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Mr. Steam’s steam generating products for the shower, unbeknownst to me until last month, have powerful, and seemingly magical qualities that can actually add a positive dimension to your life. Sounds like ad-speak, right?

I’m a typical stressed New Yorker-type, as I sit in front of my 3 monitors in my home office, all of which I use (and could really use a fourth), travel frequently and juggle too many balls. Yet, I’m also at an age, 59, where I understand the importance of relaxation and have the luxury of relaxing when I wish to – putting my feet up, having a glass of wine, things like that.

In our other house we moved from nearly 5 years ago, my husband and I had a hot tub. We used it quite a bit over the years. It required constant maintenance, required setting aside time for my husband and I to use it (neither of us used it alone for some reason) required appropriate clothing to walk outside, shower after, and we could only use it about 6 months during the year because it was best suited for use in cold weather. Nonetheless, we loved it – it was so relaxing.

My world changed when I experienced a steam shower last month! But first, a little note:

Mr. Steam is one of the sponsors of BlogTourLA, presented by Modenus, which makes it possible for designers to greatly broaden our horizons in regard to design and culture in the city we travel to. In exchange for this incredible opportunity, we are asked to write about the sponsors and it stops there. Opinions are completely my own.

So, I had my first steam shower last month, as part of BlogTourLA and here’s what changed for me: it was a similar feeling of complete and utter relaxation as the hot tub. I instinctively closed my eyes, became used to breathing in a steam environment, and found my muscles relaxing little by little. Ultimately, I felt this “new” sort of feeling which is hard to describe.

It was a relaxed feeling, yes, but more than that, it was an entire body, mind, and soul experience which organically blocked out everything else that was happening in my life at that moment, which encouraged a state of quiet bliss – those are the words that come to mind for me.


Steam therapy has many other benefits which you cannot necessarily “feel”. What I DID feel affected my entire being, translating to an “experience” and one which I would like to repeat – like, multiple times a week! And I will own a Mr. Steam product within the next year. I need that type of relaxation – year round!

We’re taking better care of ourselves in the kitchen, eating in a healthy manner and are using safe, non toxic, materials in kitchen design. In the bath, we are taking the opportunity to slow down, even for a short period of time and care for the body, mind and soul before taking on the world once again.

This conept, above, has been confirmed to me recently by one of the largest U.S. brands of residential plumbing fixtures during a recent presentation, at which Mr. Steam’s iSteam control product was mentioned as addressing the needs and desires of today’s homeowners. It is not often that one brand of plumbing fixtures mentions another’s!

Beyond relaxation, Mr. Steam is a natural detox system, and offers “aromasteam” to stir the sense of smell in different ways depending on the mood you want to create (imagine – your eyes are closed in the steam bath and aromas become a lovely focus.) “Chromasteam”, using color as a mood creator and “audiosteam” uses music to gently stimulate with sound. Following is my Google+ post, take a quick look and if the post is not shown just below, then you can see the Mr. Steam video I shot here :

But the BEST news is the ease of installation. Regardless of your limitations, there is a Mr. Steam product for you. Mr. Steam provides “clean steam … every time” to further the wellness performance properties. Slope your ceiling to allow for steam to run off properly. A shower seat is recommended.

I KNOW I need a method by which I can enter a “zone” that is a dimension other than “sleep”. There’s no doubt that I became enlightened from my experience with steam. Have you considered steam therapy for your busy life?



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