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“The living room is where we come to think, to slow down the world for a second.” – Jason Winston George

You’ve got a problem, and it’s a long living room. It’s awkward. There are weird dead spaces on the ends. Perhaps something splits it in half, and both spaces feel cramped.

You don’t have to live with an awkward living room space.

What you need to do is find the right furniture pieces designed to work in your space. It also helps to know how you plan to use the space. Maybe you prefer small living room ideas and want to use the rest of the space as a dining room.

These long living room ideas will inspire you to try a new seating arrangement for your family room. Instead of working against the shape of your long room, work with it! Create a comfortable space that embodies the interior design theme that you desire.

1. Long Rectangular Living Room Ideas

When designing your rectangle space, try to create an open living room that allows you to move through the room with ease. You shouldn’t create a dead-end where someone has to double back the way they came. People need to be able to flow through the room, continuously moving forward.

rectangle long living room ideas the_design_code

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rectangle long living room ideas
rectangle long living room ideas

To create this open feeling, plan walkways with accent chairs, coffee tables, side tables, or even smaller poufs. Consider how the room sits in relation to the other areas of the home.

Avoid creating an awkward wall where someone can’t move from one room to the next. This can happen when you place a large couch that creates a furniture wall. Placing parallel sofas that run the length of the room avoids this issue altogether. Then someone walk freely from one end to the other.

2. Long Small Living Room Ideas

If your small living room is also rectangular, you’re dealing with a unique challenge. Not only are you contending with a narrow and long space, but it’s also tinier than other living rooms. You’ll want to keep both the size and the shape of the room in mind when choosing and arranging your furniture.

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small long living room ideas nataliaalves.arq

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Start by choosing furniture scaled appropriately to fit the room. Measure the space where you want the couch and choose one that physically fits. Next, you’ll want to choose pieces that don’t look like they’d be physically heavy. This means choosing a sofa with a contemporary structured look over overstuffed seating. This couch should also be on legs, as elevating it off of the floor creates a feeling of spaciousness. By doing this, you prevent the small space from feeling cramped or overstuffed. For other furniture, choose pieces that you can see through, such as an open coffee table, side tables, and TV console.

3. Simple Long Living Room Ideas

A hallmark of modern and minimalist is long straight lines. A long narrow living room is perfect for this because the very architecture of the room highlights this. Continue this by accentuating the room’s long straight lines with seating with matching lines. 

simple long living room ideas simonaatjeshome

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simple long living room ideas

Use long structured couches to line the long walls of the room. You can then mount long floating shelves on the walls above them. When you stand at the short end, you’ll see several lines extending the length of the room. This design directs the eye down the length of the room, elongating it.

A modern living room will have minimal furniture and decor but will also be a functional space. You can have a low and long coffee table to match the look of the room. When all of your furniture has a lower profile, it can give the illusion of a tall ceiling. This arrangement can balance out the narrowness of the living area.

4. Long Living Room Design Ideas

One significant advantage of having a long living room is there’s plenty of wall space, making it the ideal place for creating a gallery wall. Hang several pictures of family hung on the wall throughout the length of the room.

design long living room ideas luxedesigner

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design long living room ideas

Another option is to create a formal living room space. Half the space could be a casual area with a comfy couch in front of a TV or fireplace. The other half could be a formal sitting place with armchairs and side tables. This makes the room more versatile for your entertaining needs.

When deciding on your living room decor, think about the style of the space. Let the decor complement the seating pieces. A cozy, casual space will look great with several family photos. A formal space can look great with art or an elegant sculpture. A minimalist-inspired space will look best with nothing but the bare minimum on the walls. An artistic space could have shelves with plants. You can also use a large fiddle leaf tree or floor lamp to help fill the awkward empty spaces in the corners.

5. Long Living Room Layout Ideas

When deciding on your furniture arrangement, the first step is to determine what you want the room’s focal point to be. Is there a fireplace, a TV, or a stunning view that you want to highlight? Center your seating area around that focal point. You should also consider the floor space when placing the individual pieces around your focal point.

layout long living room ideas dof.interiors

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layout long living room ideas moh_walid1


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If the focal point is on a long wall, the seating arrangement can also spread out a bit. This could be a long sofa along the opposite wall and accent chairs on either side to frame the space. If the focal point is on a short wall, you’ll also want a shorter couch to fit the space’s width. You can then have a rug that will tie the multiple pieces together.

Keep in mind that if your focal point is on a short wall, your seating can feel cluttered. This may cut the long room in half, so plan to scale down the furniture to fit comfortably in the reduced amount of space. You could place a console table on the backside of your sofa to help separate and define the space. This extra table can also give you additional hidden storage.

6. Long and Narrow Living Room Ideas

Don’t let a long narrow living room stop you from creating a beautiful and comfortable space. Just as you would other rooms, scale your furniture to work with the space. Pick a sofa that has a shorter depth, which will make it narrow enough to fit. Choose a coffee table that’s long and lean. Your lighting should also mirror that long and lean approach, so consider track lighting along the room’s length.

narrow long living room ideas aquavillasiofok

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narrow long living room ideas cavendishhome_no2

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narrow long living room ideas
narrow long living room ideas

Another approach to a narrow room is to use furniture pieces that have a smaller footprint. Instead of trying to force a long or large sofa into the space, you could have several armchairs. This arrangement hides the narrowness of the space by breaking it up with several pieces of furniture. You’ll wind and weave as you walk through. With this approach, skip the track lighting and instead opt for recessed lights distributed throughout the ceiling.

7. Long Living Room Interior Ideas

If your long living room is an interior room in your home, you can turn the focus of the furniture design inward. Place sofas and armchairs that encircle the room and face each other. This encourages interaction and engagement with others. This design is also good for creating a cozy atmosphere as it closes the space in.

interior long living room ideas

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interior long living room ideas

However, the exact opposite approach can work if your long living room features beautiful views of the landscape outside. Perhaps one long wall features large glass doors or windows. You can arrange the furniture in a way that allows you to appreciate the stunning views from the comfort of your living room. To do this, you’ll keep the furniture facing the direction of the windows, so no matter where you sit, you can take in the view.

An open living room can also benefit from this approach. Instead of having the furniture face the large windows, you’ll turn it to open up into the rest of the home. This lets someone walk from one room to the next easily.

8. Large Long Living Room Ideas

When you have a large living room, you have a lot of space to fill. Otherwise, you risk the room feeling empty or cold. To do this, you can use oversized and overstuffed sofas. Try to scale the furniture to fit the room. Unless you enjoy the minimalist look, structured furniture on legs will keep the space feeling bare and in line with minimalist interior design.

large long living room ideas akpraxisdesign

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large long living room ideas best_unique_art

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For some living rooms, it’s the height of the ceiling that makes the room feel large. While high ceilings are a coveted feature, they can also take away from the cozy feeling. One way to address this is by having a low chandelier. This can create a lower level that brings the space down without compromising the height of the ceiling. Another way of filling the space of a large room is to create height. You can do this with a tall decorative pot with plant decor or an indoor tree. You might also consider a large statement floor lamp.

9. Long Living Room Fireplace Ideas

If your living room has a fireplace, it’s a natural focal point of the room. You have an easy and logical point to build your living room around. For most rooms, the fireplace will be either on the short end or in the middle of a long wall.

fireplace long living room ideas
fireplace long living room ideas
fireplace long living room ideas

If the fireplace is on a short wall, you can frame it with two couches parallel to each other and perpendicular to the fireplace. This frames the fireplace and balances the room. You can then complete the space with accent chairs opposite the fireplace and a coffee table in the middle.

For fireplaces on the long wall, you’ll want to balance the room by having a couch that sits parallel to the fireplace. The larger and longer the fireplace is, the larger and longer the couch needs to be to keep the room visually balanced. You can then frame the space with accent chairs or a love seat at either end. With either setup, you can place a large area rug down to anchor all of the furniture together in the space.


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