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Thanksgiving is a time to bring family together and be thankful for each other. We celebrate our relationships we’ve nurtured over the years and the new connections we’ve made. We focus on being full and fulfilled, giving and grateful, happy and whole. Bringing people to the table to celebrate the holidays is about more than a beautiful tablescape but it adds to the specialness of the day. Parts of which, especially those that appeal to the senses, will seep into our family and friends nostalgic memories of times together.

Beth Kirby and the team at Local Milk do some incredible tablescapes. We love how they bring in so many natural elements, like copper and brass, reclaimed woods, tinted or textured glass, and of course florals, all set on white gauzy linens. It’s part rustic, part romantic, and always spot on. Check out their tablescapes for boundless inspo for this year’s Thanksgiving feast.

This tablescape from Patterns and Prosecco is a great minimalist alternative for those of us that prefer to highlight texture instead of color. The softness of the wheat offsets the sharpness of the black and white design.

This farmhouse style beauty is from Sugar and Charm. Beautiful floral centerpieces accented with a classic plaid runner, neutral colored napkins and dishes, and copper hued flatware give this a table a fuss free family friendly feel. We especially love the pinch bowls of salt and pepper and the individual serving mini jars of apple butter on each plate. You know you’ve nailed it when something looks so effortless by way of meticulously executed details.


This more traditional tablescape from House on Longwood Lane uses a vivid orange color in the centerpiece florals as well as the tangerines on each plate to brighten an otherwise neutral color scheme. Just the perfect amount of a bold color and vertical stripe napkin lie in wonderful contrast to the neutral flax colored runner and jute rug. Classic wooden x back chairs, white plates and simple glass cups give it a clean finish.

And you can’t talk Thanksgiving without sharing recipes. Here’s three standouts for your holiday table.

Thanksgiving table favorites:


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