The Top 100 Best Screened-In Porch Ideas – Home Design and Style


Close your eyes and imagine sitting under a swirling fan, cold drink in hand, and enjoying the breeze pass through an amazing screened-in porch on a perfect summer day. That’s what you can expect from these screened-porch ideas.

A screened porch is a perfect marriage between outdoor living space and indoor living comfort. Where else can you relax under a sturdy roof while enjoying fresh air and protection from insects? A screened porch provides additional living space that you can enjoy much of the year. Sometimes called a three-season porch, you can enjoy these outdoor living spaces on all but the coldest days.

Screened in porch ideas can merge the best features of your favorite indoor rooms. Turn this outdoor area into a second living room or dining room, or create separate zones for different activities. A screen porch playroom is a perfect addition for families with small children. Your porch design should include every element needed to personalize your outdoor gathering place.

Because most screened-in porch areas are so well-protected from the elements, you can use indoor furniture for luxurious comfort. Add a fireplace for a cozy autumn ambiance and a ceiling fan for hot summer days. Enjoy these images of our favorite screened porch design ideas and learn the differences between an Arizona room, sun porch, lanai, and veranda.

1. Arizona Room Screened-In Porch Ideas

Arizona rooms get their name from how popular they are in the Grand Canyon State. This type of outdoor room usually features large screened windows that can open completely. The Arizona porch design provides a cool sleeping porch before air conditioning existed. Now, during the hotter months, the windows can close and the room cools by A/C.

Wood Ceiling Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Wood Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Sun Room Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Stucco Gothic Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Spacious Aarizona Room Screened In Porch

Residential House Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Relaxing Arizona Room Screened In Porch Fromthewoudes
Source: @fromthewoudes via Instagram
Relaxing Arizona Room Screened In Porch Ashlyngoldberg
Source: @ashlyngoldberg via Instagram

Outdoor Sleeping Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Modern Farmhouse Arizona Room Screened In Porch Farmcasadecastro
Source: @farmcasadecastro via Instagram
Modern Arizona Room Screened In Porch Hughjeffersonrandolpharchitect
Source: @hughjeffersonrandolpharchitect via Instagram
Minimalist Arizona Room Screened In Porch Eatdrinkandbecozy
Source: @eatdrinkandbecozy via Instagram

Luxury Home Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Luxury Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Large Luxury Arizona Room Screened In Porch

English Tudor Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Crafts Man Home Arizona Room Screened In Porch Lovealwayslyss
Source: @lovealwayslyss via Instagram

Blue Stone Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Big House Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Big Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Beautiful Home Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Back Patio Arizona Room Screened In Porch

American Home Arizona Room Screened In Porch

Unlike some traditional screen porches, an Arizona room will appear integrated with the rest of the home. They’re usually accessible from the living room or kitchen, often through French doors. The Arizona enclosed porch enables residents to enjoy the beauty of nature without fear of encountering venomous scorpions or rattlesnakes.

As the Arizona room design looks like an integrated living space, it’s common to see indoor décor features. For example, they frequently have a vaulted ceiling, a skylight or two, a TV, and a fireplace. However, because they’re a multi-purpose room, you can feel comfortable integrating outdoor space features. Hang a porch swing from the rafters and place old-fashioned front porch rocking chairs next to your plush sofa.

Arizona room flooring can match the rest of the house or consist of different materials. If you have tile throughout your home, it’s logical to use the same in the Arizona room. Laminate flooring or hardwood decking can also work, or use an indoor/outdoor carpet. Brick, stone, slate, and other masonry materials also make an attractive Arizona room floor.

2. Lanai Screened-In Porch Ideas

Lanai is a Hawaiian word for porch, patio, or balcony—essentially, an outdoor area to rest and relax. They first appeared in Hawaiian architecture in the mid-1800s, and remain popular there and in other warm climates. When most people think of a lanai, they think of a porch with a roof. As such, it’s easy to turn an open lanai into a screen room by installing screen panels and supports.

American Home Lanai Screened In Porch

Backyard Lanai Screened In Porch

Construction Art Lanai Screened In Porchec Renovations
Source: @ec_renovations via Instagram
Old Relaxing Lanai Screened In Porch Wrightbydesign
Source: @wrightbydesign via Instagram

Overlooking A Lake Lanai Screened In Porch

Backyard Screened In Porch

Rustic Lanai Screened In Porch

Simple Lanai Screened In Porch

Spacious Lanai Screened In Porch

Suburban Home Lanai Screened In Porch

Wide Lanai Screened In Porch

Wood Ceiling Lanai Screened In Porch

An under-truss lanai is a screen porch plan built into the home’s original blueprint, instead of adding on later. Because its screened porch panels secure to the roof, this type of lanai is more durable during severe weather. Even though lanais are a warm-climate structure, they often feature a fireplace. Your lanai can take any form of additional living space, from a living room to a dining area, or even a sleeping porch.

Other screened porch decorating ideas work for lanais, too. Wicker furniture, green plants, succulents, and even artwork all look beautiful in a lanai’s natural light. Roll out a brightly colored outdoor rug and pile plenty of colorful cushions on your wicker furniture for extra comfort.

3. Veranda Screened-In Porch Ideas

Just the word “veranda” brings to mind summertime in the south. It conjures memories of wooden rocking chairs under a covered porch, slowly rocking while enjoying the scents of fresh roses and honeysuckle blooms. The modern screen porch veranda follows the classic design of extending across the entire back—or sometimes fully around—the home. On a wrap-around porch, usually only the rear portion is screened in.

Beautiful Veranda Screened In Porch

Black An White Veranda Screened In Porch Chinteriors
Source: @chinteriors via Instagram

Cottage Veranda Screened In Porch

Custom Buitl Veranda Screened In Porch Custombuiltaluminum
Source: @custombuiltaluminum via Instagram

Dark Wood Paneling Veranda Screened In Porch

Front Veranda Screened In Porch

Large Suburban Veranda Screened In Porch

Light Green Veranda Screened In Porch

Simple Veranda Screened In Porch

Upscale Veranda Screened In Porch

Veranda Screened In Porch With Chairs

Veranda Screened In Porch With White Rockingchairs

Veranda Screened In Porch With Wicker Furniture

Wide Veranda Screened In Porch

Like most other screened porch ideas, the veranda’s roof and ceiling are what makes it different from a roofless deck. However, you may find composite decking or another common deck material on a veranda floor. In most cases, a veranda is not just a small porch. Wide, roomy, outdoor living space designates the veranda from other types of screened porches.

Certain decorating ideas are key to creating the perfect southern veranda atmosphere. More than one ceiling fan is a must, and comfortable wicker sofas and chairs give a nod to traditional style. Ideally, lush landscaping surrounds your porch area with ferns and other potted plants accenting the porch.

A classic hinged screen door provides the perfect entryway between your veranda screen porch and garden. Cover your existing porch ceiling with beadboard for a traditional, old southern charm. Or, install stained wood shiplap on the porch ceiling for a rustic farmhouse or cabin vibe.

4. Sun Porch Screened-In Porch Ideas

Traditionally, a sun porch and a screened porch are two different things. A sun porch usually has exterior walls made from solid glass windows, while screen panels enclose a screened porch. Both types of back porch ideas expand your living area outdoors, but one is better for cold climates and the other for warmer areas.

Wicker Furniture In Screened In Sun Porch

White Motif Screened In Sun Porch Petruccihomes
Source: @petruccihomes via Instagram

White Floor Screened In Sun Porch


Suburban Home Screened In Sun Porch

Suburan Home Screened In Sun Porch

Spacious Screened In Sun Porch

Screened In Sun Porch With Spanish Tile

Screened In Sun Porch With A Nice View

Relaxing Screened In Sun Porch

Relaxing Colorful Screened In Sun Porch Esinteriors
Source: @esinteriors via Instagram

Patio View Screened In Sun Porch

Luxury Home Screened In Sun Porch

Green Screened In Sun Porch Kellymclean.ftwtx
Source: @kellymclean.ftwtx via Instagram

Enclose Patio Screened In Sun Porch

Cozy Sun Porch Screened In Porch Wellnestedhome
Source: @wellnestedhome via Instagram
Black Screened In Sun Porch Joyfullylived
Source: @joyfullylived via Instagram

Back Patio Screened In Sun Porch

All White Screened In Sun Porch

Now, a hybrid screened-in sunroom is a popular porch idea. It features screened windows that you can open when the weather is pleasant or close when it’s not. Interchangeable screen and glass window panels offer the same flexibility.

Proper heating and air conditioning keep a traditional sun porch usable year-round. This is true for hybrid screen/sun porches as well. However, being able to open windows and circulate fresh air cuts down on the amount of energy used for heating and cooling this zone.

Although pricey, some homeowners feel that a four-track window system provides the best marriage of screen and glass. You can slide these windows up or down, depending on how much fresh air you want. Learn more about installing four-track stacking windows in this short video:

5. Other Screened-In Porch Ideas

When a rarely-used patio or deck transforms into a screened porch, it will quickly elevate the popularity of that space quickly. By definition, a deck or patio lacks a roof (but not always) and screening to protect from the weather and insects. However, a screen porch or sunroom includes these elements, making it a more practical outdoor living area.

Black Framed Screened In Porch

Comfortable Screened In Porch

Patio Remodel Screened In Porch Freysbuildingremodeling
Source: @freysbuildingremodeling via Instagram

River View Screened In Porch

Screened In Porch With Comfortable Chairs

Screened In Porch With Water View

Vacation House Pool Screened In Porch

Waterfront Screened In Porch

Beach View Screened In Porch

Beautiful Home Screened In Porch

Beautiful Screened In Porch

Beautiful Screened In Porch With River View

Backyard View Screened In Porch

Big House Screened In Porch

Big Screened In Porch

Cozy Screened In Porch

Enclosed Screened In Porch

High Ceiling Screened In Porch

Large House Screened In Porch

Large Residential Screened In Porch

Large Two Storey Beach House Screened In Porch

Luxurious Home Screened In Porch

Newly Constructed Screened In Porch

Park View Screened In Porch

Pool Deck Screened In Porch

Screened In Porch Nice View

Screened In Porch Overlooking Large Yard

Screened In Porch With Backyard View

Screened In Porch With Relaxing View

Screened In Porch With Swimming Pool

Simple Black Framed Screened In Porch

Simple Screened In Porch

Spacious Screened In Porch

Spacious Wooden Screened In Porch

Every home style can benefit from even a small screened porch, as its design is easily tweaked to fit individual design styles. An elevated screened deck allows unobstructed views from a beach or lakeside cottage—it also protects you from mosquitoes. A modern home benefits from a sunroom’s floor-to-ceiling windows that bring nature inside. A stained wood screened porch is perfect in a log cabin or other rustic home.

If you have a swimming pool, building a screened cover turns your entire pool deck into a protected outdoor living zone. Popular in Florida and other warm climates, these screened pool enclosures protect your pool from tree debris, animals, and pests. They also protect you and your guests from biting and stinging insects. Because they don’t have a solid roof, you can still enjoy the sun on your skin.

Screened-In Porch FAQs

Is there anything I can do to puppy-proof a screened porch?

Screened porches are wonderful outdoor spaces for every family member—including the ones with four paws. Nevertheless, ordinary screen material doesn’t hold up well to a dog’s energetic jumping and playing. Try one or more of these things to puppy proof your screen porch:

  • Choose a sturdy screen material designed to hold up to anything dogs or cats can dish out. Look online specifically for “pet screen” or “pet-proof screen” material.
  • Add screen grills over the lower half of each screen panel.
  • Install a pet screen door that allows your dogs to go in and out on their own. This can help keep them from pawing at the screens.

Watch this video to learn how to make a simple screen dog door:

Are screened porches difficult to maintain?

Not at all! Screen porch maintenance is similar to cleaning any other room in your home. Sweep the porch and dust all the surfaces once or twice a week. Mop the floor every week or two and vacuum furniture cushions as needed.


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