The Soul-Crushing Process of Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets DIY


Are your kitchen cabinets in need of an upgrade? If they’re starting to look drab, or if you still haven’t gotten around to upgrading after saying you’d do it as soon as you moved in—it might be time for more than just a new coat of cabinet paint.


Painting Kitchen Cabinets Might Not Fix Everything

You know the saying, “If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig?” Think about it in terms of painting kitchen cabinets.


Sure, throwing a new coat of primer and paint on your cabinets may seem like the easiest way to spruce up your kitchen, but the same cabinets are still underneath. And if they need more than just a coat of paint, then DIY is not the right approach. You’d save time, effort, and money down the road by having your cabinets replaced completely. If your cabinets need to be replaced, a coat of paint won’t save them!


If you commit to priming and painting yourself, the paint could start peeling in a matter of months, or the cabinet underneath could start to chip. Then, not only would you have wasted your resources on a DIY project, but you’d also have to call in the professionals anyway!


But, if you decide against DIY painting and call the professionals in the first place, you save yourself the painstaking effort and a lot of time. People use professionals for a reason—they save you the work of doing it yourself!


Why You Shouldn’t Prime and Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Yourself:

  • The results won’t last nearly as long as they would if you hire a professional team.
  • If you have other projects to focus on, too, you won’t be able to do the job properly and with concentration.
  • If you aren’t trained in working with cabinetry, you could be handling materials incorrectly without having a clue!
  • The time and effort will exceed what you plan for the project, especially if you’re painting cabinets that need to be replaced.
  • Any future touch-ups or re-dos will only mean you’re wasting more of your valuable time and money.


Time to Invest and Trust the Pros


Instead of painting kitchen cabinets yourself, invest in new ones and trust the pros. Your money will go further, you’ll save time and effort, and you will be more satisfied with the results.



Replacing your cabinets might seem like a big deal, but you’ll be much happier with the results than if you had decided to DIY. And your kitchen cabinets are more customizable than you may think!


Putting your trust in a kitchen cabinet vendor like Quality Kitchen Cabinets is a smart decision. Because they work with cabinet manufacturers rather than creating cabinets from scratch, they are flexible to work with any design, budget, and schedule you have in mind.


Once the size of your project is determined, you’re ready to choose the cabinet materials! There are options available for all preferences—walnut, bamboo, cherry wood, mahogany, and many more.


If you have a smaller kitchen, you might consider a lighter cabinet color, like maple, to open up the space. Whereas a darker, warmer wood, like walnut or mahogany, makes a larger kitchen feel cozy.


There’s something for everyone—whether your style is modern, classic, country, or somewhere in between. With better access to materials than ever before, matching cabinet materials to your personal style has never been easier.


If You Want Results That Last, Go with the Pros and Choose Cabinets that Match Your Unique Style.

Painting kitchen cabinets yourself is a quick fix that just won’t last. It’s that simple!

If your kitchen cabinets need an upgrade, they need much more than a coat of paint. Invest your trust in a cabinet vendor like Quality Kitchen Cabinets in San Francisco for a high-quality job that both matches your personal style and that will last longer than a DIY project.


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