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Do you spend time outdoors or like to cruise down the highway on your motorcycle? If so, one of your biggest pet peeves is likely the sunlight hitting your eyes. Wayward sunlight can be a nuisance, but some tools combat this natural daily occurrence. 

We’ve discovered that numerous reputable sunglass companies design and manufacture fashionable eyewear. Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses don’t only keep your eyes protected from the sun. If you choose the right pair, you can make quite the fashion statement. 

However, if you select the wrong pair for your face shape or if the style doesn’t entirely match your look or vibe, you could end up looking awkward and unfashionable. With the hundreds of different brands, colors, styles, and shapes, it can be challenging to find the perfect sunglasses. 

That’s why narrowing down your search can be hugely beneficial to finding the perfect pair for you. With that said, we’ve found a few different sunglasses by various brands we believe will suit almost anyone. The sunglasses we will speak of have unique features which will help you quickly and easily find the ones meant for you.

1. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses


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Since 1936 Ray-Ban has been designing and manufacturing high-end luxury sunglasses. One of their most popular sunglass fashion lines is their classically styled vintage Aviator sunglasses.

The Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses is an ideal pair for those looking for a distinguished look. This pair of sunglasses is incredibly versatile because they come in seven unique color combinations. 

This pair has lenses that measure 2.28 inches with a lens height of 1.97 inches. Additionally, the bridge width is 0.55 inches and the temple length is 5.31 inches. These measurements ensure a comfortable fit on your face. 

However, one of the most notable and attractive features that this pair possesses is the option to have the Ray-Ban 3025’s made into prescription glasses. You can have these sunglasses made into glasses suitable for near and far-distance reading for an extra fee, and you can make them bifocals. 

The gold frames and gunmetal green-tinted lenses on the Ray-Ban Aviator 3025’s are attractive to consumers as they offer a military appeal. If you want a pear-shaped frame, you’re in luck, as this pair is specifically designed to provide a quirky take on the classic aviator style. Additionally, the double bridged frame is durable and has a sleek look without it being flimsy. 


2. Tom Ford Polarized Square Sunglasses

Tom Ford Polarized Square Sunglasses


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Tom Ford is easily one of the greatest and most recognizable name brands in the world. This company is well known for its incredible attention to detail and supremely made fashionable lenses and frames. If you buy the Tom Ford Polarized Arnaud Square Sunglasses, you’ll have a pair that is specifically designed to the specifications of an authentic 21st century luxury brand. 

These polarized sunglasses have the signature T-bar inlays that give the pair a genuinely retro vibe. The frames are dark black with silver detailing and the color of the tint is smoke. Additionally, the lens width is 2.08 inches, the temple length is 5.7 inches, and the bridge width is 0.8 inches.

One of the most significant features that the Tom Ford Polarized Arnaud Square sunglasses are equipped with is the excellent protection against glare. They offer 100% UV protection because of a special coating. Unlike other brands, this protective coating doesn’t blur your vision but provides you with superior clarity. 


3. Knockaround Fort Knocks Sunglasses

Knockaround Fort Knocks Sunglasses


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If you want a decent pair of sunglasses that are value for money, you may want to have a look at the classically designed, form-fitting Knockaround Fort Knocks sunglasses. You’ll find these sunglasses to be incredibly well priced. Arguably they are also almost certainly one of the most durably designed injection molded sunglasses on the market.

Unlike other sunglasses, the Knockaround Fort Knocks sunglasses are produced in multiple hues that are brightly colored with many lens and frame options that will let you match your shades to your personality. 

Additionally, each pair is specifically manufactured to be unisex, and there is even the option to completely customize your design and lens color. These sunglasses will also suit larger face shapes because of their timeless design that includes logo detailing on each arm.

We mentioned before that these frames are incredibly tough, and there are two features, in particular, that back up this statement. The Knockaround Fort Knocks Sunglasses are made with impact-resistant lenses and have a specially formulated lens finish that provides UV400 protection. 


4. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses


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Sunglass style has come a long way in recent years, with more sunglasses becoming an increasingly popular fashion accessory for many different occasions. One of the best types of sunglasses to rock if you’re a sportsman who spends hours outdoors at a time is the Oakley Holbrook 009102’s. 

The Oakley Holbrook 009102 sunglasses have a lightweight and durable design, which is ideal for those who are participating in activities while wearing them. Although the frames have a sporty look, they feature stylish full-rimmed frames with a lens width of 2.17 inches, a lens height of 0.71 inches, a bridge width of 0.71 inches, and a temple length of 5.39 inches.

Uniquely the Oakley Holbrook 009102 sunglasses have a futuristic design characterized by their solid black frames and blue anti-glare tinted lenses. If you want to be noticed while participating in an outdoor activity, these sunglasses will definitely draw the eye of those within your vicinity. If blue lenses aren’t to your liking, you will be pleased to learn that you can also choose between more than five other colors. 


5. Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses

Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses


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Some people prefer their sunglasses to have a modern look with clean lines that draws inspiration from 80s fashion culture. If you enjoy this style, you may want to look at the hand-polished cellulose acetate Warby Parker Fletcher sunglasses. 

Warby Parker is known for its quality eyewear. The Fletcher sunglasses have an uber sleek design and come in three different color choices. These sunglasses are incredibly versatile as they also come in three different frame sizes. You can choose between medium, wide, and extra-wide, so you likely won’t have any issue finding the perfect frame for your face. 

Some of the most mention-worthy features these stylish sunglasses are equipped with include akulon-coated screws that increase durability, scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UV rays, and the non-prescription lenses option is made from CR-39 for maximum clarity.

Additionally, if you opt to have prescription lenses with your Warby Parker Fletcher sunglasses, you can fit progressive or reader lenses. These prescription lenses are made from polycarbonate, which is the most impact-resistant material for sunglasses. In fact, the brand is so confident in the lens’s durability, they offer an exclusive 12 month no-scratch lens guarantee. 



6. Sunski Seacliff Sunglasses

Sunski Seacliff Sunglasses


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Sometimes, there is no avoiding regular wear and tear, and it can become costly to continuously replace your sunglasses every summer. With the Sunski Seacliff polarized sunglasses, you won’t have this worry. 

When you own a pair of Sunski Seacliff sunglasses, you’ll be covered by the brand’s industry-leading forever warranty. This warranty will cover your glasses forever, whereby if you break them under regular use, the brand will replace or fix them for you, which is incredibly convenient. 

However, it’s unlikely you’ll need to utilize this warranty as the Seacliff sunglasses by Sunski have passed the FDA basic impact test and offer UV400 protection. Those who are environmentally conscious will likely love that the Sunski Seacliff sunglasses are made from superlight recycled frames. 

Additionally, you will have the choice of two different frame sizes and can opt to purchase them in either a small or medium. Depending on your face shape, these could provide the perfect fit. Another vital aspect to consider is sunglass lenses. With the Sunski Seacliff sunglasses, you will have highly fashionable, non mirrored grey tinted lenses.

Moreover, these frames are not only environmentally friendly but also provide an all-day comfortable fit. The modern rectangular design and neutral color choices guarantee they will match any outfit you put together. 


7. Le Specs Oh Boy Gradient Round Sunglasses

Le Specs Oh Boy Gradient Round Sunglasses


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The circular sunglasses design is likely to never go out of fashion with celebrities, musicians, and artists still opting to wear this classic vintage style. The Le Specs Oh Buoy gradient round sunglasses offer a fresh take by adding a touch of glamour to their indulgent circular frame.

Le Specs Oh Buoy sunglasses are comfortable to wear despite their shape. They have a lens width of 2.04 inches, a bridge width of 0.74 inches, and a temple length of 1.57 inches. Additionally, they are unisex and compatible with most face shapes. 

These sunglasses are suitable for everyday use because they are stylish and because they are designed with materials that ensure they are durable. The lenses have a gradient tint, are shatterproof, scratch-resistant, and provide 100% UV protection. Additionally, the black frames offer a seamless design and are made with robust Tritan plastic. 


8. Oliver Peoples Circular Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples Circular Sunglasses


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If you want a pair of luxury sunglasses manufactured explicitly in Italy, you may like the Oliver Peoples Circular sunglasses. With sunglasses like these, you’ll exude elegance because of their olive green lenses and transparent frames, which is not often seen in sunglass designs.

The Oliver People Circular Italian luxury sunglasses frames are suited to smaller face shapes because of their measurements. The lenses have a diameter of 1.9 inches, a bridge length of 0.9 inches, and an arm length of 5.7 inches. 

Rectangular frames are often overrated, especially for smaller face shapes. That’s why if you like your sunglasses to be smaller in size or if you want to change up your look, you should consider these circular framed sunglasses by Oliver Peoples. 

If you’re not entirely won over yet, you might be after learning that they have a 100% acetate composition. This makes them durable without taking away from their uber elegant appearance.


9. Mykita Boost Square Sunglasses

Mykita Boost Square Sunglasses


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Square sunglasses give a very no-nonsense vibe that manages to be both captivating and intimidating. The Mykita Boost square sunglasses are perfect for those wanting to show off their fashion savvy mindset. These spectacular sunglasses are uniquely designed with bar cutouts on the sides to draw attention to your eyes and keep the spotlight on you.

The frames on the Mykita Boost square sunglasses are solid black and feature straight arms with curved tips. Additionally, the lenses are also tinted black and durable. Square frames are incredibly flattering, and the Mykita Boost, in particular, works well for those who love an oversized look. 

You will notice that the lens diameter is an impressive 2.12 inches, with an arm length of 5.5 inches and a bridge width of 0.72 inches. Moreover, as an added benefit, when you’re not using your sunglasses, you can easily store them in a protective case that comes with the product when you purchase it. 


10. Persol Steve McQueen Aviator Sunglasses

Persol Steve McQueen Aviator Sunglasses


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Should you like the aviator sunglasses design but also want to express your quirkiness and creative style, the Steve McQueen Aviator sunglasses by the brand Persol may be ideal. With these leopard-framed sunglasses, you could be the talk of the town. 

However, if leopard print isn’t quite to your tastes, you can choose a different frame theme as there are luckily more than five to choose between. These Steve McQueen aviator sunglasses are produced with a lens diameter of 2.12 inches, a bridge of 0.82 inches, and an arm’s length of 5.51 inches. With these measurements, the sunglasses will provide a snug fit for most, and they are unlikely to fall off your face which is always a bonus.

Notably, the Steve McQueen aviators have a durable acetate plastic frame composition and bright blue polarized glass lenses coated with a specially formulated UV coating. Not only will this coating protect your eyesight, but it will also ensure your sunglasses stand the test of time.

Sunglasses FAQs

What are the different types of sunglasses?

There are many types of sunglass styles that suit different face shapes. Below are a few of the most popularly bought sunglass designs. We have also given a brief description of each so that you can properly decide which style would best suit you. 

  • Aviator or pilot design: This simple style is characterized by a teardrop lens design and usually has a distinctive metal frame. Interestingly they became popular because real-life aviators and pilots were wearing them. 
  • Cat-eye: Nowadays, the cat-eye sunglasses shape isn’t only suited to women. Many brands manufacture unique cat-eye frames for men. Cat-eye frames are distinctive because of their feline appearance. 
  • Butterfly: Sunglasses with the butterfly lens shape are often large and oversized. Butterfly lenses cover most of one’s face, which provides ample coverage against the sun.
  • Rectangular: It may sound like an odd lens shape, but it is still one of the most popular. The rectangular shape of the lenses characterizes rectangular sunglasses. These sunglasses are also usually thicker and broader near the lens area. 
  • Round: If you want to make a fashion statement, you should consider round sunglasses. Round sunglasses have circular lenses that often only cover around the area of the eye. If you have a smaller face, it can highlight a narrow jawline.
  • Wayfarer: Classified by a thick frame and trapezoidal lens shape, wayfarer sunglasses have long been a timeless go-to look. This style of sunglasses is known for its versatility, and the form of the lenses usually suits most face shapes. 
  • Square: Square-framed sunglasses are perfect for adding balance to a narrow jawline. They are also great at giving a round face a hint of angles. Oversized square sunglasses have become increasingly popular for those wanting an edgy and incognito look. 

What should you look for when buying sunglasses?

Purchasing a new pair of sunglasses can be an exciting but complicated process. If you don’t pick the right pair, you could end up with a style you hate and waste money. You shouldn’t worry too much, though, as we have listed below a few pointers you should keep in mind when you go sunglasses shopping. 

If you look out for the below-mentioned points, you will likely end up with a pair of sunglasses that matches your personality and needs. 

  • Bigger frames are better: The bigger your sunglasses frame, the more coverage and protection you will receive from the sun. Additionally, bigger sunglasses can help balance your face or highlight the angles you have. 
  • Polarized lenses are ideal for cutting glare: Contrary to popular belief buying a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses will not protect you better from the harmful effects of UV rays. However, a polarized lens will prevent the glare from reflective surfaces from hitting your eyes. This is incredibly handy for those who spend time outdoors and those who often drive in sunny conditions.
  • Look for 100% UV protection: Although it may cost you more in the long run, buying a pair of 100% UV protection sunglasses will be highly beneficial to preserving your eyesight. Look out for a sticker, tag, or online description that stipulates that the sunglasses you are interested in are protective against 100% of UV rays. 

Can you wear sunglasses with any outfit?

In the past, sunglasses were not an essential fashion accessory, but that has changed with the many styles that have become available. Sunglasses are almost a fashion staple item in the modern world because they come in numerous different colors, textures, and materials. You can match a pair of sunglasses with any outfit including, beachwear, formal wear, casual wear, and sport wear.


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