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With my kitchen design studio being based in the busy Delta hub of Atlanta, it has made it easy to take on projects all over the U.S. I’m very appreciative of being able to be so far-reaching with my business. However, whenever I get a call from a potential client to work on a Lowcountry home, on a stretch of South Carolina’s coastline, my heart always does a little extra flutter. I love to visit this part of our beautiful country, especially in the dead of winter when Atlanta is feeling a bit dreary…a.k.a. January.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Lowcountry area, you need to go right away. The architecture alone will take your breath away, and the food will melt your soul. Nestled between Charleston and Savannah is a particularly charming community called Palmetto Bluff. I had an opportunity to work on a Lowcountry home there a few years ago. I’ve never profiled this project on my blog before, so I thought I would share it with you today. I think it perfectly captures the serene quality of Palmetto Bluff, with its soothing greens and blues, reminiscent of the coastal marshes.

I think this project is particularly relevant now as people are beginning to crave a little more elegance served alongside the simplicity that has defined the last decade. So I think there’s much to hold dear about Lowcountry style, even if you’re not from these parts (written with a Southern drawl). In fact, the thing that I love most about this style for kitchens and bathrooms is that it could be adopted by just about anyone anywhere in the country.


Style Elements of a Lowcountry Home


    Lowcountry homes have a relaxing, almost contemplative quality about them. Nothing in the home should feel too contrived or take away from the tranquil environment. A shaker style door works well in the kitchen below while sticking with a flush-inset style of cabinetry by Clive Christian maintains a degree of elegance. Keep the moldings relatively simple as well. In the kitchen below, we used a fairly traditional hood surround to compliment the home’s historic look but we kept it simple and understated.

    In case you’re curious about the screen behind the range…that’s a special type of LCD television designed to be both heat and moisture resistant.


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