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A home should represent a person’s personality. One of the very best ways to show off your personality is to have a home with some fantastic art. Even when you have the best furniture, lighting, and decor, no room is wholly complete without artwork. Before you can decide what artwork you want to buy, you need to identify your style. 

Think carefully about what type of artwork you gravitate towards, as this will be an excellent indicator of your style preferences. Do you find yourself drawn to seaside watercolors, vintage caricatures, contemporary pieces, or abstract pieces? If you know what you like, you’ll have a better idea of what online art platform you should scope out. 

The online art sites on our list are some of the best places you can buy art. We’ve rounded up 16 sites you should consider. At each of these sites, you’ll find unique pieces representing a broad range of artistic styles. Even those who have a smaller budget will likely find the perfect piece for their blank wall. 

Additionally, you won’t have to leave your house as online art platforms make purchasing art more accessible than ever. Whether you’re interested in graphic paintings, pieces from up-and-coming artists, fan art, or vintage oil paintings, there’s something for everyone. 

1. Artfinder


If you’re seeking authentic hand-crafted art pieces from little-known artists, you might want to have a look at the Artfinder online art website. Artfinder was founded in 2013 by a Swedish art enthusiast who had spent some time working in the prestigious New York art world. 

Essentially this website is an online marketplace that advertises original and unique pieces of art from more than 10,000 international artists worldwide. The site conveniently sorts the more than 200,000 art pieces into categories of style and medium, making it easy to identify what you’re looking for. 

Artfinder features abstract paintings, sculptures, photographic pieces, fine art prints, digital art, and collages. Additionally, art on this platform is quite affordable as pieces start at $25, but can go up to $65,000. Moreover, unlike other online art companies, Artfinder offers dedicated services for interior designers. 

2. Fine Art America

Fine Art America

The title for the world’s largest art marketplace and print-on-demand technology belongs to Fine Art America. This company was founded in 2006 in California and ever since has been providing an artistic avenue for illustrators, graphic designers, artists, and photographers. 

Fine Art America specializes in print-on-demand art. They have 16 facilities capable of printing the artwork of more than 500,000 independent artists. When selecting artwork, potential clients can choose between wood prints, canvas prints, metal prints, framed prints, and many more. 

One of the standout points for Fine Art America is that they also offer artwork that can be printed on pillows, tote bags, clothing, and tapestries. Additionally, unlike a few other online art marketplaces, Fine Art America allows artists to set their own prices for print-on-demand products. 


One of the easiest websites to buy art online at is When you’re looking for prints of famous works, or if you’re looking to discover new art styles, this website might be the perfect starting point. was founded in 1998 in California and is one of the longest-running art platforms.

On the website, you can search for a particular artist or browse by subject, and you can filter the art pieces by price. If you fancy yourself an artist, you can have your own artwork sent to, where they can print and frame the photos for you. 

Handcrafted framed artwork starts at $79, while large canvas prints start at $129. Additionally, offers free returns with their zero risk gifting policy, and they offer free design advice seven days a week with one of their art specialists. 

4. One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

If you’re looking for a one-stop online shop where you can purchase antiques, furniture, decor, and art, you should consider One Kings Lane. Founded in 2009, this company is a home decor business that deals in luxury outfittings. On their online platform, you’ll find a range of up-market styles that include designer and vintage pieces. 

One Kings Lane has many quick ship art pieces available and mixed media, vintage reproductions, drawings, paintings, posters, and photographic pieces. These categories comprise more than 5,000 art pieces, and prices range from $45 to $30,000. 

5. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is not just an online art retailer. They’re also an online art gallery that lets you explore artistic pieces by price point. If you’re looking for more high-end or fine art options that include original paintings, you might want to look at Saatchi Art. However, this company does offer a large selection of affordable prints for those who have a smaller budget. 

Interestingly, the Saatchi Art site runs a complimentary art advisory service. This service provides potential clients with a team of curators that can build an art collection based on specific tastes or interior and exterior spaces. 

There are more than one million available art pieces from more than 90,000 artists advertised on the platform that include photographic works, canvas prints, oil paintings, sculptures, and collages. Cheaper prints start at $50, and limited edition prints at $95, while some pieces such as sculptures can have a price of $50,000.

6. Etsy


One of the most popular places to buy awesome art online is Etsy. Etsy is a platform that offers not only incredible handmade and vintage art pieces but also thousands of home decor items. This site offers something for everyone, and art lovers can even commission pieces for their homes. 

There are many framed and unframed print options, and they even have an instant download option with some art pieces depending on the vendor. The instant download option lets you print the art piece you are interested in as soon as you have purchased it. 

Etsy has numerous style pieces that include black and white photographic images and bespoke oil paintings. There are thousands of independent artists and small businesses advertising their art wares at various price points, so it’s likely you’ll find an incredible piece for your home within your budget. 

7. Society6


If you need to fill up large gallery walls or require numerous art pieces to give your home or office space character, you’ll want to look at the Society6 website. This online art platform offers an extensive range of affordable, quirky, colorful, and unique art pieces. Additionally, Society6 has a range of giant wall murals that are incredibly eye-catching and show-stopping. 

The website features various art pieces from more than 300,000 independent artists and designers in more than 160 countries. At Society6, you can have prints supplanted on anything from clocks to pillows. The site has many categories, and you can find everything from minimalistic line drawings, cheeky sayings, abstracts, nature scenes, watercolor florals, prints, and tapestries. 

Society6’s user interface is incredible. Customers can easily search by color, keyword, style, and artist. Additionally, most designs can be purchased unframed or framed. Prices start from as little as $20 for canvas prints, with the more expensive prints costing roughly $300. 

8. Sotheby’s


One of the most popular go-to online consignment marketplaces for design enthusiasts eager to buy and sell antique art is Sotheby’s. Those with a mid-range budget will likely find a piece at this online store easily. 


There’s a broad range of original art, sculptures, paintings, photographs, and vintage-related items such as posters and prints at Sotheby’s. The vintage-related items might not be one of a kind, but they’re definitely not easy to find elsewhere. 

On the website, customers can easily find what they are looking for by filtering their search based on style, period of movement, and even condition. Starting prices for art at Sotheby’s are $150, but many pieces are upwards of $2,000.

9. 20×200


It’s often hard to come across affordable museum-quality art that is limited edition. Not everyone wants mass-produced art that can be found in thousands of people’s homes. Fortunately, there’s an online art company that offers limited edition art pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. 

20×200 has an extensive range of modern photography pieces that are incredibly affordable. With more than 1,000 editions, you’re bound to find a photograph that catches your eye. Prices for the art on 20×200 start at $24 but can go as high as $10,000. 

Interestingly, one of the most unique aspects of 20×200 is that they offer customers documentation on each piece that is bought. This documentation includes details about the artwork. Additionally, the website announces each launch with an informative description of the artist and project being exhibited. 

10. 1st Dibs

1st Dibs

The 1st Dibs online platform serves as a middleman and curator for artists and their amazing artwork. This platform is constantly seeking out and acquiring new art. Presently the site is a must-see and go-to destination for anyone looking for originals and copies.  

1st Dibs is well known in the art world for hosting a large inventory of art from numerous reputable and established galleries. You’ll find art from contemporary specialists and old master dealers on this site. Most of the artwork displayed is available for purchase immediately, with prices varying between $50 and $2 million.

Additionally, 1st Dibs curated sales on their website is a great place to learn how different art forms can be mixed. It’s also a place where you can search for art by artists you may know.  

11. Central & Grand

Central & Grand

Should you want to fill your home or place of work with unique photographic pieces, you may want to consider buying artwork from Central & Grand. Each season the website adds new photographic art from 52 photographers. Currently, this website has print artwork from five seasons available for purchase framed or unframed. 

Curiously, the photographic prints that are available come in two sizes. Customers can purchase 30 x 30 or 60 x 80 museum-quality prints. The photographers specifically mention that every image purchased is printed directly from the photographer’s master file. Additionally, each photograph is printed exclusively on Hahnemuhle 100% cotton photo rag Baryta paper. The pricing for the photo prints varies, but on average, a 30 x 30 image costs upwards of $2,000 depending on the canvassing and other design print options. 

12. Poster Child Prints

Poster Child Prints

Poster Child Prints is arguably one of the best places online to find limited edition and eccentric screen prints that are affordable. The company has a range of accessible artworks that are perfect for novice or seasoned collectors. Every piece the company sells is authenticated to guarantee its uniquely limited edition status.  

Poster Child Prints doesn’t only offer limited edition prints. They also have photographic works, minimalistic line drawings, posters, tapestries, original artwork, and art pieces under $100. Unlike many other online art websites, Poster Child Prints have numerous interesting graffiti-style art pieces. Although most pieces featured are incredibly affordable, there are a few that are over $2,000. 

13. Minted


Although Minted is well known for their photo gifts and holiday cards, they actually have a broad range of original artwork by many different artists. Much of the artwork featured on their website can be bought in many different sizing and framing options. Minted also offers a limited edition collection that only sells each artwork a few hundred times. 

Minted offers customers a variety of different drawings, modern photographic pieces, and abstract watercolor prints. On the website, artists have their own landing pages with links and bios to all their art. Additionally, one of the best benefits for emerging artists on this site is that they can participate in a crowdsourcing system that will allow them to find a platform. 

On this site, you can easily navigate it to find what you’re looking for. You can narrow your search by filtering by size, color, medium, style, and artist. Moreover, most pieces on offer are affordable, with the starting price for a print being $24, while most art is around the $100 mark. 

14. Tappan Collective

Tappan Collective

Arguably the best online website where you can buy art from emerging artists is the Tappan Collective. The Tappan Collective was founded in 2012 by Jordan Klein and Chelsea Neman. This artistic platform aims to support and nurture emerging artists by connecting them with seasoned collectors. 

The Tappan Collective features numerous different art forms such as ceramics, mixed media, sculptures, and large-scale paintings. Additionally, the Tappan Collective is not only an internet-based platform to sell artistic works. They are also curators that have curated many exhibitions in assorted spaces by different artists throughout Los Angeles. 

The pricing for the artwork featured in the Tappan Collective varies greatly depending on the type you select. For example, some ceramic pieces are only $100, while large-scale prints can cost upwards of $10,000.

15. 1xRun


If you’re seeking one-of-a-kind or rare graffiti and streetwear vibe art, you should consider 1xRun. This website is one of the premier online art dealers for this type of art, yet they don’t only sell this style, as customers can find some lovely traditional art and modern photographic prints. 

1xRun was founded in 2010 and has since expanded to become a global platform that ships internationally. Many aspiring and seasoned artists have their work featured on this Detroit Michigan based company’s website. Most of the artwork sold by 1xRun is affordable, with prices starting at $100. 

16. Buy Some Damn Art

Buy Some Damn Art

Finding affordable, quirky abstract art can be immensely challenging. Fortunately, the online art gallery Buy Some Damn Art provides funky original artwork that will suit anyone with eccentric or creative tastes. 

Buy Some Damn Art was founded by Kate Singleton in 2010. She started the website with the aim for it to be an affordable art platform where emerging artists could showcase their works. Presently most of the creative works on the platform fall into the modern and fine art categories. 

Additionally, the artworks on the website are sourced primarily from independent artists from the US and UK. However, a smaller minority of the artists are from further abroad.


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