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A designated room is every crafter’s dream. Make it your reality with these great ideas.

Whether you are a quilter or scrapbooker, a painter, or wood artist, having a place all your own is ideal. When you have your own craft space, it’s easy to organize all your supplies in one spot. You can also leave in-progress projects out instead of having to clean up after every craft-making session.

Craft room ideas should include certain elements for maximum inspiration and productivity. Every craft room needs an ample table, desk, or another work surface. A comfortable chair is necessary, given the number of hours serious craft enthusiasts spend seated. Adequate craft room storage is a must, but the best items will be different for every crafter. 

Blue Walled Craft Room
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Remember to remain flexible when outlining craft room ideas, as your crafting interests may change through the years. You should strive for a craft space that’s visually pleasing to you. The right kind of décor can help you feel your creative best whenever you enter the space. 

Check out our top craft room images and bookmark this page to help you launch your creative space dreams into reality.

Cozy Colorful Craft Room
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1. Sewing Room Ideas

A sewing room has requirements that might not be necessary for other craft spaces. For example, if you make quilts, you will need a countertop for your sewing machine and another surface for laying out designs. You will also need plenty of cabinets or closet space for fabric storage. If space is tight, put a padded top on a waist-high storage unit and use it instead of an ironing board.

Modern Craft Room
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Modern Organization Craft Room
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Modern White Craft Room
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Sewing Room Organization Craft Room
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Simple Craft Room Organization
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Stunning Craft Room
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All White Simple Craft Room
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Amazing Craft Room With Pegboard
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Best Inspiration Craft Room
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Use a thread storage rack to maximize sewing room storage space. These affordable racks can hold over 100 spools of thread, allowing you to see all the colors you have. Some sewing thread racks can hang on the wall or stand on a tabletop. Hanging thread racks are particularly useful to keep your work surface open for spreading out large pieces of fabric.

Magazine holders make an excellent storage solution for sewing patterns or small bundles of fabric. Magnetic containers can cling to magnetic boards to keep a variety of needles, pins, scissors, and other sewing tools nearby as you sew. Make sure your sewing room chair is the right height to reach your sewing machine pedal comfortably.

2. Craft Supply Organization Ideas

Craft room organization is easier than ever. This is thanks to the variety of storage solutions for crafting supplies available now. An organized craft room is not only efficient, but it makes you feel good. If you use a lot of thread, ribbon, tape, or rolls of paper, look into a hutch with dowel rods. These rods come in different sizes and are the perfect way to organize anything on a spool. 

Washi Tape Organizer Craft Room
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Wooden Wall Shelves Craft Room
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Best Storage Ideas Craft Room
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Dark Brown Wall Organizer Craft Room
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Rainbow Decor Craft Room
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Simple Organization Ideas Craft Room
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Magazine holders are great for craft room organization of cardstock, design magazines, and workbooks. Store stacks of craft paper or completed artwork on stacking plastic trays. A small drawer cabinet can hold buttons, paperclips, pins, or other tiny items. These small dressers are an excellent craft room storage idea for jewelry makers.

Labels are one of the craft room organization ideas that every good organizer can’t do without. You can purchase bins with built-in slots for labels, or buy the stick-on variety. A label maker could be an excellent investment to maximize your craft room organization. Or, place a simple color sticker on shelving bin fronts and sort materials by color.

3. Craft Room Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard is the perfect solution to add craft room storage that makes use of vertical space. Utilizing unused space makes pegboard a top hack for maximizing small space storage. Even if space isn’t an issue, pegboard helps you see what you have on hand. This saves you time that would get wasted digging through boxes and bins. 

Pegboard Kids Activity Craft Room
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Pegboard Shelves Craft Room
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Sewingroom Organization Craft Room
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Simple Organization Pegboard Craft Room
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Embroidery Pegboard Craft Room
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Pegboard Closet Craft Room
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Pegboard Decor Craft Room
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Pegboard options have come a long way beyond your father’s garage. Many companies offer a variety of hooks, bins, and shelving to make pegboard an attractive storage solution. You can also purchase plastic pegboards in pink, yellow, blue, clear, and other colors. If you can’t find a pegboard in a color to suit you, simply paint a plain wooden one.

Brushed metal pegboard is a great idea for an industrial or rustic craft room makeover. Accentuate the metal by adding small galvanized buckets to hold pencils, markers, rulers, and the like. Hooks and pegs also come in many finishes, including clear plastic, black plastic, and stainless steel. Hang wire mesh baskets or clear storage bins to maximize every inch of pegboard storage space.

4. Craft Room Storage Solution

Craft room storage ideas will vary according to the type of crafting you do. The right kind of craft storage ideas not only keep you organized; they make your DIY work easier. Many crafters cite clear plastic bins as the ideal container for storing craft supplies. These bins corral all the little bits you use and make it easy to see which ones you need quickly.

Simple Sewingroom Organizer Craft Room
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Thread Organizer Craft Room
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Wall Organizer Craft Room
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Hanging Door Organizer Craft Room
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Ribbon Collection
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Simple Sewing Room Organization Craft Room
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While it’s good to have craft room storage that allows you to see certain materials, you also need solid bins for other crafting supplies. Bins or baskets with lids look nice and create a uniform look when placed on a shelf. Floating shelves above your workspace are a clean and simple place to store solid containers and mason jars.

Your kitchen may hold several items beyond mason jars that you can upcycle into craft storage containers. Use an old muffin tin to sort buttons or fasteners, put markers in drinking glasses, or use old bowls for skeins of embroidery floss. If your craft room is a shared space, a rolling cart with clear or opaque bins keeps your materials mobile. 

Bonus Tip: Use your craft storage cart top as a second work surface.


5. Crafting Table Ideas

Your choice of craft table can make or break your craft room. It must be large enough for the tasks you routinely perform. For some types of crafts, a small desk may be sufficient. Other hobbies will require a large craft table or two. 

Small Compact Craft Room
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Tailor Workshop Craft Room
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Simple Girly Craft Room
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Wooden Small Space Craft
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Some tables are specifically designed for craft room purposes. They include features helpful to craft enthusiasts. Craft tables may be set on casters to allow you to roll your crafting work into another room when needed. Many models unfold into a larger footprint when in use, and become compact again for stowing away. 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect craft table for your DIY projects, find ways to make it more useful. Purchase a spinning craft space storage caddy or make one out of an unused lazy susan. This perfect craft tabletop accessory will keep pens, craft paint, and other art supplies within arm’s reach. 

6. Craft Room Lighting

Adequate lighting is just as vital as storage when it comes to creating the perfect craft room. A craft room with several windows is ideal, as colors shine truest when viewed in natural daylight. If your craft space doesn’t include a window, you can purchase light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight. 

Cozy Craft Room
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Creative Corner Craft Room

Marble Desk Setup Craft Room
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Scandivanian Interior Craft Room

Decorative lamps are a functional way of adding your flair to your craft room. Simple desk lamps on adjustable arms are handy for doing close craftwork. Overhead light fixtures can be too dim or create harsh shadows at night. Invest in several lighting sources if you can, to create a balanced light to work by. 

If you don’t have room for desk lamps, install a shelf over your work surface, and purchase under-shelf light fixtures. Slim fluorescent bar lights illuminate your countertop without stealing any of your valuable workspace. Watch this video to learn more about under-shelf craft room light fixtures:

7. Craft Closet and Other Small Craft Room Ideas

If your home is a bit cramped, you may have to hunt for a suitable crafting location. A craft closet could be the answer. This craft room storage idea involves repurposing a closet into a workspace for crafting. By replacing the existing hardware with shelving and a worktop, just about any closet can morph into an excellent craft room.

White Shelves Craft Room
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Compact Cabinet Craft Room
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Custom Closet Craft Room
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Incredible White Bins Craft Room
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Kidsroom Organizer Craft Room
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Simple Craft Room
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Using an IKEA hack or two can expand the storage ideas required for a small-space craft closet. This Swedish retailer specializes in inexpensive storage ideas for small spaces. Petite shelving units, stackable drawer cubes, and pegboard accessories are just some of the hacks IKEA offers. An IKEA rolling metal cart can be an ideal space-saving mobile craft storage unit.

Other small craft room ideas involve utilizing part of your guest room, or even a corner of your own bedroom. Some retailers sell all-in-one craft cabinets on casters that include a fold-down table when the unit is open. Each door features shelves, dowels, and enough room for all your craft supplies. Simply roll the craft cabinet into the room where you wish to work.

Craft Room FAQs

What type of chair is best for my craft room?

As mentioned above, a craft room chair should—first and foremost—be comfortable. Crafts require sitting most of the time. An office chair on wheels is helpful to avoid getting up frequently to reach materials.

What’s the best way to store tubes of paint in my craft space?

Paint tubes present a bit of a storage conundrum in that they don’t line up neatly like bottles of paint. You could just toss them into a galvanized bucket or wire basket, but that would mean digging through them to find the colors you need. Invariably, one will leak on all the others, causing a significant—and sometimes permanent—mess.

You can use pegboard to store oil, acrylic, and other paint tubes neatly. Simply attach a binder clip to the crimped end of the tube. Hang the binder clip loops over a pegboard hook. You can also drive nails into a board for hanging the clipped tubes.


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