Subway Tiles – 12 Ways To Lay Them


Subway tiles are incredibly popular for splashbacks but did you know there are many ways you can lay them to create even more interest?

In addition to contrasting grout colour (eg. white tile, black grout) you could alternate colours and textures too. If your style is more neutral or you want to go crazy with all the options at once then why not consider how the tiles are layed? Talk with your Kitchen Designer about subway tiles for your splashback in your next appointment.

Here are 12 ways to lay a subway tile:


1. Classic Brick Lay

Photo: The Kitchen Design Centre


2. Classic Brick Lay at 90 Degrees

Photo: Apartment Therapy


3. Stacked Vertical

Photo: Bicker Design


4. Stacked Vertical – Alternating

Photo: South Cypress


5. Stacked Horizontal

Photo: The Kitchen Design Centre



6. Stacked Horizontal – Alternating

Photo: Remodelista


7. Classic Brick Lay on a Diagonal

Photo: HGTV


8. Geometric Look

Photo: Lowes


9. Classic Herringbone

Photo: The Kitchen Design Centre


10. Herringbone at 90 Degrees

Photo: Beaumont Tiles


11. Herringbone at 45 Degrees

Photo: Studio 52


12. Step Ladder

Photo: Homes Feed


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