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If you’re reading this post, then you are probably really into the nitty-gritty details about kitchen design! Me too! But let’s just admit that this isn’t a topic that would get the average person excited. In fact, when I was telling my husband that my upcoming blog post was about kitchen cabinet details, I got that little “oh, Honey, you’re boring me to tears” look. Maybe you’re familiar with that look? But, hey…if you’re knee deep into a kitchen remodel project or designing a new home, then I don’t need to tell you just how much these details matter. Personally, I can leave no stone unturned when I’m working on my home or someone else’s. I literally feel like I need to explore every detail and investigate every available product so that I don’t have that day after remorse thing. The “oh, I wish I’d thought of that,” kind of remorse. That approach is pretty exhausting at times, but it tends to pay off big for me in the long run. So in the interest of thoroughly investigating design options to make your kitchen cabinetry the most beautiful cabinetry ever seen on planet earth, let’s begin with some interesting ideas and details for the interiors first.

(I’ve decided to break this up into a 3-part series, so look for the future two posts over the next several weeks.)

Interior Kitchen Cabinet Details That Deliver Major Wow Factor


Let’s face it, open shelves look fabulous, but we’re not all cut out for it. I know we see it regularly on Pinterest and Instagram, but I’ve yet to have a client really follow through with the open-shelves thing. Sometimes we start out with it on a plan, but usually, the anxiety of maintaining the look of it outweighs the prettiness factor. So if you’re planning your new kitchen and you find yourself doing the same internal debating about open shelves vs. open cabinets, then consider the idea of an open, backless cabinet as a compromise. I think this is a natural companion to the open shelves trend because it maintains a similar light & airy feel. I also really love that it carries the pattern or texture of your backsplash tile up the wall, which brings a lot of continuity to the room. No more “a row of solid boxes hung on the wall” look!


The other really cool thing about this idea is that it can offer you an “out” down the road if you tire of having everything on constant display. You’ll just need to order a set of doors for those particular units, and you’ll be back to stashing whatever you want in there in no time.


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