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The Gessi “lifestyle” is luxury, and I COULD stop right there, as it says it all. Gessi was a brand I was often curious about and up to now, have not taken the opportunity to immerse myself in.

Gessi is one of the sponsors of BlogTourLA, presented by Modenus, which makes it possible for designers to greatly broaden our horizons in regard to design and culture in the city we travel to. In exchange for this incredible opportunity, we are asked to write about the sponsors and it stops there. Opinions are completely my own.

Here is a quick look at Gessi!

As I look over my images of a great many Gessi products that I was able to see, touch, and use and after speaking with Gessi representatives, it is apparent that Gessi is committed to (obsessed with?) capturing the entire experience surrounding their products. This means not just good, but superb, design, quality, functional control, and endless options for how one would like to interact with water. Take a look at this dramatic shower…


gessi goccia ceiling mount washbasin spoutDo you know that you can have a ceiling mounted washbasin spout? I think it’s one of those products that is a true original in the luxury bath marketplace. If you only have room for a small mirror behind it, it could get tricky when using the mirror. Planning in advance for optimal use of your bathroom mirror is essential-including an oversized mirror or second mirror are the solutions. But, this is clearly a sculptural look – the end of the spout is in the design of a water droplet!

The collection of kitchen faucets is small, but the designs are elegant, scuptural, and functional. Both modern and transitional designs, and one stunning chef’s faucet, I can report that the quality of the fit and finish that I took a close look at is top notch.

An impressive note, beyond the beauty and quality of Gessi products, is the manufacturing process. Every product component AND production process is done in house, following green practices, in Gessi’s manufacturing facility in Gessi, Italy.

I think if you are seeking designs that are truly unique, highly stylized, and which will actively communicate beauty and quality, Gessi is a brand to look at. I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to spend the time to learn about Gessi.



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