Photoshop File Repair Software

Photoshop documents are stored with a .psd extension; this is the default format that Photoshop uses for saving the file. Creating PSD file is a very time consuming process. So, if in any case, these PSD files get corrupt, then it is really an annoying situation for you.

Consider a scenario, wherein your computer has crashed while you were editing your PSD file and later when you restarted your system, you tried to open your PSD file. But, the PSD file displayed only one layer and shows as corrupted image. Even though, you have tried to locate .tmp file, but you are failed to find that file. You have worked on this PSD for weeks, so, now you don’t want to waste time for recreating it. So, what will you do in such situation? Read further to know more…

It is very common, when the PC crashes while save is on-going, then that result in PSD file corruption. Other than above mentioned scenario, there are some other instances which cause PSD file corruption, such as:

Application Malfunction– If Adobe Photoshop is not upgraded from long time, then it may lead to application malfunctioning. As a result your PSD file may get corrupt and shows errors like PSD file unable to open in Photoshop, etc.

Abrupt Termination of Photoshop-PSD file get corrupt, if you close the Adobe Photoshop application abruptly while editing or using PSD file, then there is a chance of PSD file corruption.

Improper Conversion of PSD: It is possible to convert, your PSD to JPG, JPEG or to another format. If the proper conversion method is not used, then PSD file may get corrupt.

Unreliable Tools:  There is a chance of PSD file corruption, if you use an unreliable tool for recovering lost Photoshop file.

Editing or opening Photoshop files directly from any removable drives, inaccurate compression tools, file system corruption, header corruption, etc. are some other reasons for corruption of PSD files. When you try to open these corrupted PSD files, they show some error messages like “Not a valid Photoshop document”, “Could not complete your request because of program error”, “The file is not readable” etc.

How to repair the corrupted PSD file?

You need a reliable tool for repairing your corrupted PSD file, in case you have not maintained any backup. Remo Repair PSD is one such PSD repair tool, which helps you to fix corrupted file in few minutes. The application works on read only mode, it just extracts the information from the corrupted PSD file and stores it in a new healthy file. It doesn’t modify original file while repairing it. You can easily fix Photoshop file with .psd and .pdd extension, using this reliable utility.

The application repairs corrupted PSD files on Windows and Mac system in a couple of minutes. It supports PSD files created with different versions of Abode Photoshop such as Photoshop5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. You can fix your PSD file with its different color modes like Bitmap, Gray-Scale, Indexed Color, RGB color, CMYK color, Multichannel color, Duotone color and Lab color mode etc. Also, it lets you repair your PSD files having the depths of 1, 8, 16, and 32 bits per channel. Furthermore, RLE compressed PSD file is easily fixed using this tool.

Remo PSD Repair application fixes corrupted PSD file saved on different storage devices like internal hard drive, USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard drive and so on. With Preview option, you can view repaired PSD file with its layers and mask files before saving them on a particular destination.

To know more about Remo PSD Repair Tool which fixes your corrupted PST file in a couple of minutes, visit the following link

Tips to prevent PSD file corruption:

  • Avoid abrupt termination of the Photoshop application while editing or using your PSD file
  • Don’t edit or open Photoshop files directly from any removable drives
  • Backup your important Photoshop files before editing/converting into other format
  • Don’t use unreliable tool to convert and to recover lost PSD files

Important Note- Once your PSD file corrupts then do not perform any trial and check method by using various repair tools because it will reduce the chances of repairing files.

Why Remo Repair PSD?

It’s easy to use and self-descriptive interface, navigates you throughout the repair process. The application facilitates 24 * 7 technical supports to solve all your queries which you may encounter while using this tool. It helps you to evaluate performance of the tool by demo version which is free to download.