OnePlus 5 will come with Dual Camera and Seamless Back Cover

OnePlus 5 might come with the dual rear camera according to the leaked image. However, sensors on the camera are not known even though the render reveal a vertical rear camera on to the left. However, the antenna lines present on OnePlus 3 and 3T could be missing from the rear and it features Aluminum brushed design at the back along with metal frames.

In OnePlus 5, one important feature is missing i.e. fingerprint scanner which could be embedded with the sensor in the display or in the home button. Today fingerprint scanner embedded into the display is becoming a standard for flagship devices which can be seen in Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as Xiaomi Mi 6. You can even expect this feature in Apple iPhone 8 as well.

In terms of processor, the upcoming flagship is expected to feature latest Snapdragon 835 processor which could be coupled with 6GB/128 GB internal memory. The front camera has a resolution of 16MP which is same as that of OnePlus 3T and it features a 5.5-inch screen display.

According to the recent report in the Chinese publication PCPop, OnePlus 5 comes with octa-core processor with the Adreno 540 GPU. Memory space is 8GB RAM variant and features extremely thin bezels. However, OnePlus 5 is expected to launch in the second half of 2017.

Note: Since the number ‘4’ is considered as an unlucky number in China, the company directly jumps to OnePlus 5. The Smartphone with model number A5000 was spotted earlier on China Radio Regulation Authority. As OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T had model numbers A3000 and A3010 respectively, it confirms A5000 is most likely OnePlus 5.

Guide to Find Temp Files on Mac OS X Machines

Locating Temp Files on Mac

Should we stop bothering about disk space in this modernized era? Not at all! You’ll need as much as possible space for your important data to store. However, a modern Mac machine might have a solid state but just with 64 GB of free space. Apparently, you can clean up some junk files you don’t care about and free up a bit of space on your Mac. Did you know that your Mac’s hard drive probably has temporary files you don’t need?

What are these temp files and why they are created?

As the name itself indicates, temp files are that junk stuff whose use is temporary and become redundant once the task is completed. These files often take up disk space for no good reason. Well, these temp files are created by OS during the normal course of its running when there may not be enough memory allocated for the task. The applications which consumes large amount of data also created temp files, which left behind in the hard drive even after the work is completed resulting in the wastage of disk space.

Cleaning temporary files won’t necessarily speed up your Mac, but literally the files should get deleted once the task gets finished to free up some of that precious disk space. However, Mac OS X tries to automatically remove temporary files, unfortunately if you realize that some of the files which are needed being missing or deleted, so before installing any Mac utilities or performing other operations . Still a novice questions – “but how can I find temp files on Mac”?

Here is a simple tutorial to find temporary files on Mac!!!

  • First of all, click anywhere on your desktop or open a “Finder” window. Press the “Alt” key and click on the “Go” menu at the top of the screen and select “Library“.
  • Click the “Preferences” folder > then open the folder called “Ctrl“> open the“Temp” folder
  • Under the “Temp” folder open Chapter ID Under this folder open the appropriate Chapter Version ID folder. Again in In the Chapter Version ID folder, open the .INDD file with the Document Name

 Note: If you get an error when you click on the file, then you may need to right click on the file and select “Open with”, or drag the file directly into InCopy.

Further, temporary files are also made for backup purposes, by applications. Just say, MS Office saves a temp file of the open document every few minutes. If you happen to delete your important documents accidentally or if the program crashes unexpectedly, the temporary file is not deleted. Thus, they can thus be very much beneficial for recovering lost data.

Facebook Messenger’s New Trulia bot to Browse Rentable Apartments

Facebook Messenger offers an instant apartment searches through a partnership with the online real estate site named Trulia. With the help of this Trulia bot you can quickly find the rentals by messaging the Trulia bot just like you would any other friend. Now you can find an apartment or house to rent using Trulia’s new Facebook Messenger bot.

Even though the company might be familiar for listing property for sale, Trulia bot also handles rentals. Browsing renstable apartments through New Trulia is easy, just you have to tell the bot where you want to live, your limited price range and the square footage which you are searching for, then it shares the most recent search results that fits that criteria. Also if you want a daily updates then you can get the top 10 most recent search results every day. Read this article and get complete guideline about Facebook Messenger’s new Trulia bot to browse rentable apartments.

You can view each listing in a web browser or as a summary in the Messenger along with the details that includes the rental address, price, number of rooms, photo gallery and number of beds. And also you can also access many details with an email subscription. And these things get more exciting when you start asking Trulia bot queries about the characteristics of the neighborhood nearby a property. With the help of this Trulia app, you also get a quick summary in the Messenger. It gives you Trulia’s Local Information for the listing that provides rime information nearby local homes, lifestyle information about your neighborhood and marital status and also the number of houses in the area which are occupied by owners or renters.

New Trulia bot is developed to assist you in finding new places to stay quickly and it works from the commands like “for rent in Washington” and lets you to distill results based on the features where you are looking for with commands like  “three  bed, three bath for rent in Bothell.” New Trulia bot immediately return ten of the newest listings which reaches your criteria and lets you to subscribe for a daily ‘top ten’ of rentals in a particular are based on previous search criteria sent to you each morning. Therefore Trulia Facebook Messenger bot comforts often full of hassles task of discovering rental apartments. This actually helps users to find their rentable apartments with ease.

Toshiba, Fujitsu, Vaio Set to Scrap PC Merger Plans

The proposed merger between Fujitsu, Toshiba, and Vaio Corp., seen as a way for these smaller PC players to take on larger rivals like HP Inc. and Dell is apparently collapsing.

According to the Wall Street Journal report the talks between the three companies were breaking down and that Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) Inc., which owns a controlling stake in Vaio had already walked away. Also, the Journal points out that the combined 2015 market share of all three companies which is less than 6.5 %  which falls below Apple’s 7.1 % of worldwide market share.

If the talks falls through then it possible for the companies to go to their separate ways which is an increasingly risky proposition as the PC industry continues its downward slide.

Also, JIP CEO Hidemi Moue publicly talked up the three-way deal as late as February. He also said, “The PC market is shrinking, which means there are merits in working together to make the most of research, marketing channels, production volumes” Moue told Bloomberg.

Concurrently, Mouse spoke about the possibility of moving beyond PSs into Smartphones and forecasted that the deal would be achieved by the end of March. With Vaio combine forces, unless the two can find a particular niche to exploit. For instance, Panasonic has fallen by the wayside as per overall PC unit sales are concerned, but the company has refocused itself on its Toughbook ruggedized PCs.

Yet, the discussions of a three-way merger began last fall when Japan’s Nikkei financial paper reported that the three companies were thinking of combining their notebook business with each receiving a relatively equal stake in equity.

Verdict: However, the most important number in all of this isn’t the relative market share of HP, Dell, Toshiba or any of the PC player. It’s the “others” category, the catchall for the smaller players that don’t make the top five. In second quarter of 2014, the “others” category sold 26.6 million PCs, worth 35.0 percent of the market under double that of the leading vendor, Lenovo. Now it’s down to 21.8 million PCs, and 33.6 percent. If the PC market continues to shrink, chances are the big players will become bigger and the smaller vendors may fade away.

Google launches Voice Access App in beta- To control your Phone with your Voice

Google has launched a beta version of its hands-free Voice Access service which lets users to control their phone from anywhere on the device unlike other accessibility apps. Also, with this app you can be even navigate through the contents of a phone, using phrases such as “open Chrome” or “go home”. Even Google has recently posted in a blog on how relevant it felt this app will be for its users.

In addition, Google has recently launched Voice Access Beta,an app to control their Android devices by voice. This allows people who have difficulty in manipulating a touchscreen due to tremor, paralysis, temporary injury or due to any other reasons.

It is also possible to assign numbers to commands which can be used to open an app such as YouTube or type specific letters of alphabet. Even though the app is aimed at creating easy to use interface for those with disabilities, its features could be used for those who simply seek convenience.

To use this app, users must sign up for Google’s testing program although Google is no longer accepting more users for the beta phase. Also, Accessibility Scanner  has been released by Google which aims developers in enhancing their apps accessibility. Also, the tool recommends developers to use larger text sizes and create apps with contrasting backgrounds and text colors.


Cyber Tip From The Multi-State Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)

In the present environment and with the advanced technology hacking is most common and easy. So we need to be careful and cautioned about the hacking and make sure that your account is safe from the hackers.

MSISAClogoLet us study some of the cyber tip from Multi-State Sharing and Analysis Center to avoid hacking of our data.

Mobile device should be secure:

Mostly the mobile users will leave their mobile devices in the public places without locking the mobile. If you keep your device open in front of anyone then he may access your data easily. Other thing you need to do is you should have updated software in your devices because the hackers many be knowing the tracking tricks in the older versions.

So if you update them he can’t be able to access you information. Along with this you need to have a strong password in your device and should avoid the similar and most commonly used passwords.

Be careful while using cloud services:

In the current market there are many providers of cloud services and you should not blindly trust any of the cloud service, because there are many different policies in each and every service. First of all look at the required needs of your storage that is at what extent you need security.

Next you should see the contract in which Service Level Agreements and End User license Agreements are most important all these agreements should be suitable and effective to you.

Stay safe on social networking sites:

We mostly use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. But the main source of hacking that is targeted by the hackers is social sites. In which your personal information should be displayed to other people.

Here you need to make sure that before visiting websites your computer is protected, never feel that you are in a safe and trusted environment, only provide the required personal details on these sites, do not share all the information to the one whom you do conversation, after using these sites make sure that you will sign out the account without fail.

“VRtually There”

The USA Today Network aims to debut a Virtual Reality program called “VRtually There” which is expected to start in the spring of this year. The show will cover a wide range of topics which includes politics, sports, technology and finance. As stated by the company Gannet, “VRtually There” accesses a network and broadcast’s various programs that are set routinely.


As per the spokesperson Amber Allman it depends on newsrooms network around US to transfer original report for Virtual Reality (VR) platform. She also told that “we will advertise the show via our multiplatform USA Today Network which is made up of national brand, USA today, and 92 local news brands, websites, mobile applications and news paper regularly. Content from any of them can appear on the show.

It broadcasts the music related stuffs from a newsroom in Nashville, Tennessee; sports news from Indianapolis and Detroit; alfresco living from Reno, Nevada, and Fort Collins, Colorado; numerous tech news from Los Angeles and San Francisco; financial news from Westchester, New York; latest tips and tricks according to user opinions from; and political stories and government related stuffs from nation’s capital.

For folks who don’t own a headset the show promotes 360 degree video on desktops, Smartphones, tablets, mobile VR viewers and headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive . Allman told “we will also include tutorial for fresh users to demonstrate about Virtual Reality and how to use it”. In addition to that we aim to sponsor the show in other news platform and industry at user events.

Allman told “show provides unique opportunity to tell stories in a new and different ways on air”. The story telling in Virtual Reality remains in experimental stage. The distinct features which are successful in online video experiences must be questioned and reviewed again for opinions. Allman said “traits like autoplay, idea of playlist, or even simpler ideas like a lower thirds graphic that make sense on a 360 degree canvas will be examined and studied.

As per the professor of marketing at Pace University’s Lubin school of business, Larry Chiagouris said ”negative reviews by user causes trouble in acceptance of VR”. Initially the content will be designed for viewing on inexpensive Virtual Reality device such as Google’s cardboard which costs about $15.

“The best way to achieve success is to make it sensible as much as possible” Chiagouris informed Tech News world. If cheap ways causes adverse effects on user experience in initial stages then it will do more bad than good in acceptance of Virtual Reality. The USA Today Network is currently in discussions with a set of brands about advertising opportunities.

Virtual Reality: Things People Probably Do not Know

oracusVirtual reality sounds like science romance for most of us, but the plaudits futurist and discoverer Ray Kurzweil has considered it more to the hold of our telephones than a spooky, the new technology. The telephone is virtual reality in which people can meet with someone as if they are together, at least in the auditory sense. All of the sudden, virtual reality seems a lot little mystic.

It is very difficult to guess all of the use cases for rising technologies, and Virtual reality is not different. But the technology is speedily decent a major focusing for companies in the technical sector, and many think that we will all be using Virtual reality some time in upcoming time.

Most of the people do not want to pay much for virtual reality. About 60% of United States internet users say that they can pay about $400 or less for a virtual reality headset system. But a number of people want only to spend between $200 and $400, depending upon the Standard Research.

Most of the people know that Facebook biramous over $2 billion to purchase the now famous Virtual reality company that is Oculus. But the rest of Silicon Valley is acquiring in on the action, too. More than $765 million has been invested with virtual reality start ups in last five years, excluding acquiring.

VR may be the perfect program for gaming, but people are more curious in watching Virtual reality movies. Approximate 39% of Internet users say that they want to see the movies in VR, followed by 38% user who want to play Virtual reality games.

Companies are already developing VR social. Oculus has a social application which allows up to four users to watch the same Twitch or Vimeo videos collectively in virtual room. People choose an avatar to correspond them and can talk to each other active the video in real time, through their headset.

The Virtual reality market is continuously growing. Gross from Virtual reality software and hardware sales are awaited to spike from just $90 million in the year 2014 to $5.8 billion in the year 2018. Headset sales lonely are awaited to account for $3.9 billion within two years from now, and there will be 171 million active Virtual reality users by that time, according to survey.