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I’ll admit, at first I was hesitant to put out a post about kitchen trends on my blog. After all, I often refer to the fact that the luxury home market doesn’t react to trends in the same way as other sectors of the market do. However, I think there is still value for anyone contemplating a remodel or a new home in the coming year to make themselves aware of the trends in play.

  1. While I always advocate designing your home for YOU – not your friends. Frankly, sometimes you just have to consider home values and the possibility that you’re going to need to sell your house within the next ten years. If you completely disregard the long term trends with big-ticket items like your cabinetry, flooring, and tile, you’ll need to be prepared to pay dearly for that choice.

  2. Since all long term trends are fairly cyclical, it is helpful to be aware of the progression. Knowing what’s coming into style now, helps you to predict what will be next and plan accordingly.

  3. Trends, whether they be short or long term, can be a refreshing eye-opener. I’ve definitely learned things about design. My philosophy has evolved, in part, thanks to certain trends giving me a new perspective on something I hadn’t thought about before. For example, the open shelving trend has forever changed the way that I view the function and appearance of upper cabinets. When I first started in this business, almost 20 years ago, everyone just lined up the boxes on the wall. Spicing them up with a pretty crown was about the pinnacle of our aspirations. How far we’ve come!


The most exciting thing about where we’re going with kitchen trends in 2019 is that this is the year of the Big Blend. Lovers of the traditional aesthetic and contemporary enthusiasts no longer need to each stay in their separate lanes. While a mixture of styles has been on the rise for the past few years, I think we’ll see more crossover now than in the past. This year, designers will be all about capturing the warmth of traditional kitchens (with wood tones, stone, and other textures) but will also be borrowing a restrained sensibility from modern design. This masterful mix is what is referred to as the New Traditional kitchen. It reflects a movement away from the “more is more” philosophy of years past. Take a look below and see if you can envision any of these ideas in your kitchen.

My Predictions for Kitchen Trends 2019:


I’ve been observing the emergence of tiled range hoods over the last two years, although typically with more contemporary kitchens. However, I think we’ll see it start to cross over and mix with more transitional – maybe even traditional kitchens this year. If you have a pretty tile and you want to create a focal point with that element, why have the hood compete with it? The hood practically disappears when wrapped with the same tile as the wall, allowing other design features in the room to shine, such as the La Cornue range and adjoining cabinetry in the image below.


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