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Two years ago, Christina and I met with a client in Hinsdale that was building a new home. Ten minutes into the discussion, we knew this was going to be a good project. We instantly clicked with the client and were immediately on the same page with the design. She was willing to step outside of the box, and outside the box is typically where all of the magic happens.

We knew immediately that a white kitchen was not right for this house, so we suggested a neutral gray, that would be balanced with wood elements to add warmth. After looking at many samples and comparing them in different light, the color selected is Farrow and Ball Lamp Room Grey.

The flooring in the house is a character grade white oak, so we selected a wood for the island that complements the gray cabinets and is a richer tone than the floors. The wood is white ash with a custom stain.

When we discussed the stove, we suggested the idea of a La Canche and we’re never really sure how people are going to react to the idea of these unique ranges. We have a blog post about French Ranges here. They were on board and after much deliberation (mostly on my part, I can be crazy with colors), we decided on a charcoal color to go with the lighter gray cabinets.

On the side of the island, we wanted to add visual interest and break up the wood with open shelves for books and serving dishes. The pantry matches the island, also in white ash.

When the kitchen was finished and we went to visit the house it was one of those moments that serve as a reminder of why we do what we do. All of the hard work, the decisions, the small details brought the space to life.

Our clients (and now friends) love the space. We received this email from them shortly after they came home, which is the best kind of email that you can get:


I dont even have words most of the time when it comes to you all.  When we walked in, we both oddly had the same feeling – that we are unworthy of this. You’ve created that picture perfect home we have always dreamed of, but it only seemed like something for the movies.  And I still can’t quite believe it’s real.  

LOVE the holiday touch too! That garland on the fireplace and the santa mugs. I was in tears. It was all so warm and so perfect. And so US. The US that we have always wanted but haven’t been able to achieve and never would without you all. 

I’m pretty emotional over it. 

Thank you. 


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