7 Tips to Keep Your Cabinets and Countertops Looking New


Your kitchen cabinets and countertops suffer a lot on a daily basis. They have to endure chopping, spilling, splashing, hot pans, greasy fingers, oil splatter, steam, dust, and a myriad of other things. WiDh time, any of these things will produce irreversible damage, leading to a kitchen that looks dirty. Here we’ll discuss 7 easy habits to help you keep your space looking like new, without transforming you into a cleaning maniac.

Wipe and Dry Splashes Right Away

It’s crucial that you start wiping and drying splashes right away. Some materials are more forgiving than others, but spills and splashes can discolor cabinet doors and countertops. Marble countertops often experience discoloration when certain spills are not taken care of immediately. Gently wipe every spill that’s not water with soapy water. Then, dry it immediately. If you do spill water, simply dry it up.

Use the Range Hood

Use the secret weapon known as the range hood. Turn it on as soon as you begin cooking so it can suck out any steam or grease that may coat your cabinets or your backsplash. With time, grease and steam stains allow dust to accumulate on them, making it harder to clean without using abrasive force or aggressive products. The range hood will help prevent a lot of water or grease stains, but it won’t always get rid of all of them. So, make sure to wipe it down as soon as you’re done cooking.

Keep Trivets Handy

Trivets are an absolute necessity, especially when you’re cooking a lot of things. The best trivets protect counters from any and every pan or pot you place on them. Things can get crowded around the stove and you may subconsciously get hot pots and pans out of the way by putting them on the counter. This can cause damage to the finish of any countertop. Make it a priority to start using trivets so that your countertops don’t have to suffer and your wallet doesn’t have to suffer in replacing your countertops down the road.

Stick to a Stain-Prevention Schedule

It may sound odd, but start sticking to a stain-prevention schedule. It’s easy to miss a spot in the heat of the action when you’re cooking. So, once a month, treat your cabinets and countertops to a mild solution of water, vinegar, and baking soda. Make sure the baking soda has dissolved before wiping in order to avoid scratches. Wipe dry immediately. Alternatively, you can use scented vinegar alone, but just make sure you don’t buff too hard!


Beware of Essential Oils

It may be tempting to implement them in your cleaning routine, but be cautious about using essential oils. Yes, essential oils can leave a wonderful scent and are anti-bacterial, but the potency of the oils can attack the finish of your countertops and cabinets. If you really want to use essential oils, dilute them with water and wipe the cleaned surface dry. You can also opt to use them only on non-porous surfaces. If you notice some paint color on the rag, change strategy!


It may sound odd, but don’t forget about SPF-ing your kitchen by utilizing your blinds. Nothing beats the beauty of a bright kitchen with a view of the backyard, and nothing fades the color of cabinets like direct exposure to sunlight. If your cabinets and countertops are made of solid wood or deeply-colored quartz or composite, protect them as much as you can. On very sunny days, shut down the blinds.

Protect and Shine

Invest your time in using furniture wax on your cabinets. If they are varnished or painted wood, you will want to give them extra love. Once a year, apply furniture wax to create a protective coating. You can even use coconut oil, which is also a natural dust repellent.

While these tips are helpful, not all kitchens can be saved. If your cabinets have fallen by the wayside when it comes to caring, it might be time to invest in some new ones. If you’re in the San Francisco area and looking for new cabinets to make your house a home again, contact your Quality Kitchen Cabinets today.


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