How to Layout Your New Kitchen


Whether you are
reconfiguring an existing kitchen or starting off with a clean slate,
a functional layout is key.

To ensure that
your kitchen is designed properly, you must first think about how you
will be using the space.

Below are several questions you
should ask yourself before the process begins:

Is your existing kitchen designed in
the “work triangle” layout?

According to this
the work triangle was developed in the 1940’s for people who
generally had smaller sized kitchens. It has been a staple of the
kitchen design world ever since.

The concept of the
work triangle is, if you drew a straight line from the sink, to the
refrigerator and stove, you would have a triangle shaped path. This
should make meal prep more efficient and take less time.

According to this
plan, there should be no less than four feet between each object and
they should be no more than nine feet apart. The total of the tree
sides should equal no less than 13 feet and no more than 26 feet.

Lately, some
designers are getting away from this idea, due to the increase in
larger sized kitchen. The next point below will discuss this further.

How many people will be cooking at
one time?

Many people are
opting for larger kitchens in the past and often there is more than
one person preparing meals at the same time.

To prevent the
kitchen from getting overcrowded and still be efficiently laid out,
homeowners are installing additional appliances. For instance, some
may prefer to add a smaller prep sink along with their traditional

Others may prefer
to add a range in the island and install a double oven on the wall.
Another option is to add a smaller refrigerator in an island for
beverages and quick snacks, while keeping the large one in place.

Will the children be doing their
homework in the kitchen?

If you have
children who are always in the kitchen after school, consider an
island or peninsula with bar stool seating. This will help the kids
stay near you if they have questions, or they can easily snack
without disturbing the cook.

You will also be
able to set the table for meals, without making them move all of
their books and papers.

Is there sufficient lighting and/or

A bright and airy
kitchen makes the heart of the home feel so cozy.


If you are
remodeling, consider your current window placement and the amount of
light that gets in the space. You may decide to replace your existing
windows with larger ones or possibly add a window.

Sometimes, just
updating the window treatments can make an enormous difference in the

You will also want
to ensure that there is plenty of light after the sun goes down. You
may want to add more fixtures to your existing layout or update them
completely and use a brighter bulb.

Will you be entertaining and need
additional seating for those times?

If you plan on
entertaining or hosting holiday meals, you want to take that into

Be sure that you
have space allowed for a table that expands to seat all of your
guests. Another option is to add a peninsula or island with
additional seating.


Now that you have
a basic guideline on creating the kitchen of your dreams, you will
have something to refer back to.

If you are
planning on remodeling your kitchen or starting from scratch, a
with an experienced designer is a must. You will be able to discuss
your vision for the end result. The designer will give you input on
ideas you may not have considered, making your project even better
than you expected.

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Robin Slattery

Robin Slattery

Robin Slattery is a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) with over 22 years in the Cabinetry Design Industry, and is a member of the NKBA for over 20 years.  Robin has owned Modern Kitchen Center since 1998.

Robin’s award winning designs have been recognized by several National and Regional design contests.

Robin Slattery

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