might look like a “normal” drawer from the outside, but inside you’ll find plenty of hidden storage for your kitchen necessities.


3. Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Here’s the thing: if you have enough storage space in your kitchen, there’s little need for a full-size pantry. Being strategic about your kitchen cabinetry can save you the stress and frustration of trying to store pantry items in a spare closet. And nothing makes a kitchen look more stylish and put-together than great organization.

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Include a wide variety of cabinets, drawers, and shelves in your kitchen layout. Fill any empty wall space with floating shelves.

If you’re worried about losing track of pantry staples in one of your kitchen’s many cupboards, switch to glass doors. A glass cabinet door puts everything on display while still protecting items from moisture and dust.

Supplement your cupboard space with extra storage solutions like a countertop or wall-mounted spice rack. The more items you can give a specific place in your kitchen, the easier it will be to keep everything neat and tidy down the road.


4. Organizing Ideas for Pantry Cabinets

Your kitchen pantry cabinet might pale in comparison to the walk-in pantries you see on social media or HGTV. But that doesn’t mean you should slack on organization. In fact, staying on top of your pantry organization is key to getting the most from your limited storage space.

The more places you have to store items, the better. Add as many pantry shelves, drawers, and cubbies to your design as possible. Make sure to leave enough room to store particularly large or tall items. Adjustable shelves will keep this problem at bay.

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Baskets are a useful tool when it comes to both organization and accessibility. Rather than try to find something in the deep recesses of your pantry, you can simply pull out the basket. Attach reusable labels to your pantry storage bins to keep the entire household on the same page.

If your pantry design features many drawers, add dividers to keep everything in its rightful place. Adjustable dividers work great, or you can invest in custom ones to fit your drawers’ measurements.


5. Pull-Out Pantry Cabinet Ideas

We don’t need to convince you of the importance of pull-out shelving. It’s a godsend when trying to find one particular item in a sea of pantry staples. One of the greatest things about a pull-out kitchen pantry is that you can fit one almost anywhere.

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There are countless ingenious examples of homeowners filling the gap next to their refrigerator or oven with pull-out storage. If you want to utilize every square inch of your kitchen floor plan, this is the way to do it.

You can implement a pull-out cabinet on any scale. Install a miniature cabinet to store herbs and spices without cluttering up your main pantry. Or go big with pull-out storage that holds the largest pots and pans in your collection.


6. Shelves Ideas for Pantry Cabinets

Cabinetry is the simplest way to hide your kitchen clutter from view — no one denies that. If you think open shelving has no place in your pantry design, though, you’re making a big mistake.

Whether your pantry space sits in a closet or out in the open, pairing shelves with your cabinets can never hurt. Pantry shelving is the ideal spot for storing everyday items like coffee beans, sugar and breakfast cereal.

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Hang shelving over a base cabinet for a makeshift butler’s pantry. Wall-mounted wire shelving works great in an enclosed space but consider investing in solid wood pantry shelving.

If your home has an industrial edge to its decor, a freestanding wire shelf will make great open-air kitchen pantry storage. Look for a unit with adjustable shelving to hold your largest cookware and small appliances.

Remember that pantry shelving is rarely a one-size-fits-all storage solution. We prefer to use shelves to supplement a pantry’s main storage.


7. Simple Pantry Cabinet Ideas

The secret to a simple pantry design is starting out with a plan. After all, the only difference between your kitchen’s normal cabinets and a pantry cabinet is how you use it. So find what works for your household’s needs and go with it.

At its core, your kitchen pantry space is probably just a series of shelves and drawers. Despite what the design world might have you believe, that’s all you need.

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Add dividers or basic storage containers to deep drawers. This will keep items from shifting around. Get full use out of every shelf in your pantry by using add-ins like tiered inserts, clear bins, and lazy Susans.

Skip decanting items unless absolutely necessary. You want a pantry organization system that works with you and your lifestyle. This trend might look beautiful, but it involves a lot of busywork that not everyone can accommodate.


8. Small Pantry Cabinet Ideas

A big kitchen isn’t on the top of many home buyers’ must-have lists just because it looks nice. With a larger kitchen comes more storage and vice-versa. So if you find yourself trying to make the most of a small kitchen, designing a space-efficient pantry is the first step.

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Take stock of your kitchen’s available storage and what items need to fit inside. Narrow cabinets are perfect for holding cereal or pasta. Meanwhile, large, deep cabinets may need to be set aside for cookware and bulky produce.

Vertical space should not go unused. Store bulky items on top of your kitchen pantry cabinets. Mount floating shelves anywhere you have empty wall space.

Hanging storage is essential to making a small pantry work. Wire baskets can be used to hold small items like spice jars and snack bags. Use hooks to store measuring cups and utensils. Think outside the box — you may even be able to hang items from your kitchen ceiling.


9. Storage Ideas for Pantry Cabinets

It doesn’t matter if your pantry is hidden behind a cabinet door or left out in the open. Custom pantry storage can make all of the difference in a kitchen redesign.

Repackaging pantry items into reusable containers isn’t always the answer to a more organized pantry. In many cases, though, this practice can open up more available shelf space in your pantry cabinet. Look for stacking containers for more compact pantry organization.

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Chalkboard paint makes for easy labeling of glass or ceramic storage containers. If you’re not fond of the farmhouse aesthetic, a label maker or printed stickers work just as well.

You don’t need a huge space to implement the concept of a butler’s pantry. Build a short granite or marble countertop into your small pantry as an extra workspace or storage. Fill the space below with an open shelf, drawers, or cabinetry. Or find a kitchen island that fits your pantry closet for an all-in-one solution.


10. White Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

An aesthetically pleasing kitchen pantry is just as important as a well-organized one. If your home features a stunning white kitchen design, the last thing you want is a loud, cluttered pantry to ruin it.

Avoid glass or otherwise see-through cabinet doors. You want to hide your pantry’s food packaging, not put it on display. If you do need to keep some items out on a shelf or countertop, ditch the original packaging for a neutral-colored storage container.

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Natural wood goes beautifully with white decor — take advantage of it. Accent your white cabinetry with wooden shelving or, if you’re decorating a butler’s pantry, countertops.

Since any all-white kitchen pantry idea is almost guaranteed to be monochromatic, think carefully about your cabinet hardware. The color and style of your cabinet handles will have a big impact on the pantry’s overall design.


11. Wooden Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Wood cabinetry is notably missing from most contemporary home design trends. But that doesn’t change the fact that natural wood is a classic material that goes with nearly every type of decor. Plus, it’s one of the sturdiest, most reliable materials to build your kitchen pantry out of.

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If wood cabinet doors don’t fit your kitchen design vision, that’s fine. Leave your pantry cabinet’s inner shelves natural and paint the door. This will create an appealing contrast when your pantry is open without disrupting your kitchen’s aesthetic as a whole.

A freestanding wood pantry can add a touch of rustic charm to your dining room or kitchen. Use an antique cabinet as your primary food storage or to supplement a small pantry.


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