The 12 Best Made in America Furniture Brands


It’s expected that by 2022 the furniture demand in America will reach approximately $68.8 million. More and more people are buying furniture. There are many big brand names that we all know and love, but did you know that some fantastic American-made furniture brands are making a splash in the furniture industry. Surprisingly there are quite a few American-made furniture companies, and some of the brand names might surprise you. 

Do you love purchasing new furniture but are worried about the impact it has on the environment? When you support a United States-based furniture company, you’re helping the environment and embracing sustainability. Additionally, you’re also supporting small-scale manufacturers, ethical production practices, and helping to grow local manufacturing jobs. 

Besides the environmental and economic benefits of buying American-made furniture, furniture is one of the most beneficial home decor aspects of a person’s life. The right furniture can enhance a home and create a feeling of happiness, while the wrong furnishings can clutter your house and make it unattractive. Ultimately quality furniture can make a huge difference in your home. 

If you’re ready to embrace an American-made furniture band, you might want to consider reading this list that features 12 of the best American-made furniture brands. You’ll likely find one of the brands to your taste as we have included various companies that specialize in different styles. 

1. Burrow

Burrow American Made Furniture Brand

Not every furniture company is well-rounded and committed to sustainability. Fortunately for those seeking sustainable, non-toxic furniture, there is an American-made furniture brand committed to this ethos. Burrow was founded in 2016 and is based in New York, but they have numerous showrooms in various states and an online store. 

They specialize in mid-century-inspired furniture and have an incredible range of shelving, tables, media storage options, credenzas, side tables, and coffee tables. As a direct-to-consumer company Burrow eliminates supply chain issues and effectively offers customers furniture they can count on receiving promptly. 

One of the most attractive qualities this furniture brand possesses is that they have furnishings to suit various budgets. Additionally, many of their furniture items have handy features and built-in tech gadgets. For example, in some of their items, you can find hidden USB charges, and most of their sofa cushioning is stain-resistant and incredibly durable. 

In the past, furniture would take quite some time to assemble and disassemble, but Burrow has created furnishings that remove this hassle. Most of the brand’s ottomans and sectionals can be assembled in only 10 minutes. Moreover, their modular design pieces can be easily rearranged as necessary to ensure you get the desired look you want for your home. 

2. Dims

Dims American Made Furniture Brand

One of the most interesting furniture manufacturers on our list is Dims. This brand was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles. They are a contemporary furnishing company and have gained a respectable reputation due to their unique manufacturing approach. 

This American-made business is a furniture manufacturing company that allows up-and-coming designers the opportunity to pitch their furniture design ideas. If a pitched design is accepted and produced, the little-known designers earn royalties and much-needed experience. 

The Dims furniture range includes everything from dining room tables and side tables to coffee tables and bar carts. Additionally, their pricing is also competitive when compared to other retailers. The brand has furniture prices starting at as little as $145. 

3. Interior Define

Interior Define American Made Furniture Brand

Are you in need of furniture pieces that can be customized according to your tastes? If so, you may want to look into the Interior Define brand. This furniture manufacturing company was founded in 2014 as an online store based in Chicago but since then has opened up numerous brick and mortar stores across the country. 

Interior Define allows customers the opportunity to customize their upholstery seating on sofa’s, sectionals, and chairs with their impressive range of more than 103 fabric options. Unlike other retailers, customers can customize everything from the type of cushion fill and depth of a chair to the seating length. Additionally, there are more than 20 different leg design options.

Moreover, every furniture item the brand produces is handcrafted before it’s conveniently delivered to a customer’s home. In addition to their customizable options, Interior Define also offers incredible furniture collaborations with a few famed home decor designers and brands such as The Everygirl, and Chris Loves Julia. 

4. Floyd

Floyd Define American Made Furniture Brand

One of the most popular design-forward American furniture companies that create timeless pieces is Floyd. This company is a direct-to-consumer business based just outside of Detroit, Michigan. This brand specializes in creating Scandanavian inspired furniture pieces. 

Unlike other American-made furniture manufacturers, Floyd is known as a furnishing brand that has a limited quality range. At present, the brand has a limited collection, but they also have a few hardware pieces. Although they don’t have a fast collection, the furniture they do offer is close to perfection. 

Most of the resources they utilize to make their furniture are sourced locally, and the company supports local job creation. If you’re looking for a quality sofa, bed frame, table, or lighting accessory, you may want to consider this brand as what you do buy is guaranteed to last. 

5. Artifox

Artifox American Made Furniture Brand

Amongst the many industrial furniture design companies, the Artifox tech minimalist aesthetic stands out. Many of the brand’s furniture pieces are high-end, but you won’t need to pay a hefty price to possess them. Sarah and Dan Mirth founded Artifox in 2014. The brand’s purpose is to bring functional products to people who spend much of their time working from home or in an office. 

The first product produced by this brand was an industrial desk but since then, the brand has expanded and now sells several different furniture pieces. Their more popular items include side tables, headphone hooks, wall shelves, monitor raisers, and bike racks. 

Additionally, most of the collection has a blend of industrial and interior design. Their furniture items heavily feature powder-coated steel, hardwoods, and nifty organizational elements. Essentially, if you’re looking for some durable flat-pack wooden furniture, consider Artifox. 

6. Poly & Bark

Poly & Bark American Made Furniture Brand

Often finding a furniture piece that suits the style and theme you already have at your home is no easy feat. Luckily the furniture brand Poly & Bark recognizes this fact and has thus created furniture items that can easily pair with what you already own. Poly & Bark was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing customers with unique yet affordable furniture that lasts. 

The Poly & bark furniture collection mirrors a melting pot of cultures. Every piece is designed by the brand’s in-house design team, who continuously carefully construct updated takes on some of the world’s most iconic furniture styles. Additionally, every item they create is manufactured by expert craftsmen, and the brand offers customers a 100-day return policy.


Poly & Bark has an extensive product range that includes living room items such as loveseats, modular sofas, daybeds, coffee tables, benches, tv stands, and sofas. They also manufacture dining room tables, sideboards, nightstands, beds, dressers, and office desks. 

7. Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse American Made Furniture Brand

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide on only one aesthetic for your home. Fortunately, there are furniture manufacturers like Schoolhouse that create furniture items in a multitude of different styles. This company was founded in 2003 in Oregon, Portland but wasn’t always a furniture manufacturing brand. Schoolhouse started as a mail-order catalog company that sold beautiful cast iron glass shades. 

Since then they’ve come a fair way and now manufacture everything from barware to extendable dining room tables. Most of the furniture items they create are visually stunning as they draw inspiration from various art and design movements from the 20th century. You can find furniture pieces in the mid-century modern, art deco, and cubism styles. 

The brand’s main goal is to provide customers with furniture items that will one day become heirlooms. Each furniture item they produce has a purposeful design that is dedicated to preserving American manufacturing practices. 

8. Lulu & Georgia

Lulu and Georgia American Made Furniture Brand

If you’re looking for unique furniture items crafted by in-house furniture specialists and designers, you may want to look at Lulu & Georgia. This American-made, Los Angeles-based furniture company has been operational since 2012. They began as a small startup but quickly built their reputation to become a multimillion-dollar company.

Lulu & Georgia has an incredible range of contemporary outdoor and indoor furniture pieces. They also stock some incredible high-end exclusive accessories and furnishings. At their easy-to-navigate online store, you can find modern furniture like beautiful headboards, luxuriously tufted sofas, glamorous mirrors, stylish stools and ottomans, and an impressive collection of quality rugs. 

Interestingly, Lulu & Georgia offer exclusive trade pricing and specialized services to architects and interior designers that decide to join their designer program. Members get exclusive access to VIP sales, 20% off the store’s retail prices, and tax exemption status with each purchase in some states. 

9. Maiden Home

Maiden Home American Made Furniture Brand

If you’re seeking a luxury furniture brand suited to the modern home, you may want to consider Maiden Home. The company was founded in 2015, and every piece manufactured by Maiden Home is handmade in North Carolina and Virginia. 

Additionally, every furniture item is manufactured using techniques that have been passed down through generations which ensure a quality that many other brands can’t guarantee. Maiden home is known for creating exceptional chairs, beds, ottomans, and sofas. 

This brand offers a range of styles that include modern, mid-century, and classic furniture pieces. Moreover, because the brand is a direct-to-customer company, their luxury products cost a fraction of the price compared to traditional retailers. 

10. Kalon

Kalon American Made Furniture Brand

If it’s simplistic furniture you’re after, look no further than Kalon. This Los Angeles-based furniture company was founded in 2007 by a husband and wife team who each bring their own design ideas to the table. Besides specializing in sustainable yet simplistic furniture, they also manufacture a beautiful children’s furniture range. 

After the immense success of the children’s range, the couple has expanded their brand to now include home staple furnishings such as sectionals, dining suites, and tables. Interestingly, most of the furniture pieces manufactured by Kalon are made by specialized Mennonite shops in Pennsylvania.

These shops utilize handcrafted traditions and renowned technologies. That’s why every piece in their furniture collection is quality. Although the furniture brand focuses on simplicity, their pieces are versatile, with the added benefit of being somewhat affordable. 

11. Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains American Made Furniture Brand

Do you want to spectacularly furnish your home or office space with items that are going to draw the eye? If so, why not consider the creative furniture company Moving Mountains. This Brooklyn-based design studio was founded in 2013 by designer Syrette Lewe. The brand has a distinctive style that primarily draws inspiration from 1970s Italian interiors and Hawaiian culture. 

Every furniture piece manufactured by the brand is made from solid timber and is simple yet artfully functional. Interestingly, before the company manufactured furniture items, they were known for handmade jewelry and handbags. 

Some of the more popular pieces that Moving Mountains create include the Windsor bench, the summit nesting tables, a contemporary framed orange and yellow mirror, and a high low shelving unit. 

12. The Joinery

The Joinery American Made Furniture Brand

One of the oldest furniture brands on our list is The Joinery. This much-loved brand is based in Portland, Oregon, and was founded in 1982. Interestingly, unlike a few other American-made furniture brands, The Joinery began as a one-person furniture repair and refurbishment company. Since then, they have become a respected manufacturer with scores of fans. 

Much of the brand’s furnishings have a modern yet classic design as they exclusively create incredibly solid wood furniture. The company offers five different wood options for each furniture piece, and they have several different upholstery color options. 

The Joinery has an in-house design team that creates every furniture piece from scratch. Once they have created the pieces, each is completely built by a single qualified woodworker with years of experience. 

The woodworker is known for using sustainable forest resources and traditional woodworking techniques to ensure quality. That’s why every furniture piece sold by The Joinery comes with a builder signature that promises the furniture will last a lifetime. 


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