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Source:  Heather Hungeling Design | Madison Street Project


We all want to look good coming and going.  A three-way mirror is your ticket for that.  If you don’t have the space to allocate to a dedicated dressing mirror as in the image above, you can often achieve the same effect by designing some of the wardrobe doors to have mirrors.  If you place them strategically across from each other, you can tilt the doors to the needed angle to see yourself from all sides. Or, line up three wide mirrored wardrobe doors and hinge them in such a way that you can see yourself in the center one and open the ones on either side of you to create the desired angle…instant 3-way mirror!


If you are able to allocate a special space to a three-way mirror as I did in the project above, make sure that you take advantage of the great space behind the angled mirrors.  For this client, I made the side mirror panels open with discreet piano hinges and created a shallow cabinet behind each one.  My client hung her long necklaces, scarves, and belts inside of these niches.


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