The Palliser Zero Gravity Recliner


The Palliser Zero Gravity Recliner takes reclining to the next level. A marvel of ergonomic design and product engineering, the Zero Gravity Recliner offers a wide range of health benefits and offers convenient comfort right at home!

With the touch of a button, you have adjustable control of infinite seat and back positions. You’ll immediately notice how quiet and smooth the chair’s movements are, and how pressure and pain are diminished. It’s a truly unique sense of relaxation!

The Zero Gravity concept first originated with NASA scientists, as they searched for a way to reduce pressure on an astronaut’s body during take-off to space. They did this by distributing their body weight as evenly as possible. You can experience the same feeling and health benefits at home with the Palliser Zero Gravity Recliner.

One of the most important health benefits of this recliner is the reduction of pressure on the spine. After a long day of standing or sitting, the effects of gravity can take their toll on our bodies. The Zero Gravity recliner distributes body weight evenly, allowing the spine to relax because of reduced gravitational pressure.

Other health benefits include:


  • Promotes circulation in the legs to help reduce swelling

  • Reduces joint pressure

  • Allows your heart to pump blood more effortlessly because it is not working against gravity

  • Relaxes back muscles so the spine can decompress

Come and try one out for yourself in our showroom at 132 Main St, Niverville, MB!


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