65 Best Corner Storage Cabinet Ideas – Home Design and Storage


Another option is to create an angular look with doors. These doors can then swing open on hinges to create a large open space. French-style doors that swing away from each other will give you the most open space when using your closet.

8. Other Cabinet Ideas for Awkward Corners

If you have a limited amount of square footage, then you may find yourself considering a corner cabinet out of sheer necessity. This can often result in awkward corner cabinets and less than functional storage spaces. Don’t let this happen to you.

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When creating your corner cabinet design in an awkward place, try to have it perform double-duty. The bottom may be a cabinet, but the top could hold a sink. This is perfect for a small bathroom, like one under your stairs.

Another example is when creating a desk. You can neatly tuck a desk or workspace in a corner. This turns an awkward unused space into a mini workstation. Ensure that the top of the cabinet has enough space to work, while the underside can hide your electronics, paperwork, and office equipment.


If you have a dead corner space in a transition area or hallway, it can be awkward to utilize the space. Create corner storage space by building a taller corner cabinet that either has a blind corner or diagonal cabinet. You can create a custom storage space that could have a cabinet door on the bottom or top, a counter space in the middle for small items like keys or mail, and then a floating shelf for your bag or purse.

Corner Cabinet FAQs

Can I retrofit my existing cabinets?

Maybe. The answer to this question depends on the size and design of your current cabinets and how you intend to change them. If you have a traditional blind corner cabinet, then you’ll be able to convert your cabinets to a swinging pullout or pullout drawer. However, you’ll need a diagonal cabinet setup if you want to convert to a lazy susan or corner drawers.

Do I need specialized hardware?

Yes, you’ll need special hardware to create your new corner cabinet storage setup. A bi-folding door needs special hinges to allow it to move. A lazy susan requires special hardware to mount and spin. Pullout drawers and other movable shelving require hardware specifically designed for the intended movement.


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