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In honor of Valentine’s day, we’re going to do a little exploring with the color Burgundy. The deep, rich tone has been creeping into my head lately in the most unexpected ways. First, it was just a couple sweaters and an intriguing handbag but then it started trickling into interior design thoughts. The deep shade of purple-red- brownish has so much depth, so much warmth (is anyone sick of us using this word?). It’s bold nature means that you will inevitably make a statement, but statements can be a good thing. I know we talk a lot about neutrals and subtle changes in texture to make statements, and not so much about bold colors. But every once in a while, it’s fun to get crazy and do something totally unexpected.

So let’s explore….

In this room, the rich tone of the chairs provide such a nice contrast to the neutrals in the room. I would love to sit here and have a glass of wine.


High gloss walls make this room feel so sophisticated and unique. The green adds an organic element and really brings it to life.

I’m seeing a theme here with dining rooms, is it because Burgundy is the color of wine and that’s what’s meant to happen here?

Via Pinterest

Burgundy paired with pink seems to elevate the color and make it feel so chic:

In a bedroom, it can be very romantic.


Just the right amount of color on a door, it’s unexpectedly welcoming:

Now this is interesting, I love how bold these bookshelves are, with books arranged in color blocks:

It’s working well here with lavender as an accent:

Inspiration from Benjamin Moore, the color New London Burgundy:

And an AGA cooker in burgundy?? With gray, it’s genius.

Black + burgundy is both moody and romantic.

Via Pinterest


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