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It’s just a little shot I took at the Royal Copenhagen store in, where else, Copenhagen, but the table, chairs and tabletop express Scandinavian design so well.

The chairs are iconic but so clean, modern yet warm, aren’t they? The table is simple, with a natural wood surface and has a lovely organic look to it.

But what really floored me were the blue plates. These plates are Royal Copenhagen plates made from probably, the early 1900s. They are made every year to commemorate various events and holidays even to today.


The style of these dishes went WAY out of favor in the past 20 years or so, maybe more. I grew up with them in my home. So, to see them used in this way, especially at the table, which I had never seen before, is typical of Scandi style – that fabulous eclectic mix that is unexpected but perfectly designed.

Eclectic design, Scandi style rocks!


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