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Hunting for the best Valentine’s Day gift for the guy in your life can be tough. Flowers and chocolates just won’t cut it. Doesn’t the guy in your life deserve a Valentine’s Day that caters to his manly needs?

Well, the good news is you came to the right place. This is a list of some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men, covering everything from EDC and style to food and drink. Whatever your guy is into, there’s something on this list for him.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Style

1. The Jacket Maker



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If your guy takes his style seriously, you might want to check out some of the offerings at The Jacket Maker. If you’re thinking “I can’t afford a leather jacket,” The Jacket Maker offers lots of styles just over the $200 price point. And, with a made-to-fit option available, your guy can get a tailored look at a fraction of the cost of other brands.


2. Golden Fox Boondocker Boot



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Finding great boots at a reasonable price is getting more and more difficult. If your Valentine loves the look of a service boot but you’re on a tight budget, check out the Boondocker boots from Golden Fox. These 6-inch leather boots have a full-grain leather upper and a crepe sole, offering all of the style of a much more expensive workwear brand without that killer price tag.


3. Stuart and Lau Regimen Gym Bag



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Getting a good workout doesn’t mean the love of your life should sacrifice their style, does it? Help him stay stylish on his way to the gym by getting him the Regimen Gym Bag by Stuart and Lau this V-Day. This gym bag looks great, has a separate compartment for sneakers and wet clothes, and can hold all his tech, allowing this awesome bag to play double-duty when he needs it to.


4. Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen, Spring Strength, Medium, Brass


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How much more would his love notes mean to you if you knew he wrote them with a gorgeous fountain pen? Maybe not much, but chances are he’ll be willing to write them more often. Serious guys love great pens, and Kaweco makes some of the best. This pen’s brass finish will only improve over time because, well, patina.


5. Frank and Oak



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Maybe your beau’s style isn’t quite on point, but you don’t want to dress him like a little boy. Give him the opportunity to hand-pick his own fresh threads with a subscription to Frank and Oak.

He’ll get a box of clothes dropped off at his door each month with the choice to keep whatever he likes and return anything he doesn’t. He’ll dress better and you won’t have to baby him. Win/Win.


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Gear

6. Deejo Knives



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It’s not a secret that we’re big fans of Deejo knives at Next Luxury. They’re cool, modern, and unique. And, of all the gifts in this guide, they’re the most customizable.

They come in three different sizes with loads of new designs coming out all the time. You can even give your sweetheart a daily reminder of how much you care with a custom engraved message on the handle.


7. The Ridge Wallet



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Even if you don’t know about The Ridge Wallet yet, your guy certainly does. These lightweight, minimalist wallets feature cutting-edge materials, RFID-blocking tech, and a serviceable design with replaceable elastics. Trust us, if your guy doesn’t have The Ridge in his pocket yet, it’s only because he’s waiting for you to buy it for him.


8. Civivi Elementum



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Every guy has to have a great, go-to, do-all pocket knife, and the Elementum fits the bill. This super lightweight (depending on the version you buy, of course) knife springs open easily, and with the liner-lock disengaged, is incredibly easy to shut one-handed. Plus, the deep pocket clip allows your Valentine to carry it everywhere without looking like he’s trying too hard to be “tacticool.”


9. Nite-Ize S-Biner



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If you’re looking for a little something extra to toss in your guy’s Valentine’s gift bag, you can’t go wrong with the Nite-Ize S-Biner. This sweet little carabiner has two latches, allowing your guy to keep his keys safe while clipping it to his belt loop or bag.

Plus, at just a few dollars, it says “I care” without begging your credit card company to increase your limit.


10. Nite-Ize Keychain Flashlight



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Has your guy ever asked to borrow your phone because he needs a flashlight to find HIS phone? Avoid the frustration with the Radiant 100. At 100 lumens and a pocket-friendly design, it’s tough to beat.


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Watches

11. Dan Henry 1962



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Your Valentine is a man of taste and he doesn’t like to blend it with the crowd. Give a watch that embodies that impeccable style with a brash departure from the everyday timepiece. The Dan Henry 1962 has racing blood flowing through its veins, from its chronograph pushers to the 62 Maserati Birdcage on the case back.


12. Lorier Neptune III



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Show your guy you’re ready to dive into this Valentine’s Day by giving him the Neptune Series III. This is a legitimate diver with classic good looks that he’ll truly appreciate.


13. Traska Summiteer



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If the man in your life is a bit of an explorer. you might want to check out Traska’s Summiteer timepiece. Aside from its daring name, this watch has a robust design capable of accompanying your man on some of his toughest and most exciting adventures.


14. Islander Aviator



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Islander’s Automatic Aviator-Pilot Watch comes with an AR sapphire crystal, a Type B dial, luminous hands and markers, and a leather strap. #ISL-15 (
As far as good looking watches at value-minded pricing, it’s pretty hard to overlook the Aviator automatic watch from Islander.

Its beautiful Flieger-inspired dial and leather strap will have your dear flying high when he unboxes this beauty on the 14th.


15. G-Shock DW5600E

Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 20 (Model: DW5600E-1V)


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Let’s be realistic: watches are expensive. But if you want to get your guy the perfect time-telling machine under $50, the DW5600 is the way to go. This old-school digital beast does it all, looks great, and is as durable as watches come.


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Grooming

16. Manscaped Weed Wacker



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Do your guy (and yourself) a favor and give him the power to tackle the gangly threads proudly escaping from his nostrils. The Weed Wacker will help him keep those booger-bridges at bay, allowing you to lean in for a clean, tickle-free kiss.


17. Beardbrand Hair Kit



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Don’t let the brand name fool you: Beardbrand does more than just face-fleece. The haircare kit has everything your Valentine needs to wash, condition, and style his hair. But, it’s available in six scents, so choose the one you like for his hair.


18. Ballsy Love Balls Out Bundle



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We’re all adults here, so let’s address the issue: Sometimes, your guy’s nethers don’t smell so fresh. Well, do your part by giving him the Love Balls Out Bundle from Ballsy. Between the Ballwash with activated charcoal and the deodorizing sack spray, you won’t have to worry about some unpleasant aromas killing the mood this V-Day.


19. Birchbox for Men



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Hey, Birchbox is for guys too. Give your man everything he needs to keep his face and skin looking fresh this Valentine’s Day. The Birchbox Best of Grooming Gift-Box has everything bundled into one neat package.


20. VitaMan



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Your guy doesn’t have to rock a thick thatch on his face to enjoy the benefits of a grooming kit. The VitaMan Barber Quality Shaving Routine has all the products he’ll need to maintain a clean, razor burn-free face that you’ll want to plant one on.



The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Outdoor 

21. Lowa Boots Toro Evo GTX



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With so many of us getting outdoors these days, Valentine’s Day could be your opportunity to show your guy that you’re passionate about what he’s passionate about. Help him get out on the trails when the temperatures drop with the comfortable Gore-Tex lined Toro Evo GTX Mid hiking boot.


22. DECKED Tool Box



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Is your guy passionate about his truck? Does he love his outdoor gear? Is he serious about security and durability? If any of those apply, he’ll be over-the-moon with the DECKED Toolbox.

This indestructible toolbox is made of the same material as football helmets and the built-in ladder is a game-changer. Plus, it’s weatherproof – a must for outdoorsy types.


23. RunOff Waterproof Pocket (



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When your guy is adventuring right, there’s no way of knowing what’s coming next. Make sure he’s prepared with the RunOff Waterproof Pocket from Nite-Ize. He’ll be able to keep his cards, cash, keys, and phone totally dry no matter where his pursuits take him.


24. Nite-Ize Inova T7R PowerSwitch Rechargeable Focusing Flashlight



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There’s something innately exciting for men about a tough, bright flashlight. Your guy will love taking the Nite-Ize T7R Powerswitch flashlight on his adventures. With up to 713 lumens, it’s brighter than some flashlights that cost twice the price.




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You care about your guy’s gut right? Help him avoid some nasty tummy aches – or worse – next time he’s bushwacking through the backwoods with the LifeStraw. This filter will allow him to drink from some shady spots without contracting Giardia or Cryptosporidium – good for you, great for him.


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Technology

26. Samsung S21



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If your Android-loving-lover is in the market for a new phone, do him the favor of picking out a Samsung S21. The 5G S21 is available in three models, with the Ultra featuring a wide-angle 108-megapixel camera and LOTS of extra storage.


27. Google Nest



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If the love of your life hasn’t submitted to the benefits of smart home technology, try slipping a Nest Mini into his Valentine’s Day card. With attractive styling, they’re less intimidating than some of the other intense digital assistant products and he’ll love connecting it with his favorite Spotify playlist.


28. iPhone 12



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If the Apple-lover in your life hasn’t already gifted himself with an iPhone 12, it’s because he’s hoping you will for Valentine’s Day. Show him you care with the 5G-ready 12, complete with a 12MP camera size with ultra-wide and wide cameras.


29. RayCon Headphones



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If you haven’t noticed Raycon yet, it’s because you aren’t paying attention. These wireless earbuds look and sound great, and they’re comparable in price to their most popular competition (hint: their brand is named after a fruit).


30. Canon Rebel T7i Camera Bundle

Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR Camera Bundle with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 is STM Lens + Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 is STM Lens + 500mm f/8 Preset Lens + Accessory Kit


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Inspire your lover’s inner creator with this bundle of gear from Canon. It comes with a solid Rebel T7i, three kit lenses, camera, a microphone, a boom, and more. It even comes with a backpack for carrying it all. Let him catch the memories you make together for years to come.


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Food and Drink

31. Black Rifle Coffee



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Make the morning of the 14th memorable with a Coffee and Tumbler Box Bundle from Black Rifle Coffee Company. He’ll be able to face the day like a man with a great cup of joe in his gut.


32. Manly Man Co



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Do guys like flowers? Nope. Do guys like meat shaped like flowers? Hell yes. Give your sweetheart the gift of cured meats cut like daffodils with the Manly Man Company’s Flower Bouquet.


33. Butcher Box



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Guys love their meats. Whether it’s steak, bacon, or chicken. It doesn’t matter. Give your guy the gift of fresh, high-quality meet each month with Butcher Box. This meat subscription service offers tons of value and the meats are incredible.


34. BeerDrop



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Still not sure what to get your guy? How about a gift card that unlocks mail order booze delivered straight to his door? The BeerDrop gift card comes with a free Hop Box, allowing your beau to get in touch with his inner beer taster.


35. Freedom Oak Barrels



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Do you know what every guy wants? A liquor barrel with his name on it. Freedom Oak Barrels will put your guy’s name on one of six-barrel sizes, offering the perfect place to store his whiskey, bourbon, tequila, rum, wine, or cocktails.


The Best Valentine’s Day for Men: Subscription Boxes

36. Bespoke Post



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If your guy likes nice things but rarely thinks to buy anything for himself, Bespoke Post is perfect. Once a month, he’ll receive a cool new box full of items that interest him. From sweaters and bags to hatchets and knives, these boxes are sure to make him smile each month.


37. StitchFix



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Go ahead, sign your guy up for Stitch Fix. This subscription service is so flexible and customizable it’s almost not a subscription. Each month (or not, that’s cool too), your loverboy will receive a box with gear he actually likes and doesn’t mind paying for. He chooses the styles, the budgets, and frequency of delivery. Pretty easy.


38. Flaviar



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Got a whiskey aficionado in your life? Set him up with a subscription box from Flaviar. These quarterly boxes come with three sample sizes of whiskey (or other liquor, if you choose), allowing your guy to try something he might not have bought himself. There are also steep discounts on other products from the Flaviar shop.


39. BattlBox



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If your Valentine loves EDC, survival, knives, or other typically manly products, BattlBox is certainly worth checking out. This monthly subscription comes in four levels of increasing price and quality and the value is actually pretty crazy. Believe us, he’ll dig this subscription.


40. Southern Cigar Co.



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It’s pretty tough to get more quintessentially manly than a cigar, so why not offer your Valentine a whole subscription? You can prepay for your guy’s shipment, which he’ll receive every month, complete with cigars from around the world.


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