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The CODE41 X41 Edition 5 will be here soon. In fact, we’ve got the launch date: June 23, 2021, at 3 PM (CET).

It’s a Wednesday. Mark your calendars.

CODE41 X41 Edition 5 has carved a name for itself in the fine watchmaking market, spearheading what is now being called the “community movement.”

The project has been underway for a few years now, constantly evolving as it progresses. Founder and CEO, Claudio D’Amore, reiterates that “The price is not the result of the market positioning, but a direct reflection of the cost of production.”

Boiled down, the CODE41 leadership is outright telling us that they’re not marking up the timepieces as much as their competitors are. They say they care more about the end user’s desires (and budget). 

It’s 2021. We like that approach.

About CODE41

The name CODE41 garners attention for two main reasons. The first is that potential watch owners have personally crafted the piece by sharing their opinions and experiences in various research studies.

Secondly, the luxury brand undercuts the majority of the other big names in the business with its Edition 5: offering a fair price at about $5,443 (5,443€).

Watches of a similar caliber go for about a cool 20K, at least.

In crafting their most recent edition, the expert watchmakers have stuck to their guns on what constitutes the pillars of excellence in quality: creativity, transparency, and vision. They’ve relied on these standards since 2016.

When the 2019 launch was announced, pre-orders rolled in quickly. In fact, almost 700 buyers snatched a piece within the first month, raking in over three million Swiss Francs.

Now, Edition 5 is anticipated to set new records.

The community has set the structure for the next piece they want, and CODE41 is ready to offer what they’ve asked for: Swiss-made quality and a peripheral oscillating weight. Airier. Stronger. Upgraded.

Preorder runs from June 23 to July 15, 2021. Most price tags begin at about $5,443 (5,443€). That will save you 15K if you were thinking about the next level up (if you’re keeping score).


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CODE41 X41 Edition 5 Highlights

Those scoping out a new watch for 2021 are hyped to see all that the CODE41 X41 Edition 5 will have to offer.

  • Water-resistant up to 100m (10 ATM). Although it’s not for the deepest of dives, it’s a huge improvement on the previous model that was only 5 ATM. 
  • Grade 5 titanium (which is 2x lighter than steel). Edition 4 was only grade 2, so this is a big jump, offering a stronger piece.
  • AeroCarbon makes its expected return, providing collectors two new color options.
  • Keeping to the original plan, 90% of the production comes from Switzerland, so it exceeds the 60% minimum benchmark.

The preorder season begins on Wednesday, June 23rd at 3 PM (CET) for the X41 Edition 5. They’ll remain open until July 15th at 3 PM (CET).

Delivery begins in April of 2022. The price remains consistent with past timepieces (starting at 5,443€ – 5,393 CHF – 5,443 USD – 4,995 GBP).

There will be three batches produced, 150 each, for a total of 450 pieces. As per usual, it’s a limited edition.

Insider secrets: installation payments are available and bank transfers are accepted.


code41-2 code41-3

CODE41 Expands its Reach

In 2016, CODE41 produced its first mechanical timepiece. The concept was revolutionary. 

Instead of being engineered by a small team, over 57,000 would-be consumers logged in to share their opinion to give the watch its final shape.

Over the years, the catalog kept growing, speaking to efficiency and innovation at every step of the way. Now, the name CODE41 is recognized around the globe (and for good reason).

If you order a watch from CODE41, you should expect all the bells and whistles that typically come with a luxury piece: free worldwide shipping, a 24-month warranty, and a generous 30-day return policy.

The website is intentionally expansive, reaching customers as far as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and France, as well as the English-speaking market.

Watch fans around the world are keeping their eye on what CODE41 is up to these days as the evolution of their product never ceases to amaze even the most seasoned of luxury timepiece investors.

Edition four moved quickly, selling over 500 units since its release. With a price tag of around $5,550 when launched, it’s easy to see why.

Most luxury watches break the bank at a minimum cost of $20,000. That’s nothing for the serious collector who might invest up to 25 million for a Chopard 201-Carat Watch in 2000. Of course, that price tag afforded 201 carats of diamonds in white, pink, blue, and yellow.

CODE41 strives to break the system, though. Rather than inventing something only one person can snag, they go for the bigger group. This is why they build watches with the wearer in mind.

Edition 4 has come and gone, and we’re on the edge of our seats to see what Edition 5 has in store for the CODE41 fanatics new and old.

The 411 on the X41 Price

If you’re new to the game, all of these numbers coming at you at the speed of light might throw you for a loop; focus on the number 41 and you’ll be able to follow along.

In the past, the high-end momentum in the watch market felt like a hobby only to be admired, at least for the majority of us. Millionaires, billionaires, sports superstars, and celebrities were stocking up while we sat back in awe.

The game has since changed, and now more people can get in on the action, even at the designer level. 

We have CODE41 to thank for this. By conducting research on what potential buyers want, the piece takes a shape that disrupts the trends. 

The good news is that in terms of luxury watches, affordability worked its way to the top of the priority list.


codex41-5 codex41-6

Why CODE41 Is a Recommended Luxury Brand

We can talk about luxury watches until we’re blue in the face, but if we don’t include CODE41 in the conversation, we’re making a grave error.

It’s no wonder the watch finds itself on wishlists for Father’s Day, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. Then again, plenty of collectors have snatched up these watches without a special occasion. They’re that good.

It all comes down to how this team isn’t afraid to outprice the competition.

It’s not widely broadcasted that these pieces are designed in Switzerland, just the same as the other major contenders. What you’re not paying for is the hype (yet, there’s still plenty of it to go around).

For CODE41, designing watches is a science and an art form, blending form and function to concoct the design of the moment, as specified by the people who plan to wear the pieces.

The minds behind CODE41 say it best when they ask, “Was it a gamble?” Certainly, and it’s one that has been paying off in spades ever since.


What’s the CODE41 Style?

The first word that comes to mind when somebody mentions CODE41 to a person who owns this watch is “happy.”

Every edition brings plenty of thrilled new CODE41 watch owners. The key point is that each edition is special, selected by the research conducted in a given time period.

This makes each unit a piece of art in and of itself. When the masses want gold, it’s gold. If the trend shifts into silver territory, don’t be surprised if that element is soon integrated into the next design.

On the technical side, CODE41 watches are known for a variety of reasons. First-timers immediately comment on the peripheral oscillating weight that drives the movement of the piece.

From Edition 4 to Edition 5

The CODE41 Edition 5 will be out before we know it, but looking back at Edition 4 reminds us of what we’re so excited about.

The most recent CODE41 watch has been described as an upgrade and pure perfection.

The design was constructed of high-density aeronautic carbon fiber (AeroCarbon). This material is nearly indestructible and is twice as light as other common watch-making materials like titanium.

It’s hard to find this material outside of the plants that construct jumbo jets and rocketships, but that’s where CODE41 is different. They’ll go the extra mile to keep the fans pleased.

The collection even offered color choices: Titanium, Titanium Black, Titanium Blue, and Aerocarbon Black were all on the menu.

CODE41 Release Coming Soon

The CODE41 Edition 5 is due this month, and a good amount of buzz has already kept fashionistas on alert, waiting for the drop.

Usually, a limited number of each edition is approved. That figure can be as low as 50 and as high as 1,000. That’s not a huge number, so people line up around the block (virtually) to get their name on the priority list. 

Remember, rumor has it this edition is sitting pretty at about 450 pieces.

For serious collectors, you can rest assured these pieces are numbered, so they’re likely to hold their value over time.


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CODE41 Breaks the Mold with Guarantees

This is a company bent on disrupting, so it’s no surprise that the guarantee policies break the mold just as much as the watches do.

In some cases, the typical two-year guarantee is extended to three. Pay close attention to the details when you make your selection.

Another eyebrow-raising promise CODE41 makes is that they’ll service the watch even if they cease to exist. That’s reliability at its finest.

If you’re someone who deals with random bouts of buyer’s remorse, there’s good news. You can change your mind about your order so long as it hasn’t been shipped. 

Even if you wear the watch for a month and realize it’s just not your cup of tea (although we don’t see how), you have 30 days to place a return.

Did you know that a watch with only 60% of Swiss materials can still call itself a Swiss-produced timepiece? That’s kind of shocking! Luckily, CODE41 claims that 90% of its product is sourced from Switzerland. 

Finally, the company wants to remain transparent with investors and shoppers alike. The cost of the watch materials and construction are listed on the CODE41 webpage.


A Bold Social Focus: CODE41

CODE41 doesn’t keep their social purpose a secret.

There are plenty of well-dressed people out there who have a few thousand dollars to invest in a “nice watch” who can’t (yet) justify spending four to 100 times that amount.

To bridge that gap, CODE41 offers a luxury piece that speaks to elegance without causing anybody to sell off stock to afford it.

In a world where investors, politicians, doctors, and lawyers have been known to judge their colleagues by their wristwear, this “entry-level” luxury option arrives just in time.

Bear in mind, though, that the original objectives of the watch pertain to usability and design. 

Rather than a million dollar timepiece that’s best suited for the vault, these pieces can be worn daily if desired.

Staying Connected With the CODE41 Community

CODE41’s focus on community is the glue that holds the watchmaker’s organization together.

The ideas, dreams, and desires that go into making each edition of a CODE41 watch pour into the funnel from all over the world.

Once somebody’s invested in the concept, they can click to request to be added to the waitlist. Once they’re on, they’ll be able to stay posted as to what’s going on with the delivery of the timepieces.

They’ll be the first to see collection options and at the front of the line when the next edition launches. 

The benefits of being in on the same plan are hard to describe to those who’ve never participated in a project like this in the past but take it from us, it feels like solidarity.

Everybody who’s weighed in will be just as hyped as you are about the latest gear, and in today’s world of social isolation, that gives us a little connectivity. 

In other words, when you spot somebody with the same edition, it will be like reuniting with an old friend (even if it’s your first encounter).

These days, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, time has never been more of a question. What time is it? How are we using our time? Have we wasted time? How much time is left?

These questions may have unnerved a few, but others took action, shipping a CODE41 watch to their doorstep. Who says a little retail therapy is a bad thing?


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