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At 60 years old, and before finding this house, I looked in the surrounding area for something practical. I didn’t want stairs, which I had NO patience for in a previous house we owned. Plus, the whole aging in place thing had to be considered, right? Also, our current driveway was very steep and treacherous in the cold Long Island winters. We’re not getting any younger so it was wise to make convenience and access the driving factors for the purchase of our next, possibly last, home. And we looked for those features.


The day after the house with the views went on the market, we did a walk through with our realtor and while still in the house, we said, “Screw it. Let’s make an offer. We’re not dead yet and it will do us good to move up and down the stairs.” We also talked about putting in a heated driveway one day, an elevator and even moving to the lower level when we’re REALLY ancient and having one of our kids’ families move in the 2 floors above us. There was viable old age living potential in this house.

What we ended up moving to was essentially a 3 floor house with the main floor in the middle, bedrooms on the 3rd floor and the basement (at ground level with front door, large windows, 2 car garage) which served as my office and climate controlled room for my Scandinavian rug collection. Because only the back of the house was underground, the lowest level was very conducive to every day living. 


So, long story short – two staircases utilized multiple times every day, another steep driveway, a larger house then the one we had downsized to only 8 years which will need more maintenance, a new home to make changes to which reflected our tastes and – a kitchen I hated. Oh, and killer views!

Next Chapter: Coming To Terms With A Closed Off Kitchen 🙁



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