80+ Best Exterior Window Trim Ideas


Just as the perfect pair of glasses adds character to a face, the perfect window trim style adds character to your home. Windows are the eyes in and out of your dwelling and deserve a finishing treatment that makes them look their best. The way you execute your exterior window trim ideas will determine how polished your home’s exterior appears to everyone who visits.

As with eyeglasses, you may be one who prefers accessories to fade into the background. You may conversely prefer to make a loud statement with ornate embellishments. The same is true for your home. Study these exterior window trim ideas and decide which option best reflects your personality and the overall feel of your home.

1. Exterior Window Wood Trim Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect material to bring your exterior window trim ideas to life, you cannot go wrong with wood. Home windows encased with wood window trim go well on traditional, craftsman, and contemporary homes and cottages. From plain wood boards to elaborately carved exterior window molding, wood has a timeless appeal.

Old Red And White Window On A Vintage Wood

White Window Trim

Green Old Window Trim

Window In Old Wooden House

Wood Trim Window With Light Blue Exterior

Window Of Wooden House

Light Brown Exterior Wooden Window Trim

Exterior Wooden Window Trim In White

Old Wooden Window Trim Frame

Wooden Window Trim And Wood Wall

Add a splash of color to rustic wood siding by painting narrow window grilles white, then hang a wide frame painted red, green or another accent color. While using two colors for this method looks nice, you can also paint the grilles and sashes the same color as the window frame or make them match the siding. Celebrate creativity by combining several colors of molding, such as two shades of pink, blue, and green, surrounding a white inner frame.

If you have a Tudor-style home with white walls and black exterior trim, paint the sashes and muntins a warm, earthy red to add warmth to your black-and-white color scheme. Flower boxes are a beautiful embellishment on Tudor homes, cottages, and other traditional-style architecture. Your flowerboxes can match the window casing’s color or be painted an entirely different color for a more eclectic appearance. 


2. Exterior Window White Trim Ideas

Across all home design styles, the most popular exterior window trim ideas utilize white for its simple, clean beauty. White trim is classic and looks fantastic next to virtually anything, including off-white or cream. White trim ideas can carry across the exterior of your home for a sense of continuity. Use white for doors, porches, columns, and gingerbread trim.

Gray House Exterior Wooden Window Trim

Exterior White Window Wood Trim

Blue Wall Wooden Window Trim


Wooden Brown Front Door And Window

Renaissance Window Trim

White Painted Wooden Window Frame

Blue Wall With White Window Frame

Wooden Exterior Window Trim

White Exterior Window Trim

Red Wall Exterior White Window Trim

If your white-trimmed windows are framed with shutters, you aren’t required to paint the shutters in a boldly contrasting color. Consider a pale shade of blue or green, for a muted effect. A timeless exterior color combination is gray siding, black shutters, and white wood trim.

If you have a particularly stunning set of natural wood front doors, a wide white doorframe and window trim helps draw the eye toward your exterior’s focal point. Brightly-colored homes in tropical environments also fare well using white as a trim color. Its clean brightness contrasts well against siding in brilliant hues of yellow, turquoise, or purple.


3. Black Exterior Window Trim Ideas

They say that black goes with anything, and this is true for exterior window trim ideas, too. If basic white won’t work with your design, black almost certainly will. Its ability to fade into the background or make a bold statement cannot be underestimated. Black exterior window trim can be made from wood, metal, fiberglass, vinyl, or other materials.

Dark Brown Exterior Window Trim

Large Window Wooden Exterior Trim

Black And White Wooden Exterior Window Trim

Modern Home With Exterior Window Trim

Yellow Wall With Wooden Window Trim

Winter Wooden House With Wooden Windows Trim

Tan Wall With Modern Window Trim


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