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Rustic meets quaint meets stylish with these amazing farmhouse bathroom ideas.

You don’t have to live on a farm to have a farmhouse bathroom. These vintage-inspired bathrooms harken back to a simpler time with a warm, inviting, and slightly lived-in feel. When looking at farmhouse design ideas, you’ll see natural materials like wood and durable metals like galvanized steel.

If you’re considering a farmhouse bathroom remodel, then this list of ten rustic bathroom ideas will get you inspired. Maybe you want to add a farmhouse bathroom vanity. Perhaps a freestanding tub is the perfect farmhouse touch to your bathroom. However you decide to add farmhouse decor, this design aesthetic will have you scouring your local thrift stores and flea markets.

1. Small Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, this is the perfect place to create a modern farmhouse bathroom aesthetic. You need to choose the right pieces to keep the bathroom feeling open while also feeling comfortable and welcoming.

Black Grout White Tiles Small Farmhouse Bathroom Homeiswheremyheartsmiles
Source: @homeiswheremyheartsmiles via Instagram
Ceramic Woodtile Small Farmhouse Bathroom Red.barn Farmhouse
Source: @red.barn_farmhouse via Instagram
Cottage Style Small Farmhouse Bathroom Flagcountryhouse
Source: @flagcountryhouse via Instagram
Minimalist Small Farmhouse Bathroom Thatdiyhome
Source: @thatdiyhome via Instagram
Modern Small Farmhouse Bathroom The Heringer House
Source: @the_heringer_house via Instagram
Rustic Chic Small Farmhouse Bathroom Heatherbarta
Source: @heatherbarta via Instagram
Simple Small Farmhouse Bathroom Anyreasontoparty
Source: @anyreasontoparty via Instagram
Traditional Small Farmhouse Bathroom The Spain Casa
Source: @the_spain_casa via Instagram
Vintage Small Farmhouse Bathroom Little Farmhouse7
Source: @little_farmhouse7 via Instagram
Wooden Small Farmhouse Bathroom Home On A Budget X
Source: @home_on_a_budget_x via Instagram

Start with a rustic farmhouse bathroom vanity as it’s the largest piece of furniture in the room. Choose one with legs and open shelving. This will open the space up below and keep the bathroom feeling large. Choose a rustic wooden vanity with porcelain drawer pulls. Then place a vessel sink on top.

If you want to take things a step further, skip the vanity altogether and mount the sink directly to the wall. This will cut down on the space required while still providing people with the essentials.

You might consider visiting a vintage shop and choose a sink that has been recovered from an old building. This will give your bathroom a bare essentials vibe that will inspire the rustic aesthetic of a farmhouse. Hang a curtain from the bottom edge of the sink to hide the pipes below.

2. White Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

All-white bathrooms are on-trend and a popular choice among bathroom decor ideas. You can combine the farmhouse and all-white trend to create a beautiful bathroom makeover. The trick to creating the perfect all-white farmhouse bathroom is to create texture and accent it with non-white elements.

Cozy Cottage White Farmhouse Bathroom Farmhouseish
Source: @farmhouseish via Instagram
Cozy Vintage White Farmhouse Bathroom Farmhouseish
Source: @farmhouseish via Instagram
Gorgeous White Farmhouse Bathroom Candidlydeena
Source: @candidlydeena via Instagram
Modern Rustic White Farmhouse Bathroom Thebarnwoodfarmhouse
Source: @thebarnwoodfarmhouse via Instagram
Modern Shiplap White Farmhouse Bathroom Arizona Farmhouse
Source: @arizona_farmhouse via Instagram
Simple Minimalist White Farmhouse Bathroom Backrhodesrealestatephoto
Source: @backrhodesrealestatephoto via Instagram
Stenciled Floors White Farmhouse Bathroom Farmhouseish
Source: @farmhouseish via Instagram

You could use a white subway tile in the shower. Then create a white shiplap wall on the walls outside of the shower or tub area. Finish the white theme by installing a white wood vanity and farmhouse sink.

Now that you have a monochromatic white canvas to work with, you can accent it with different textures, materials, and colors. A great choice is to use black hardware for the vanity, bathroom cabinet, light fixture, and towel rack. Look for pieces that emulate wrought iron in design for a classic look.

Keep your bathroom from becoming too white by using wood instead of a white tile for the floor. This will help the bathroom to feel warm and inviting. You can use reclaimed wood to help inspire the rustic bathroom aesthetic.

Another option is to choose a floor tile with a pattern in white and gray. This rustic bathroom design idea will add detail and interest while not taking away from the all-white look of the rest of the bathroom.

3. Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

When creating your rustic bathroom decor, not everything needs to be rough and tumble. You can have a few key pieces that are rustic to inspire the feeling throughout the entire bathroom. Rustic pieces look slightly used or aged. They’ll have imperfections and embrace the use of natural materials.

For example, you could place a rustic framed vanity mirror that you find in a thrift shop. This is a focal point in the bathroom and makes a significant impact.

Country Style Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Savannahlee.creativity
Source: @savannahlee.creativity via Instagram
French Cottage Style Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Savvyinthesuburbs
Source: @savvyinthesuburbs via Instagram
Neutral Decor Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Rustic.sparkle
Source: @rustic.sparkle via Instagram
Open Shelving Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Functionalfarmhouse
Source: @functionalfarmhouse via Instagram
Shiplap Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Our Cozycoop
Source: @our_cozycoop via Instagram
Subway Tile Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Saragreencollective
Source: @saragreencollective via Instagram
Vintage Wood Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Gagirl Vintagedecor
Source: @gagirl_vintagedecor via Instagram
Wooden Floating Shelves Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Withlovesierra
Source: @withlovesierra via Instagram

Place reclaimed wood open shelves above the toilet. This is another place that people look when they enter a bathroom. Another option is to find a rustic or vintage dresser or other furniture to use as the vanity. This is a large piece of furniture in the bathroom, so using something rustic will certainly set the tone.

If you don’t want to commit to a whole rustic vanity, then you can place a rustic sink in a modern counter. A hand-hammered copper sink will be both rustic and stunning.

4. Farmhouse Bathroom Tile Ideas

When it comes to the tile in your farmhouse bathroom, stick with plain white subway tile. This classic tile is simple, durable, and easy to care for. This is the embodiment of the farmhouse aesthetic. If this sounds a bit boring, don’t worry, all is not lost.

Minimalist Black White Farmhouse Bathroom Tile Prairiefarmhousedesign
Source: @prairiefarmhousedesign via Instagram
Modern Black White Farmhouse Bathroom Tile Keepaustinflippingweird
Source: @keepaustinflippingweird via Instagram
Modern Boho Farmhouse Bathroom Tile Perfectspaces Rachelletaylor
Source: @perfectspaces_rachelletaylor via Instagram
Stencil Wall Farmhouse Bathroom Tile Redbrickfauxfarmhouse
Source: @redbrickfauxfarmhouse via Instagram

If you plan to tile the floor, this is your chance to embrace color and pattern in your design. Having a patterned tile floor allows you to breathe life into your simplistic bathroom. You’ll want to choose a tile and pattern size that matches the scale of your bathroom. A tile and pattern that’s too small looks busy on the floor. A pattern that’s too big looks overwhelming and will not repeat enough.

5. Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

If the farmhouse aesthetic is a bit too rustic for you, try taking your bathroom remodel in a shabby chic direction instead. You’ll combine rustic farmhouse elements with more glamorous and luxurious touches to elevate your farmhouse style. This works well for a master bathroom where you want it to have some elegance.

All White Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom Melindadavisinteriordesign
Source: @melindadavisinteriordesign via Instagram
Antique Decor Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom E.b.byfarmandsea
Source: @e.b.byfarmandsea via Instagram
Black White Floortiles Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom Frenchinspiredhomeideas
Source: @frenchinspiredhomeideas via Instagram
Diy French Decor Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom English Paint Delivered
Source: @english_paint_delivered via Instagram
Rustic Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom Heatherjoandjojoproject
Source: @heatherjoandjojoproject via Instagram
Unique Cabinets Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom Jessicawil1s
Source: @jessicawil1s via Instagram

Instead of just adding any old tub, add a freestanding clawfoot tub. Then hang a vintage-inspired chandelier in gold or silver with crystals above it.

Continue this glamorous look by choosing a framed vanity mirror. Choose one that has ornate detailing and intricate designs. For subtle decor, choose one with a whitewash finish or wrought iron look. For more glamor, pick a mirror with a gold frame.


Try placing sconces around the vanity mirror. This is a lighting fixture that’s typically associated with high-end homes, so putting them in your farmhouse bathroom will add a sense of style to your rustic bathroom.

6. Farmhouse Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas

Wainscoting on the bottom half of your walls is a traditional interior design element. For a country feel, use shiplap wainscoting. The most common method is a vertical design to your shiplap. But if you’re looking for something different, you can also create a horizontal layout.

All White Farmhouse Bathroom Wainscoting Bungalowouteast
Source: @bungalowouteast via Instagram
Blue White Farmhouse Bathroom Wainscoting Themeredithproject
Source: @themeredithproject via Instagram
Flower Wallpaper Farmhouse Bathroom Wainscoting Daisyanddaydreams
Source: @daisyanddaydreams via Instagram
Rustic Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Wainscoting Thewillowchic
Source: @thewillowchic via Instagram
Shiplap Black Farmhouse Bathroom Wainscoting Houseonlotuslane
Source: @houseonlotuslane via Instagram
Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Wainscoting Bloomingorchardsfarm
Source: @bloomingorchardsfarm via Instagram

Traditional wainscoting is white, while the wall is painted a color above it. But that doesn’t mean yours has to be. Another option is to leave the wainscoting white and use a colorful or patterned wallpaper. You could flip the white and color so that your wainscoting is painted and your wall above it is white.

To finish the look of your wainscoting, create a top railing to finish off the edge. The traditional height of this edge is a few feet off the floor (just above your toilet’s height) and is commonly referred to as a chair rail. But in your bathroom, you have more freedom. You could have it extend higher to be equal with the height of your shower.

7. Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

When decorating your farmhouse bathroom, look for items that have a simple and functional feel. Mason jars are terrific for holding smaller items. Metal or wicker baskets are perfect for holding larger items. A few plants will add natural color while also improving the air quality in the room.

Cozy Small Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Darra.farmhousebeauty
Source: @darra.farmhousebeauty via Instagram
Diy Boys Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Cynthiahipol
Source: @cynthiahipol via Instagram
Diy Floating Shelves Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Kyliefoxx1
Source: @kyliefoxx1 via Instagram
Diy Shelving Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Functionalfarmhouse
Source: @functionalfarmhouse via Instagram
Minimalist Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Oldcityfarmhouse
Source: @oldcityfarmhouse via Instagram
Modern Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Rural Haven
Source: @rural_haven via Instagram
Shiplap Wall Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Heritagehillhomestead
Source: @heritagehillhomestead via Instagram
Sponge Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Akins House
Source: @akins_house via Instagram
Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Chippyvintagehippie
Source: @chippyvintagehippie via Instagram
Wood White Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Lesleysbluebottles
Source: @lesleysbluebottles via Instagram

You could hang shelves made of reclaimed wood. Then place a candle or two on them. You also can’t go wrong with a simple sign that blends with the theme of the room, such as a sign over the toilet or one by the sink with a witty statement.

8. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

It’s a delicate balance to create a farmhouse bathroom that also has a modern feel. This is because farmhouse bathrooms have a traditional feel, which is the polar opposite of a modern bathroom. To make this look a success, balance the elements of the two decor approaches.

Fancy Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Dbh Design
Source: @dbh_design via Instagram
Hexagon Tile Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Lifeamongthecedars
Source: @lifeamongthecedars via Instagram
Neutral Decor Modern Farmhouse Bathroom A.k.nackfordesign
Source: @a.k.nackfordesign via Instagram
Patterned Tiles Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Mymodularfarmhouse
Source: @mymodularfarmhouse via Instagram
Wooden Cabinets Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Sarahzutell
Source: @sarahzutell via Instagram

Pair your freestanding farmhouse tub with a modern walk-in shower enclosed in glass panes. Then pick plumbing fixtures that are traditionally styled, but in a contemporary finish like gold.

You can choose a traditional subway tile for the farmhouse element, but then skip the classic white and choose a color. Or instead of laying your subway tile horizontally, arrange it in a herringbone or other modern design.

Another modern touch is to choose wood tile instead of using actual wood for the flooring. The tile mimics the look of real wood, but it’s impervious to water and more durable. You can also add the modern touch of heating coils to warm the floor below.

9. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas

We’ve discussed how to choose a farmhouse vanity to help your small bathroom feel bigger, but what if you have a larger bathroom? Then you have a lot more freedom when selecting your vanity. You could install finished cabinets that you then accent with vintage-inspired hardware.

Beautiful Minimalist Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Lifeamongthecedars
Source: @lifeamongthecedars via Instagram
Black White Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Allthingsandres
Source: @allthingsandres via Instagram
Chic Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Kaitlynjanemiller
Source: @kaitlynjanemiller via Instagram
Functional White Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Teachmehowtodecorate
Source: @teachmehowtodecorate via Instagram
Rustic Wood Work Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Junc2funkt
Source: @junc2funkt via Instagram
Shiplap Walls Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Whisperingpines.farmhouse
Source: @whisperingpines.farmhouse via Instagram
Unique Open Shelves Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Janayarobinson
Source: @janayarobinson via Instagram
Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Partiesdecorandmore
Source: @partiesdecorandmore via Instagram
White Cabinets Farmhouse Bathroom Vanitykh Decor
Source: @kh_decor via Instagram

If you want to stay true to the farmhouse look, then consider repurposing a piece of furniture for your farmhouse bathroom vanity. A common tactic is to find an old table or dresser and repurpose it as a bathroom vanity. You’ll need to cut a hole for the plumbing fixtures and place a sink on top. But the advantage is that you gain a lot more drawers.

When it comes to color, you have a lot of freedom. Woodgrain is the obvious route, but you could also paint it white, black, or any other color.

If you want to give your vanity a bit of an upscale feel and increased durability, consider replacing the top with something other than wood. The wood on a dresser isn’t meant for the constant wetness it’ll experience as a sink countertop in your bathroom. Replace it with marble or granite for an upscale and durable surface for your vanity.

10. Farmhouse Bathroom Tub Ideas

Showers are more of a modern bathroom trend, so in traditional farmhouse bathrooms, a tub is a must. To balance your farmhouse style bathroom with modern design ideas, plan to have a tub and a shower. This is an excellent opportunity to combine modern and traditional styles. Plan to have a modern walk-in shower and a freestanding bathtub.

All White Farmhouse Bathroom Tub Lifeamongthecedars
Source: @lifeamongthecedars via Instagram
Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Tub Southernsurroundings
Source: @southernsurroundings via Instagram
Claw Foot Farmhouse Bathroom Tub Thehousethatfaithbuilt
Source: @thehousethatfaithbuilt via Instagram
Modern Medium Farmhouse Bathroom Tub Marbleandoakfarmhouse
Source: @marbleandoakfarmhouse via Instagram
Simple Corner Farmhouse Bathroom Tub Fultonfarmhouse
Source: @fultonfarmhouse via Instagram

The simplest bathtub option is a plain white freestanding tub. But for a bit more farmhouse style, look for one with claw feet in white, black, gold, or some other metal. Another nice touch is to pick a wood bathtub.

When choosing your tub, it needs to be big enough for an adult to sit comfortably. Modern trends dictate that your tub has a small footprint and be deeper. This can work out well because your tub also needs to proportionally fit into your bathroom.
Complete your bathtub’s look by installing a vintage-inspired faucet with a removable handheld showerhead. This keeps with the farmhouse theme while also adding functionality.

Farmhouse Bathroom FAQs

How do I create more storage in my farmhouse bathroom?

Look at your local flea market or thrift shop for vintage wire or wicker baskets. Then place these baskets on shelves. You could place wicker baskets under your vanity in the open space created by the legs. Or you could find wire baskets that you can mount on the wall.

Do I have to buy vintage items?

No! The beautiful thing about the modern farmhouse style is that you don’t have to buy authentic vintage fixtures to create this aesthetic. There are plenty of fully modern plumbing and lighting fixtures that are fabricated to look vintage. This lets you enjoy modern conveniences like water efficiency and LED lightbulbs while also having an old school farmhouse style.

What if I want to use color instead of having an all-white bathroom?

You can have a farmhouse bathroom that uses color. The easiest color palette would be a neutral one. You could use a combination of tans, greys, or browns. If you want something more colorful, stick with a soft blue, sage, or blush pink. These softer variations of color will help keep your bathroom bright without being overpowering.


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