Making Recycling Easier In The Kitchen


Recycling is one
of the easiest things we can do as a planet to help preserve the

Many of our
household products and food containers are made up of recyclable
materials. For example, things such as water bottles can be turned
into lumber, clothing, and carpet.

The best way to
recycle is to develop a system for your family to follow when they
have an empty container or other recyclable item. Everyone should be
aware of how to collect, prepare and sort the items prior to garbage

Develop a habit of
rinsing out items immediately. Once items are clean, corral them into
the designated collection area.

Let’s take a look at several ways to
make recycling simple in your kitchen:


The first thing
you need to consider when beginning your recycling routine, is where
you will put the items when they are ready.

This article
putting the recyclables into baskets with casters, so they can be
easily hidden out of sight when not in use. Each basket should be
labeled for it’s contents, such as: plastic, paper and glass.

This method would
works well if you have a pantry or closet in your kitchen. They will
stay out of view but can be accessed and moved around with ease.

This is also a
great idea for families with small children. The baskets can be small
and low to the ground, so little ones can help out and learn how to
recycle at an early age.

Counter Top Storage

We often collect
smaller items that need to be recycled, but we don’t know where to
put them. They end up getting thrown away, instead of appropriately
disposed of.

Consider using
coffee cans on your kitchen counter to gather things such as
batteries, pens, plastic bag ties and other small items.

You can decorate
the cans to match your kitchen with gift wrap, patterned duct tape or
paint. It is an easy and inexpensive solution that makes recycling

Pull Out Bins

If you are
remodeling your kitchen or starting from scratch, you may want to
include a pull out bin cabinet.


This is a simple
way to collect all of your recyclables in one spot. It will be hidden
from view but will be easily accessible and convenient as well. You
can still separate the items according to their category, by using a
multi-container pull out system.

If you are
interested in adding a pull out recycle bin to your cabinets, contact
a professional designer.
They will be able to show you all of the available options for your
price point and size of your kitchen.

Compartmentalized Bin

If you have the
floor space, you may opt for getting a compartmentalized
garbage bin. This can be used as a side by side trash and recyclable
combination. You may also want to use it to separate two types of
recyclables, such as plastic and paper.

These bins are
available in stainless steel and have a streamlined and clean

Many of these bins
feature touchless sensors which open the lid. Your hands will stay
sanitary and your recyclables will be conveniently collected.


By following the
methods described above, you should be easily be able to incorporate
recycling into your lifestyle. Once this system is put in place,
recycling properly will become a habit.

The world can be
preserved with a little effort from each of us. Let’s all do our part
to go green and recycle as much as we can.

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Robin Slattery

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Robin’s award winning designs have been recognized by several National and Regional design contests.

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