A Simple Tool to Fix Windows Cannot Open RAR File

If you have a RAR file on your Windows or you got an email with RAR file attached, and you are not able to open it, then this article will help clear up your issue – Windows cannot open RAR file.

Sometimes, even if you know how to open RAR archive on Windows, you may find little difficult to open it. Opening RAR files will be easy on Windows if you use a free tool called 7-Zip. Follow these steps to open RAR files…

  • Right-click the RAR file to be opened
  • Select 7-Zip and choose Extract files
  • In the pop-up box that shows up, choose the folder where you’d like to extract the compressed files and click “OK”

That is how you open RAR files on Windows for free. Did you find this useful? Or still facing Windows cannot open RAR file problem? If yes, then there are chances of RAR file corruption and you need to fix it through a professional repair tool called Hi5 RAR File Repair Software.

Here is the procedure to be followed to solve Windows cannot open RAR file issue with the guidance of Hi5 RAR File Repair Application.

Download and get the Hi5 RAR File Repair Software installed on your Windows system. Then with the help of “Browse” option, select corrupted RAR file. Select “Repair” button to fix selected RAR file. Software starts scanning and repairing process. Once the repair process is completed, you can view repaired RAR file using “Preview” option. Save repaired RAR file successfully on any desired location by clicking on “Save” option. Like this you can easily resolve the problem of RAR file not opening on Windows.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that Hi5 RAR File Repair Toolkit is available as free trial version also. At first, you can try out with this for fixing RAR files. And up on satisfying with the results, the licensed version can be purchased.

What are the reasons for RAR file corruption?

  • Header file damage
  • Virus infection on Windows system
  • CRC errors
  • Improper method to compress a RAR file
  • Disruptions during file transfer, and many more

Features of Hi5 RAR File Repair Program

Hi5 RAR File Repair Toolkit is the most desired software that is available to repair corrupted RAR file which got corrupted due to above causes and other unknown reasons, thereby solving the problem of Windows cannot open RAR file. It smoothly fixes .rar archive and hence helps you to recover contents present on it.  Some of the well-known features of this software are as follows:

  • It will assists you in repairing even large sized RAR file and also password protected RAR archive
  • This application allows you to preview the fixed files before saving them in a location that you prefer
  • It is 100% safe and secure software to fix RAR files which does not alter any content during RAR repair process
  • Easily supports all versions of RAR files as well as all the versions of Windows OS including Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista, 2008, 2003 etc. in order to repair damaged RAR files
  • Designed with easy interface and completes the process of repairing RAR file within few minutes

Final words…

To avoid RAR file damage in future, you need to follow some tips. Never forgot to backup regularly all you important RAR files. And remember to use the right tool for compressing the file and use updated antivirus app on your computer.

Guidelines to Fix Encrypted RAR File  

RAR file has an encryption features which is helpful for users to secure their contents residing in RAR archive. When you are creating any file, you can easily set a user defined password to safeguard RAR file and its contents. Password created on RAR file is case sensitive and while extracting file the same password is required to extract the file. Since the information stored in this encrypted RAR file is very important, it is understood that no one is ready if loss its content at any point of time. Unfortunately a scenario might occur where your encrypted RAR file might get damaged. As a result of this RAR file corruption issue, file goes inaccessible.

Solve corrupted RAR archive:

If your encrypted RAR file is damaged by any reasons and you have a backup of that file then it is very easy to extract corrupt RAR file. On not having such facility then don’t worry, you can fix encrypted RAR file or corrupted file using right RAR repair software. Before that it’s better to choose the application which has its free trial version. Well, in this article you get a complete details about RAR file repair software which has all advanced features.

Application to fix encrypted RAR file or corrupted file:

Hi5 Software RAR File Repair is one such application that can be applied for repairing encrypted RAR file with ease. It is designed with advanced algorithm and powerful features to fix RAR damaged file in short period of time. Hi5 Program will scan each and every issues related to the corruption of file and repairs it within a quick span of time. It can easily fix encrypted or corrupted RAR files after CRC error without damaging or breaking the password. This software has a functionality of free demo version. Using this tool, you can preview repaired encrypted RAR file for free. If you want to save such repaired RAR archive then gets its full licensed version. Browse this page to get additional details on how to fix encrypted rar file or corrupted file.

What are the causes for encrypted RAR file corruption?

  • Viruses are one of the common cause behind encrypted RAR file corruption issue. If your OS is not secured from an updated antivirus application then it gets vulnerable to virus infection. As a result of this encrypted RAR file gets damaged.
  • Issues with internet connectivity: Slow internet connection while downloading RAR files over internet can leads to RAR file corruption. Also any interruptions during RAR file download process then it causes corruption issue on RAR file.
  • Fluctuating RAR file extension: Changing RAR file extension is other main cause behind RAR file corruption. RAR file must have the file extension of “.rar”.

Features of Hi5 Software RAR File Repair Program:

Hi5 Tool fixes not only the password protected RAR archives but also repairs RAR files which are corrupted due to virus infection, CRC errors, download errors, unknown compression technique by using third party compression tool, power surge and other causes. Hi5 Program is read only tool that does not modify the original RAR file during repair process. It smoothly repairs and recovers corrupted multimedia files stored in RAR archive that are corrupted due to file extension error. No modification will be made to the original RAR file while executing RAR file repair process. Hi5 Tool works on Read only mode without altering the file content. Also this application is 100% free from all kinds of viruses.  You can easily mend .rar file of all WinRAR versions.