Tips to Clean Windows 7 Registry

The Windows 7 Registry helps you to store configuration settings, options and info regarding drivers as well as DLLs. The Registry is a hierarchical database which has settings for apps running on the platforms and file associations like settings for low level OS. It keeps info about program installation and simply visit to a website and the info gets stored in the form of “keys” which helps you to execute the programs.

As your Windows 7 becomes older and older, the registry grows in size and results in slow performance of OS. If you do not maintain registry files appropriately then it displays errors during startup which in turn result in system and app issues. Most of the times even after uninstalling the program referring to an entry Windows will not remove the registry entries. If you uninstall the programs there are possibilities that some of these registry keys point to programs which are not existed.

You can find two types of registry errors:

DLL errors: If any app program is missing a vital DLL file which makes to run executable files of that particular app, then this type of error occurs. Registry startup errors occur when a startup item gets lost or improperly configured.

Blue screen death: In case the settings are not configured properly on the registry folders, then this type of registry error occurs. As a result of this error, your PC ma crashes and displays blue screen error during startup.

The performance of Windows 7 OS decreases due to the collection of registry entries and results in increased boot time of the system. Hence, you need to clear registry as early as possible. How to clean registry on Windows 7? No need to worry, there is a default method available in Windows computer to wipe out registry. However, it is a complicated process as all system files and other information associated with program will be stored in the registry. In such case, if you remove these registries then there are high possibilities that your Windows 7 OS gets crashed or will not boot.

There is need to use third party registry cleaner utility to clean Windows 7 registry. Remo More is one such brilliant and secure utility which can effortlessly remove whole registry on your Windows 7 PC. It is introduced with best scanning strategies to scan Windows 7 hard disk and delete all unnecessary registries in few clicks of mouse. It does theoretical scan to identify all the invalid as well as empty registries and removes them without making any harm to your data or significant registries. Furthermore, it has the potential to recognize and clear all the values of uninstalled software including empty keys, file types, shortcuts, file extensions, shared DLLs and invalid path entries.

It will fix corrupt registry issues, defrag Windows 7 registry only when it is highly it is highly fragmented and take backup of your registry. Both professionals and beginners of Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS can feel comfortable while using this skilled tool. Additionally, it will clear privacy data, Recycle bin files, temp files, document history, free space, duplicate files, run history, clipboard, etc. By means of it, you can optimize, manage and increase startup speed of your devices. It is free from virus and provides screen shots in the whole process.