6 Tips For A Better Kitchen


You’ve been
dreaming about updating your kitchen but you don’t know where to
begin. There are many different design elements that can change the
overall look and feel to the heart of your home.

You may be
surprised that some of the improvements are simple and very cost
effective. If your budget allows, you can also incorporate larger
projects, such as reconfiguring the entire space.

Creating a better
kitchen may not only be from a cosmetic standpoint. A more efficient
layout may be just what you are looking for.

Let’s take a deeper look at the
various ways you can create a better kitchen for your home:

1. Plan High Traffic Areas

Position your oven
and stove top out of the high traffic areas in the kitchen. If you
have young children, you want to avoid cooking accidents where pots
of hot food could get knocked over, causing burns.

If possible, avoid
placing food preparation areas in high traffic areas as well.

2. Walkways

You want to give
some thought to the space between your table, peninsula or island and
the walkway. This article recommends
that kitchen walkways be at least 36 inches wide.

The preferred
walkway measurement for the cooking area is 42 inches, if there is
one cook in the kitchen. If you have two people that generally cook
at the same time, 48 inches is the preferred path measurement.

3. Work Triangle

Follow the
guidelines for the work triangle for the most efficiency in your

This configuration
consists of your sink, stove/oven and refrigerator. The placement of
these three items should be in a triangular formation.

4. Lighting

Natural light is
always the best source of light. It not only brightens up the room
but it makes it feel more spacious and uplifting to the mood.

Try to create as
much natural light as possible by changing out window treatments to
ones that allow more light to come into the room. If budget allows,
consider adding a window or sliding door, or possibly increasing the
size of the existing windows.


In addition to
natural light, adding can lights over work spaces is also another way
to bring brightness to the space. Updating existing fixtures will
also improve the appearance of your kitchen.

5. Seating

You want to have
ample seating for your immediate family, as well as guests if you
plan on entertaining. This can be accomplished by adding an island or
peninsula, where you can place bar stools or additional chairs. The
bonus is, you will also get extra counter and cabinet space with this

If space allows,
consider getting a larger table and chairs for the dining area. You
can always get a table with a removable or collapsible leaf, if you
only need a larger table on special occasions.

6. Cabinetry

Adding new
cabinets is always a great way to spruce up a kitchen. You can work
with a designer to get a completely updated look that will flow with
the rest of the kitchen. Adding crown molding and unique handles will
give your new cabinets even more detail and originality.


Take the above
suggestions into consideration when planning your kitchen remodel.
You may only want or need to choose several ideas that are mentioned,
or you could take the plunge and start the entire process from bare
bones. The choice is up to you.

It is always best
to speak with a professional and experienced designer
who can answer any questions that may arise. They will be familiar
with your exact space, as well as your budget. Together, you can work
as a team to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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reading on how to improve your kitchen, check out: 4
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Robin Slattery

Robin Slattery

Robin Slattery is a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) with over 22 years in the Cabinetry Design Industry, and is a member of the NKBA for over 20 years.  Robin has owned Modern Kitchen Center since 1998.

Robin’s award winning designs have been recognized by several National and Regional design contests.

Robin Slattery

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