Remarkable Tool to Clear Internet History

When you make use of internet, the browser will do some tasks that make it easier to move around the internet. You might be unaware of this fact that some of the internet files gets stored on your system during browsing session. It means your browser stores both browser history and internet temporary files. However, you have to delete browsing history to keep your internet activities away from illegal users. Then, how to clear internet history safely is the big thing for everyone in these days. In the event, if you use looking to delete internet history, then you are at right location.

Internet history stores the website you visit, the file you download, login details, list of log files, the page you opened, videos that you have played, etc. on your Windows system. There are few chances that the third party users may see your internet activities and misuse it. If you do not delete internet history on daily basis, then it may affect the computer performance. For this purpose, you can employ manual methods to erase internet browsing history but it is not effective because still there is a possibility to get this deleted information. If you seriously want to clear internet browsing history, it is highly suggested to employ Remo More tool.

Browser history improves internet speed as it contains a local copy of all visited web pages and next time when a request for the same page is submitted, browser can load that page from the cache instead of downloading the page from internet. In this manner, it minimizes server’s time to serve the request and provides fast browsing. This internet history helps you get capacity to monitor activities of other user’s. Consider an example, where you are administrating a company and would like to track records like internet activities of employees, browser history provides you full detail about their searches. Sometimes, you have to work online at your home and have to visit websites which are not appropriate for family, you can clear internet history.

Internet history is a collection of cookies, download history, cache and web documents. For complete removal of internet history, you need to delete all these info. By deleting you remove local replicas of web pages that have been saved on cache during your earlier visits. Likewise, it is necessary to erase download history to delete list of downloaded items from browser. Cookie contains login details of a user that he / she visits various websites, in a small text file. Next time when the same website is being visited, it will not validate and authenticate those websites. It is used for clearing internet history from Windows OS, Mac Pcs, Android Smartphones and iPhone with ease.

This tool works as privacy cleaner to remove internet history, temporary internet files and cookies automatically. It is included with deep scanning methods and internet speed enhancer option to clear junk files and speed up internet too. You can employ this universal binary application on all well-known browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, MSN, etc. It comes with one time scheduler to erase browser history on a daily or weekly basis.

Importance of clearing browser history:

By removing internet history, you can prevent others to look at your browsing activities, who uses your system.

It improves both computers sped and internet speed.

After erasing history, your browser can load the recent updated content, rather than loading the same page from the cache and you can see how efficiently it enhances the web page loading speed.

How to Erase Internet History?

Internet – one of the fast eldest and chief landlords of the tech world. At the same time considered as one of the boon for the human community to enrich the knowledge. Though the internet has evolved a lot in recent years there are still some technical terminologies that use the age old mechanism for user sophistication purpose. At times these old terminologies and mechanisms may turn its back and might cause several issues. A critical issue of that kind is internet history. Though internet history is one of the most needed mechanisms of a web browser but we can’t keep the internet history files for a very long time. However after the introduction of cache file and temporary files internet history became useless.

As people don’t want their internet history to grow more than a limit they went in search of a good tool that could possibly give them proper solutions on how to erase internet history. Here is a perfect tool that fetches all the data from the widely used popular browsers in both Windows and Mac operating systems. The name of the tool is Remo MORE. This Remo MORE software make use of a powerful scanning and erasing mechanism to erase internet history generated by most popular browsers. Before knowing the complete details about the software we need to know why the internet history needs to be cleared now and then.

Why the internet histories need to be cleared?

  • Keeping the internet history undeleted for a very long time will result in a performance degradation in the internet speed
  • Spatial issues may rise
  • The loading time of any complex web pages and web services may get struck
  • Browsers may crash now and then
  • Browser may fail to open when needed

These all problems can be solved in a very few clicks. Just by using Remo MORE software all the internet history files can be deleted permanently. There are many useful advantages in using Remo MORE software to erase internet history they are as follows.

  • Easily finds and deletes internet history files that are created by crashed web browsers
  • All popular web browsers are well supported in both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Works with both 32 and 64 bit operating systems
  • As said before clears internet histories from both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Provides option to the user to customize internet history using its advanced features

The procedure to use Remo MORE software is so simple and easy. All the user need to do is just download the software from the official software and start using it. Install the software in your Windows or Mac operating system. Click on optimize button on the main screen. From the next upcoming screen choose privacy cleaner option and then click on clean browser junk option. Choose the browsers that need to be scanned for internet history from the right side pane and then click scan button. Now all the internet history files will be displayed. Go through it and if anything needed in that list uncheck it and delete it. Now click finish button to complete the internet history clearance process.