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Today’s kitchens are more well-thought out than ever before, offering conveniences and style we never even thought of 30 years ago. Can you imagine trying to prepare a large Thanksgiving meal with the limited floor, cabinet and shelf space we put up with in 1980?

You have seen These Kitchen Design Trends on TV, think before you put them in your kitchen

And while some of those ideas are absolute have-to-have-its, some leave us in awe but wondering about their true practicality. Here are some pros and cons of today’s top kitchen trends, that will help you decide whether to love them or leave them when you renovate your space.

Open Shelving vs. Traditional Cabinets

Open shelves in lieu of upper cabinets is very popular right now. But is this trend here to stay, or merely a flash in the pan?

Pros: Open shelves offer a pretty option for displaying dishware and they’re far less expensive than traditional cabinets.

Cons: If you have a mishmash of coffee mugs collected from your kids and travel destinations over the years, they won’t look so pretty in the wide open for the world to see. They’ll just look junky! Plus, all of those dishes on display collect dust and grease, requiring a rinse off every time you use them.

Open Concept Kitchen

The open concept kitchen, where the kitchen, island, and family room are all combined, has been going strong for a few years now. Will it last?

Pros: The open concept kitchen makes it possible to engage with your guests while you’re cooking, rather than being isolated to the kitchen while everyone else laughs from afar. It’s a very family-friendly environment.

Cons: Have you ever tried to watch a television show while someone’s in the kitchen washing dishes or cooking? It’s very, very loud. If you dislike a constant background noise, open concept may not be for you. Additionally, the odors from your cooking are less confined to one room, and may end up permeating your cloth furniture, no matter how diligent you are about using the exhaust hood.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are charming, very utilitarian, and come in a variety of materials and styles. But are they practical?


Pros: Well … they’re beautiful, and they offer a nice, deep basin that’s useful if you’re scrubbing large pots, or thawing a turkey. And because they’re mounted under the counter, they make clean up super easy, without crumbs and gunk getting stuck around the rim.

Cons: The single basin sinks are problematic if you need to wash dishes, because you have no separate area to rinse. You could buy a separate basin to solve this problem but that can be unattractive. Fortunately, double basin farmhouse sinks are becoming an option. Farmhouse sinks are a bit more expensive than a traditional option, and you’ll want to carefully consider the material it’s made from as some can chip easily.

Pot Filler

A pot filler can be a handy little thing if you cook often and need to fill large pots if your sink isn’t near the stove. Are they a luxury, or a necessity?

Pros: Pot fillers offer a convenient faucet right at your stove so you can fill large stock pots without having to lug them over from the sink. They offer quick fills of teapots, too, and are just generally nice to have.

Cons: They’re an expensive installation. You’ll have to run plumbing at your stove, and the faucet can cost up to $500 or more. A dripping faucet means a necessary and immediate repair, lest it ruin your stove. And even though it keeps you from lugging a pot of hot water from your sink, you’ll still have to lug a pot of water, this time hot, in the opposite direction if, for example, you’re draining pasta.

If you’ve been looking at all of the new ideas and dreaming of how they’d look in your reimagined space, give us a call! When you choose Kitchen Recreations for your kitchen remodel or full renovation, you’re getting an expert craftsmen in the latest trends in Wake and Johnston counties. A Kitchen Remodeling company who sole focus is kitchens and knows what people love and don’t love in kitchen design.


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