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When we went over to our client’s home and she showed us her office, it was immediately intriguing. It’s in a turret so it’s round and a round room presents a lot of questions. What do we do with a round office? How will the windows treatments work? Where does the desk face? So many things to consider, but we’re always up for a good challenge.

Here is the before photo:

Our client loves gray/blue tones so we decided to paint the walls and the trim Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray. When you paint both the trim and the walls the same color it instantly elevates a space from something ordinary to something more unique. Given the size of the room, the scale is very important and required a larger desk. For lighting, we added the Morris chandelier because the geometric lines felt like it fit right in the space.


Window treatments were tricky, but we wanted them to go to the ceiling and actually be functional. The Shade Store did a great job with the rod placement and the drapes are able to close on all windows. Due to the room’s unique shape, a traditional rug wasn’t going to work so we decided a cowhide provided the perfect shape and texture in the room.

Overall, our client was very happy with the transformation!


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